Realme GT2 Pro live images show under-display selfie camera

08 December 2021
The image suggests that it's a pretty good implementation too.

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Also, those bezels are satisfyingly symmetrical. Unfortunately, it does not seem like this is the case with the actual released phone.

    AnonD-909757, 11 Dec 2021Cry harder, when : 1: The real cost of UDC will fall once ... moreRelax dude, you're overthinking things. The same arguments applies for visible selfie cameras, so why only pick on under-display tech, huh? Someone could easily spy on you regardless if the camera was hidden or not.

    I've read all about Michel Foucalt's essay on the Panopticon society so do NOT think I don't understand you, but this is the worst place to make such an argument.

    Purely technological-design speaking, this is literally the best display innovation that has ever graced smartphones (other than high refresh rate). So frick you for hating on actual good innovation!

    I will repeat back the words you said in a previous comment, but redirected to you:
    Those haters are killing all good features, including those I want the most.

      Erceylan, 13 Dec 2021Under display cameras in Flagship or Flagship wanna be Smar... moreFor people who care about selfie camera quality, sure. But for the people who don't care, there is absolutely no problem.

      Hole punch displays are yucky. This is objectively the way to go.

        Under display cameras in Flagship or Flagship wanna be Smartphones is a huge deal breaker...

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          • 13 Dec 2021

          Anonymous, 12 Dec 2021Grown ass men fights over some camera tech, 2021 colorizedIgnorant who doesn't understand the value of privacy, 8K 120fps HDR+.

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            • 12 Dec 2021

            Grown ass men fights over some camera tech, 2021 colorized

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              • 11 Dec 2021

              Dudenoway, 11 Dec 2021Imagine if we didn't have people spying on everybody. ... moreYeah, except that the issue is the fact that most use of private data IS negative.
              Of course, it isn't because those doing that are evil monsters who want to do bad things, but because those things are profitable.
              The same way there are brands who make products, including foods, who violate standard, yet, it is cheaper for them to still make unhealthy products and continuously pay fines than to change their production process.
              And privacy have a big role in this, the more corporation have access to private data, directly (think about Facebook who blackmailed many rival founders/CEO) or indirectly (those buying those data), the more they are able to not only silence those who act against them, but also to know that before they even do it.

              The fact that we live in a world where what we say on social media can directly influence if you can be granted or not a loan should already be a MASSIVE red flag.
              In fact, simply knowing your ethnic can already be a problem, just based on what you follow, liked is also potentially regarded.
              And there are already been cases where people have had troubles because someone followed them.
              Imagine, just because someone liked a comment you made, a normal comment, it causes you trouble because this person is on a watch list or recently said certain things.
              How can anyone accept this level of dystopia?

              Privacy is about a myriad of things.
              Protecting whistleblowers, protecting you against identity thief, protecting your real life person against people seeking revenge (we've all seen the damage Swatting can do, one have been killed and another died of a heart attack), protecting you against blackmail, protecting you from corporation such as Facebook who is often into such scandals, protecting you against a government in many ways.
              And privacy is one of the only thing preventing a government from turning into a true dictatorship, and it can happen to ANY government, in fact, I'd bet that the more you'd think your government is unlikely to do it, the more it is actually likely to happen, except for some cases like Belgium or Iceland.
              And front camera privacy doesn't just affect the user.
              Imagine someone who is ethical but seeked by a government, such as Assange or Snowden (and there are more than you'd think), well, the fact that a corporate can at anytime get access to your camera and that they WILL give informations to the government is dangerous for such people.
              Of course, there are criminals and terrorists too, that some will say can get found thanks to that, but sadly it is rarely the case, in fact they can't do that otherwise they would admit publicly that they actively spy on smartphone users when asked how they found where the person was hidden.
              But when it is someone they unethically want to capture (like a whistleblower), well, they quickly change their strategy and don't really answer when asked how the person was found.

              So yeah, privacy intrusion and private data access ARE already used in unethical and sometime downright evil manners.
              The fight now is about preventing as much as possible to let it become worse, because one day, it will be about protecting your own thoughts and memories, and at this time, it will be already a lost cause.
              This isn't just about how a phone looks, it is literally about our own future.

                AnonD-909757, 11 Dec 2021Most of you don't realize how much data you can collec... moreImagine if we didn't have people spying on everybody. Government had ur personal info but that does not mean they can use it for bad use i.e spying. Same thing with the rest.

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                  • 11 Dec 2021

                  Dudenoway, 11 Dec 2021Udc isn't the only thing that's bad for privacy (... moreMost of you don't realize how much data you can collect from a camera.
                  It isn't about the face, it is about a lot of other things, the other people around you, the surrounding objects, your facial reaction to certain contents, etc.
                  Yes, microphones are as bad, but it isn't because there is something else or something worse that it should be forgotten, if you break both your hands, you won't only ask to fix the most badly damaged one and forget the other one, and if you also have a Tonsillitis, well, even if it is far less problematic, you'll still ask about a treatment while you see the doc.

                  There is a difference between what :
                  1: A government.
                  2: A corporation.
                  3: An individual.
                  Can do.
                  And there is also a difference about how much, how and why it is done.

                  We need some surveillance and tracking, that's a fact, but when you have whistleblowers who get into troubles for revealing things we should all know, it has exceeded too far how much and why it should be done, and it is a fact that whistleblowers, while being important to all of us, can easily get into tons of troubles for revealing facts about some unethical or even dangerous practices a company or a government have.

                  And the more we let privacy slip out of our hand, the worse it will become, don't forget that brain-computer interface WILL come, sooner than most think, do you REALLY be in a future where the tech become mandatory and where no individual can organize a resistance when the government goes crazy?
                  In such future, making a simple walk against a law or a decision won't be possible anymore, and just think about how many things we would have lost or would have been imposed to us if no one did them.
                  Literally, experts warns about all of that :

                    AnonD-909757, 09 Dec 2021Those haters are killing all good features, including those... moreBtw just when I thought this was going to be a really good phone it popped up with ud cam and like why.

                      AnonD-909757, 09 Dec 2021Those haters are killing all good features, including those... moreUdc isn't the only thing that's bad for privacy (not saying it's mot good for privacy either) since these days every app collects info about our personal info and I'm pretty sure even famous people can get tracked down like that and can get stalked and stuff like that which can ruin somebody life. Facebook is worst in this regard as it spies the most on you. Google is also bad in this regard as it doesn't protect your data well enough even if Google does spy on you a bit.

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                        • 11 Dec 2021

                        Jojo, 11 Dec 2021Cry harder. USC are the future. In 2 years you can not buy ... moreCry harder, when :
                        1: The real cost of UDC will fall once it is unavoidable and phones will suddenly jump 200$ in price to compensate for years of R&D and new production methods.
                        2: Even after years, the quality won't be as good as normal camera and will always have drawbacks despite better solutions existing but not possible as UDC will be the only thing available.
                        3: The lack of privacy will show how bad it can be, including when people won't even be able to comment anonymously online without everybody knowing everything about them, including their address, you'll be the first one to regret it as you won't be able to hide behind a nickname to be a hater anymore and anyone crazy enough could pay you an IRL visit to "discuss" the matter.
                        4: Generalization of hidden cameras everywhere will be normal, and like a pure dystopia, the slightest infringement to any rule will be harshly punished, including not conforming to the established social norm.

                        I hope by then you'll be proud of having participated while being on the wrong side.
                        Gosh, people like you make me want to just give up everything I do for other privacy wise and just build a fortune out of constantly violating other people privacy, as you don't show you deserve better than this.

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                          • 11 Dec 2021

                          AnonD-909757, 09 Dec 2021Those haters are killing all good features, including those... moreCry harder. USC are the future. In 2 years you can not buy a flagship without it.

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                            • 10 Dec 2021

                            Im on a x7 pro i bought for 320$ now almost 2 years ago. So happy with it straight buying this one 😄👍

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                              • 09 Dec 2021

                              Dudenoway, 09 Dec 2021Must be sad to fend off these haters. Its alright u can ign... moreThose haters are killing all good features, including those I want the most, AND, with their privacy skeptic stupidity, put our future at risk, there is no "ignoring them".

                                AnonD-909757, 09 Dec 2021It may only be temporary (not final OS for this phone), oth... moreMust be sad to fend off these haters. Its alright u can ignore them if u can't take it anymore. But if u want to stop hate rlly then u can do whatever u want to stop hate if u want to.

                                  Well it's good if they provide an option without udc too. So yk for all people who need selfies and stuff like that u can buy the other version

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                                    • 09 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021No. Bring back the pop-up camera.No way jose, because with the Pop up cam they cant see you whenever they want/need. a hidden camera could be always be turn on.

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                                      • 09 Dec 2021

                                      Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021They are using status bar optimized for smartphone with pun... moreIt may only be temporary (not final OS for this phone), otherwise, it is one of the many negative effects of the punch hole still living even when it isn't desired anymore.
                                      Exactly like how the Meizu 16, despite having a bezel, had in-display ambient light and proximity sensor, despite those being costlier and less effective than those embedded into the bezel.

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                                        • 09 Dec 2021

                                        MilesPrower1, 09 Dec 2021Another point of failure and thatll ruin any water resistanceOh looks, another "point of failure" "moving parts" "water-resistance" drone "person".

                                        What about starting to say something NOT WRONG for once?

                                        Also, if you don't like it, there is a simple solution :
                                        DON'T BUY IT, and let it for those who want to have it, unlike UDC it will never invade the market, there is no legitimacy in comments like yours.