Samsung launches Expert RAW camera app for Galaxy S21 Ultra

24 November 2021
It comes with 16-bit DNG RAW support with embedded HDR processing on all cameras.

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AnonD-994853, 24 Nov 2021Wow, i can use pro mode on all lenses now??? Yes. Freaking finally. This is long overdue.

Dear GSMArena, can you upload the full resolution multi-frame RAW (Directly converted to JPEG using Lightroom, with all adjustments turned off), single-frame RAW, and straight-out-of-camera JPEG images from this app?

Not only do I want to compare them side by side, but also see if these "RAW" files are really unprocessed, unlike Apple's Pro"RAW".

  • Anonymous

This is great, thanks GSMArena!

Could we have some sample HDR RAW files from this app? I want to edit them to see if it's worth having on my S21 Ultra.

  • AnonD-994853

Wow, i can use pro mode on all lenses now???