Weekly poll: what do you think of Motorola's five new Moto G phones?

21 November 2021
The Moto G200 5G looks like great value for its €450 price tag, the other four have their highlights as well.

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They definitely dropped the ball. Who cares about phones so big? They are useless. Also, Motorola brings bad software support and sometimes their phones lacks basic features like compass. I don't need useless super processors, but features, user experience, software support, good cameras, pocketable phones. Motorola is an unreliable brand right now, I don't consider it anymore. Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and eventually OnePlus, that's it. My next will probably be Vivo.

Dometalican, 22 Nov 2021Uh...no...no we won't...Well I hope you have plans other than complaining about the lack of earphones for the next five years.

  • Anonymous

AnonymousCRL, 22 Nov 2021I think they said all of these phones would get 1y of updates?All of their phones will get only 1 year of android updates=1 big update and 2 years of security updates.

Regular people(not we tech enthusiast) just want those security updates and 2 years for 200+ dollar phone is just bad support these days.

  • Bob

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2021Same. Been an Android lover for all life but because of no ... moreSame here. New line-up, still no compact options? Why? I don’t like Apple File System one bit but my next phone is most probably iPhone XS or 11 pro or something like that…

YUKI93, 21 Nov 2021Personally for me, the G71 is the star of the show since it... moreYes there will be support for ready for PC. Moto G71 is great buy. I wish they come with launch offers.

rush never fake it, 21 Nov 2021Motorola is quite frustrating, they tend to have good barga... moreWhy you want updates? Except on Samsung(these days), everything seems to be broken with updates. One thing gets fixed, four five more bugs seem to be introduced after each update. With Motorola that's not the case. The camera software is the only thing Motorola is lacking right now and a good phone in under 200USD. No Amoled display. That's the only cons. Remaining everything fine and yes, every phone above 350USD should come with 256GB version. 128GB is too trash these days.

AverageIndianUser, 21 Nov 2021These phones are dead on arrival. I think they've laun... moreI don't think so dead on arrival. Moto G200 and Moto G71 will sell well.

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2021G200 is fine as it is, 10w in the G51 5G is meh, 60Hz scree... moreEverything is fine except the screen on 4G only phones.

FatShady, 21 Nov 2021where's 'none of the above' option? cause th... more449 Euros for snapdragon 888+ is e-waste? For me, S21 Ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max is ewaste

CptPower, 21 Nov 2021They definitely looks great. Pure android experience for ... moreI strongly agree.

TechBoy-Dexe, 21 Nov 2021move on!Uh...no...no we won't...

I think they said all of these phones would get 1y of updates?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2021I don't need a brick in my pocket. I must go for iphon... moreSame. Been an Android lover for all life but because of no proper compact phones in android I'll switch to iPhones soon perhaps. Can't carry bricks in my pocket

The camera specs on this site are wrong for the g200. As regards the "8MP ultrawide aren't great" point in the article. It actually has a 13mp ultrawide with autofocus so it can double as a macro cam. That's actually not bad as most phones at this price point have 8mp ultrawides.

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I don't need a brick in my pocket. I must go for iphone, because only phone with small form factor

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 21 Nov 2021Personally for me, the G71 is the star of the show since it... moreI fully agree

Lol y'all just said my mind and i just wanna add that their phones can be ugly and these are no exception

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Five punch holes. Next

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Motorola is huge mess.

They remove something. Then next year bring back to just remove again one year later.
You cant bet the next generation will be better than current one.

Add stereo, remove stereo.
Add IP rating, remove IP rating.
Add periscope, remove periscope.
Add HMX, trade to HM2.

chris1998, 21 Nov 2021I've never owned a Xiaomi phone so can't speak mu... moreMan it doesnt work anymore i tryied it.
Have Xiaomi Mi 11 lite 5G it also contains tons fo dual apps which i dont use but at least 99% of possible bloatware i disabled on a first time setup.
In some regions like chinese something like that isnt that easily possible.

And when comes to samsung UI is even far worse. Lot more apps which lot more of them are mandatory and cant bed eleted. They act as a part of the OS and you are done for.