2021 Winners and Losers: Samsung

20 December 2021
The best and worst from Samsung in 2021.

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  • 03 Jun 2022

Maleen, 03 Jun 2022How would I know if I won the s21 and a 800000 dollarsI am in the same situation. I was Whatsapp with a notification that I won a Samsung smart phòne and the 800,00 cash prize.. Is this for real or just another scam? They keep messaging me to claim my prize. Please let me know. Thank you.

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    • Maleen
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    • 03 Jun 2022

    How would I know if I won the s21 and a 800000 dollars

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      • 25 Mar 2022

      Anonymous, 14 Jan 2022I am a winner of samsung lottery compo in 2021 and have pai... moreYou might have gotten scammed as legitimate lotteries don't require clearance fees, Check with your bank if you can a get a chargeback to stop the money going to the scammers.

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        • 14 Jan 2022

        I am a winner of samsung lottery compo in 2021 and have paid some clearance fees and still waiting for my prize money to be transferred to my BSP bank account. Job Xavier is my name and I am from Papua New Guinea. Can Samsung confirm my name on the list? Thank you.

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          • 03 Jan 2022

          Jason Aliferis, 29 Dec 2021The Galaxy Tab S7 was lunch in August 2020 not 2021Correct

            The Galaxy Tab S7 was lunch in August 2020 not 2021

              Finally I see someone say that the majority of Samsung sales come from their A and M series. I mean most reviewers only talk about the S and Z series.

                Totally agree with you that Samsung should keep 25 watt charging for entry level models and use 45 watt charging for mid to upper models.

                  The only thing that's changed on the Note line is the name and release schedule. Now it will be called Galaxy S Ultra. But it's the Note we all know.

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                    • 21 Dec 2021

                    Anonymous, 21 Dec 2021Doesn't make sense. 100 USD cheaper than 400 USD (o... moreWhile your price difference is totally right, a 100¤ price cost will have a much bigger impact on a 400¤ product than on an 800¤ product, as there is a minimum price for even the most bare-bones phone and feature.

                    The iPhone mini was a perfect example of a phone much too expensive for what it offered, hence why so many say it didn't sell well.
                    And he didn't say the phone had to be the exact same anyway, you can put slightly cheaper stuffs without getting low-end.
                    Though the LTPO might not be possible here, it is only found on more expensive phones at the moment.
                    But for the rest :

                    *Just get a decent main 12Mp camera, no need for 64Mp, mainly if the result is equivalent.
                    *Get rid of the Macro and Depth and put a 7Mp or 12Mp basic Telephoto, no need to aim for the best quality, just a decent one, 12Mp sensors are cheap nowadays, and the Ultra-Wide can be used as Depth camera.

                    *No secrets here, the phone need to NOT be too thin, so 9mm (which is the average anyway) MINIMUM, 10mm would be better, and the smaller (what matter the most here is mainly the width) the phone the thicker it can be anyway, it won't change much the cost.

                    Features (Jack, SD, Stereo Speaker) :
                    *Won't change much the cost, those add up obviously, but even together they are really cheap.

                    IP rating:
                    *Well, removing it alone could already almost get the 100 saved, and while it shouldn't be mandatory as it is detrimental and doesn't provide any real world benefits, it is popular and therefor shouldn't be ignored, some phones can have it no problems.
                    Though since the cost of certifying a product is in millions, the cost it adds is dependent on how many units are planned to be sold.

                      If Chinese government kicks to others like USA did with Huawei then there will be many loosers including Samsung, Apple and many else.
                      Besides everything is china made thus the quality.
                      Whether is component or part of the product or whole product.
                      Fasion, Electronic, Cars etc.

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                        • 21 Dec 2021

                        OP, 21 Dec 202125 W/30W charging is good because sooner or later 100/120w ... morebasically faster charging speed does cost charging life but....with improving technologies...it will be soon of the past.
                        Or perhaps u are those who prefer 286hz CPU vs the latest i7 CPU cos the faster CPU hurt your motherboard more.

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                          • 21 Dec 2021

                          25 W/30W charging is good because sooner or later 100/120w charging going to cost phone's battery life

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                            • 21 Dec 2021

                            Samsung is best

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                              • 21 Dec 2021

                              Johne-bike, 20 Dec 2021Having been delighted with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and sub... moreLikewise, We've had various brands over the years and only the Samsung phones and tablets have held up to my kids use.
                              They aren't rough with them but the occasional drop does happen.
                              SAMSUNG FOR THE WIN!

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                                • 21 Dec 2021

                                Sonu4678, 21 Dec 2021IMO no brand is out there to really satisfy the consumer ne... moreWrong, this only happen when the product is too durable.
                                Technology always improve, new techs and features get created, there is always something new and interesting to add.
                                If anything, it will guarantee that all future purchases of the customers will be from the same brand.
                                Nowadays on Android, it looks like they try to find new ways to disappoint us, imagine how big of a customer loyalty a brand would have if they really made stuff with customers as a priority.

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                                  • 21 Dec 2021

                                  Dometalican, 20 Dec 2021See, this makes total sense. Don't make a flagship com... moreDoesn't make sense.

                                  100 USD cheaper than 400 USD (on your desired A52s mini) is different than 100 USD cheaper than 800 USD between iphone mini and regular iphone.

                                  You literally want A52s mini version with discounted price of 25%. Meanwhile iphone mini has 12.5% discounted price from regular iphone.

                                  In this case, your desired A52s mini should be cost 50 USD cheaper than regular A52s, not 100 USD cheaper.

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                                    • 21 Dec 2021

                                    This is interesting 🤔

                                      AnonD-909757, 20 Dec 2021Thank you a lot! Yes, there are many wars like that, RAM s... moreIMO no brand is out there to really satisfy the consumer needs. It's a conflict of interest. If they really satisfy the consumers then no one will buy their future products. They will always hold back.

                                        Having been delighted with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and subsequent Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, in 2021 we have fully committed to the Samsung mobile environment.
                                        We have bought our daughter an excellent Galaxy A52S phone, and Galaxy Watch Active 2, along with a Galaxy Tab S7+ and Galaxy Tab S7FE WiFi, Galaxy Watch 4 Classics for my Wife and I. Also we have bought 3 sets of excellent Galaxy Buds2. And we are all linked by Samsung Smart Things for further safety and security.
                                        We have discovered not only do Samsung make superb quality, feature packed products, but they support them with the best Android update, product enhancement and security policy in the market..
                                        We are delighted with our Samsung ecosystem