iPhone is dead, long live the iPhone 3G!

09 June, 2008
That title up there might be a bit misleading since the first gen iPhone is not at all dead - firmware 2.0 is just around the corner now. But Apple have just announced the new harder, better, faster, stronger...

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  • Morgiee.

Heeey guys.
this is really awesome phone. haha i love it. well i got one and its worth all the money. Vote for Tom Williams aussie idol ahah. (L)

  • Anonymous

my W850i has more features than the iPhone 3G. the only advantage over the phones I could select from was the battery life but it's inferior in everything else. Windows mobil v6 has lots more to offer too bad there are discouraging phones using it.

  • MobileMan

I believe that still the WindowsMobile is the best. There is no chance of comparison with iPhone. Only phones with equal or near equal models can be compared. But iPhone is not at all (even 50%) equal to WindowsMobile's endless possibilities and easyness.

All the iPhone hype is just a marketting gimmick.

  • mlt

so this cellphone have bluetooth but it can´t transfer songs and documents and what about a text processor???

  • pringo

no forward option.messaging is difficult.but price is very good.

  • ...

Shou Ji, 18 Jun 2008Nokia will release 5800 Xpresmusic this year, Samsung with ... moreIs that all those brands can do???Apple just releases its second phone this year that features most of the hi-tech...Do you think other brands just start a year ago???Within a year,Apple can developes a phone with an affordable price...Although it's not the best phone at all,its price shows that it is not excessive...For example,Nokia N95...What is its starting price...And how about the price now...It means that the phone is not worth to be the price.Besides,the company does not loss when lowering the starting price...Perhaps you all should consider before you make your decision on a dear phone...

  • Shou Ji

..., 18 Jun 2008This phone will be a smash hit to the market...Nokia or oth... moreNokia will release 5800 Xpresmusic this year, Samsung with SGH-i900 Omnia this June and Sony Ericsson with Xperia X1.
Apple iPhone just got nice user interface but not the best in all feature. Compare iPhone 3G with other phone before u decided to buy it. Be a smart people.

  • ...

This phone will be a smash hit to the market...Nokia or other brands should follow up to put in high technology into their products...I love this phone because it's offering a big screen that Nokia can't make it in 2 years...What are Nokia doing?!!They don't even make a good phone wif a affordable price within 2 years...With this phone,most users can afford the hi-tech nowadays...I think other brands should introspection among themselves...

  • TC

I'm already chatting IM on my iPhone as well as using countless 3rd party softwares out there with a JailBroken phone. After using PocketPc for 7 years, the iPhone is a level above all phones. Period. And I can care less of a 8 megapixel phone. I use a REAL digital camera for serious photography. The iPhone is good enough for instant photos for Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Not to mention it is already a kickass I-POD, Video I-POD, and free podcast device. And for $199 with enterprise support, it's a no brainer.

  • The G Meister

Needs more G's...Atleast 5G i recon or even 6...7 at a push...

  • Sony 4ever

Apple is releasing this, when C905 is coming? You lose, Steve.

  • remyrich

well I love the idea of a 3g iPhone however why not also include a chat like IM or aim for those like me that like to chat on the go

  • foney

No disrespect to the posts below but I think its pretty obvious by the 2.0 SDK that this phone platform will revolutionise the way we use our mobiles.

Yes, there are mobile manufacturers whom have a 5mp camera, 3G etc long ago but thats missing the point.

This really is a truly "do it all device" and although Nokia might have say the N95, the iPhone is rocking some serious hardware under the skin and in many ways, that is what will make it feel like we are carrying round an extension of our PC rather than a mobile.

If you only call or text on a mobile, thats fine. But surely you can see the benefit of having an MP3 player, email, full screen web browser, video playback, sat nav, nintendo DS quality gaming, global auto syncing of our devices etc etc all in the one gadget? Plus there will be much more innovation with the 2.0 SDK.

For years it had been predicted that we would all shun our PCs in favour of a "do it all" handheld PC. I don't think we are a million miles away. Only my opinion though ;-)

  • Anonymous

jezzmatezz, 12 Jun 2008so the burning qn is... can this new ipHone 3G transfer fil... moreFrom what the article says, probably not.

  • Shou Ji

I think iPhone it just a phenomenon, like Moto RAZR, LG Chocolate,etc. Not the best in market. Nokia still the leader with Samsung in behind. This is a fact.

  • jezzmatezz

so the burning qn is... can this new ipHone 3G transfer files via bluetooth

  • Anonymous

jem, 11 Jun 2008--This is not the cheapest HSDPA device. Don't be misleadin... moreActually 199$ is 128,25550Euros so is cheaper than that stypid Sony phone u mension....

  • jem

--This is not the cheapest HSDPA device. Don't be misleading. If you want a cheap 3G device then go and buy SONY ERICSSON K530i with 150€ for the device only. Pay 399$ just for the Apple logo and a few upgrades or a sleek design? I don't get this I-phone frenzy-ness! Thanks but no thanks.--

What i mean is cheapest PDA HSPA phone guess i miss the word PDA. you can use SE K530i or K850i but They sux on web browser with such a small screen i rather they don't put the HSPA into this phone.
I can see many people are stereotyping Apple's iPhone even before it set on sales. Be sensiable on technology nothing is perfect in this world, and please stop comparing the iPhone with Businese PDA they are both build of different personalilty. you want a businese phone go get other juice eatter PDA. Although i am not a fan of Apple's iPhone, but base on specification i believe it can be a useful device for entertainment and daily life style. we shall WAIT & SEE.

  • jsugs

this is all just a big hype.
3g is no diffrent from the original version, as for its coming to canada will make it even more unpopular, because everyone wants what they cant have,and since it is harder, and more rare to have it in canada, it will be just another phone, not uniquely seperating itself from the rest.

  • Anonymous

According to the specs page at apple, the iPhone 3G has Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)...

which means it supports upto 3.0 Mbit/s transfer rate for both data and voice as opposed to the 2.1 Mbit/s offered by most phones.