OnePlus OxygenOS 12 review

09 December 2021

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  • jj
  • pwY
  • 17 Jun 2022

Many issues with this - so much that I rolled back. For me the main issues were

- not being able to turn off the google page to the left
- not having an option to make the unlock pattern invisible any more, so that when you swipe around it is very clear what your pattern is
- no longer telling me how much time is left for charging to be complete on the lock screen when plugged in.

- plus all the points listed above

What a mess

    • D
    • Debanjan Saha
    • gML
    • 04 Jun 2022

    In my nord 2 the video engine is probably doing much worse. The sharp edges are being pixeleted like Microdoft painst's pencil drawing. 😑😑😑

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • 7t}
      • 12 Apr 2022

      After the update to 12 people are not able to hear my voice when they call me

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        • Frustrated with OS12
        • 7kj
        • 07 Apr 2022

        tekkas, 01 Apr 2022Holy cow. i just downloaded this on my OP9pro without knowi... moreIs it possible to go back to 11 without losing?

          • t
          • tekkas
          • S1Z
          • 01 Apr 2022

          Holy cow. i just downloaded this on my OP9pro without knowing the consequences. this update is some absolute garbage.
          Going back to OOS11 asap.

            • p
            • pankaj jangid
            • f{Y
            • 30 Mar 2022

            the new update does not make any sense.
            One plus please switch to your older os. That is much better is this one

              I don't understand thing about stability that oneplus is talking about cuz as far as I know oxygen always was stable skin

                Shouldn't I update to android 12? 😔

                  This obviously makes no sense considering the app also hosts videos but that's a discussion for another day since the entire industry seems to have no idea what "photos" means anymore.

                  - You got me 😆😂😂

                    So disappointed. The fact that they left out Material You in this update sucks, and the OS skin is not as nice and this new ColorOS partnership just ruins the reputation OnePlus's OS has built for the past decade or so. And to add fuel to the fire, THEY RELEASED A BUGGY MESS! And had the audacity to call it "stable". I will not be updating my OnePlus 9 to it, Android 11 is significantly better both from a design and functionality standpoint. I hope they update it to make it better and add Material You to it in the future.

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                      • mrk2815
                      • kVM
                      • 15 Dec 2021

                      sweggitity, 11 Dec 2021If not mistaken in Europe Oppo is quite popular, only in No... morehave had all one plus devices from one plus 3 t, 5t, 7t and looking at either one plus 9 or 10 next year . they are the different brand in the USA unlike others overseas which can look at all kinds of devices from all kinds of OEms where we are limited to a few here in the USA. also i like one plus devices ffor the development community as well. also one plus dont void your warranty if you do anything crazy like unlock the bootloader or anything like that if you are able to do that with samsung devices in the USA.

                        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021You are just another new OnePlus 8T phone owner. So, your c... moreOh we got big boy on the Anonymous account over here

                          • c
                          • chris
                          • HBr
                          • 13 Dec 2021

                          well, I guess this bye-bye for OP.
                          Too bad.
                          Nearly no one except maybe nokia uses "stock"-like android anymore.

                            • g
                            • ghassen
                            • N4F
                            • 12 Dec 2021

                            oneplus 8pro !!

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Kg@
                              • 12 Dec 2021

                              If I ever own a Oneplus phone, I'm installing a custom ROM instead of this absolute trainwreck

                                Anonymous, 11 Dec 2021Would it be able for one plus 8 pro if yes than which month why would you wanna update to this

                                  Honestly, while I'm not too much of a fan either for Material You (stock Android 12), I would rather they completely shift over to Material You instead of merging with ColorOS.

                                  I'd take Material You over ColorOS any day.

                                  The state of OnePlus phones have been forever changed.

                                    • N
                                    • Nik
                                    • XWB
                                    • 11 Dec 2021

                                    Old App drawer looks great

                                      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021Of course you said that. You just bought OnePlus Nord CE. Y... moreNot really. I want a stock phone and OnePlus is close to that. My wife has Samsung and we use Samsung at work so i am well familiar with one UI and i dont like it.

                                        • F
                                        • Ferox
                                        • ui8
                                        • 11 Dec 2021

                                        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021You are just 1 from total of 10 people all over the world w... moreI feel like someone has probably mentioned this before, but a large amount of people who buy OnePlus phones are developers or enthusiasts who like to tinker around with their phones? Samsung has recently started locking down their phones, as far as I understand, which can be a big turnoff to people who are interested in flashing their own hardware etc. The only large brand, to my knowledge, that does better than OnePlus to this respect would be Google themselves!