Report: Samsung wants 22% of the smartphone market in 2022, expects high Galaxy S22 sales

01 December 2021
The bulk of the projected sales would come from the Galaxy A23 and A33 series.

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  • Anonymous

hmm s22 looks sick way better and upgrade worthy than s21

  • Kuba

they predict great sales based on what?? My S20 has a glass back, S21 is plastic and price was same, why should i update??? i could consider S22 if they match iphone 13 battery life

  • keshan1000

Mohammed Bhram, 04 Dec 2021how come?????????? bad processor bad camera high price dou think snp 898 bad processor不不不不不

  • Nem

Yeah 1080p screen and plastic back for 1000 euro. Definitely gonna be bestseller. lol

  • Kevin

YUKI93, 04 Dec 2021I agree with everything except the curved screen. Pretty mu... moreThe s22 are flat only ultra has subtle curve and that's not a big deal

how come?????????? bad processor bad camera high price

Nik, 02 Dec 2021If they are acting like this year this is very difficult to... moreI agree with everything except the curved screen. Pretty much no one wants it.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 01 Dec 2021Lol, not gonna happen if Samsung even removes the headphone... moreRight now the A52 5G in the united states is only available in 128gb storage with 6gb of ram for $499. That is not a lot of storage, granted it has expandable storage though. Still a ridiculous price. Also, the S21 Ultra 5G has 512gb max storage with no expandable storage while the S10+ had 1TB of storage and expandable storage as an option.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 01 Dec 2021Lol, not gonna happen if Samsung even removes the headphone... moreI know right! It's getting Android 12, is cheaper, and has all these cool features that the latest phones don't have!

  • Anonymous

If you want more sales, then add the headphone jack and expandable storage back! Your max storage is now only 512gb anyways for select colors on your top of the line flagships! And stop removing features! Also I don't want your even wider cornered display. Get that out of here. I really appreciate the fast graphics driver updates too. I haven't got one on my Galaxy A51 since September of 2020! I'm on the September 2021 update right now and no driver updates! I am on Mali Bitfrost release 26 and 32 was the latest at the time of my latest update. That is 9 driver updates you are behind on since the last update!

BTW if anyone knows how, how can I add driver updates manually without root if I am able too? You can select the GPU driver in developer settings on Android 11...

  • Cosmicus

Xiaomi and oppo rulz

  • Igor

Ha ha ha, i am from Europe, i loved Samsung i had Samsung laptops, phones etc. I will never buy Samsung again, they need to stop playing Snapdragon for USA Exyones for Europe game, stronger they display glass(i have now honor that i drop 50 times and it doesn't have even scratch). Lower prices, etc or they will have 2,2% of sale.

  • Nik

If they are acting like this year this is very difficult to reach - they remove the chargers from the pack and sell them separately, they change the glass with plastic, they remove the curved screen and finally they double the price of the flagship galaxy family. And their sells are dropping because of this not for the covid

AlienKiss, 02 Dec 2021Same here! Only Samsung or Sony for me. Apple is too restr... moreSame here! Only BBK electronics for me.
Apple is too restricted in terms of software and I would never pay for an American brand or a cheater company like Sony, even they give it for free. I don't care if it has better specs or it's 15 times cheaper. I have something called dignity. Eff Apple big time!

  • Chumaso

If they don't put the SD cards back in the high-end phones I'm afraid they may not make it 2 their percentage

I wish.

  • Anonymous

Samsung vs BBK

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2021It wouldnt surprise me if there were Samsung shills in the... moreI agree they are a dirty. They are probably paying people to do exactly that.

  • Ryan

I also hope to get 200% appraisal in 2022.

Kevin, 01 Dec 2021Funny how some old nerds down here still angry over the fac... moreEveryone is entitled to their opinion