OnePlus OxygenOS 12 review

09 December 2021

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  • 11 Dec 2021

[deleted post]Ok, this made me chuckle haha. As a new OnePlus owner flashing to the 12 beta was the first thing I did, as I like being on the bleeding edge. From my small amount of experience using OOS11 it's stuff like this that really stands out! I particular didn't like change in the bolding and font of apps in the drawer.

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    • 11 Dec 2021

    Would it be able for one plus 8 pro if yes than which month

      Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021You are just another new OnePlus 8T phone owner. So, your c... moreI already saw everything, you can't stand anyone with different opinions and then you bash them, in some point of views your comments are offensive and bashing, not brands, but people with different opinions.

        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021You are just another new OnePlus 8T phone owner. So, your c... moreYou're just a Internet troll, no matter what phone the person has, they are free to express their opinions.
        I had many phones from Motorola, Samsung and several iPhone models, I'm extremely tech savvy and knowledgeable, you don't know shit about people on the internet to come and say this type of shit, you invalid people opinions based on what phone they have, also, OnePlus 8T is my first phone from a different brand that it's not the big three here in Brazil.
        And lastly, I bought 8T already waiting for Color OS with OOS theme, I was aware of everything about it, also, I run Color OS 11 on my 8T, so again, you don't shit about me or other people in this forums.
        You're antagonizing everyone that owns OnePlus devices, get a life dude and mind your own business, respect other people's opinions, you don't even have a nickname, anonymous bashing other active users in this portal.

          cozxta, 10 Dec 2021Oppo is unknown in western markets, maybe they will rebrand... moreIf not mistaken in Europe Oppo is quite popular, only in North America it's not available.

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            • 10 Dec 2021

            cozxta, 10 Dec 2021Where did you take this statistics? Voices in your head? Lo... moreYou are just another new OnePlus 8T phone owner. So, your comment is invalid. It would be strange if you praise One UI after being new OnePlus owner.

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              • 10 Dec 2021

              solided, 10 Dec 2021Looks way better than that horrible One UI with all it'... moreOf course you said that. You just bought OnePlus Nord CE. You are new OnePlus phone owner. It's not normal to praise other brand beside your own phone . Thats why you made that comment.🤣

                Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021Now, we have a UI much worse than MIUI thanks to Oppo.I could say OxygenOS 12 it's a nice "pile of trash" were mocking MIUI users for so you are paying the price for your arrogance and false sense of is good now!!! R.I.P. OxygenOS (2014-2021)

                  PixelFan, 09 Dec 2021Wait, so is the Realme UI not that good? I was told that i... moreI accidentally replied to someone who replied to you. Check my other comment. I'm a Pixel fan too.

                    MilesPrower1, 10 Dec 2021I rememebr when OneUI first came out people were bashing it... moreIt's still ugly LOL

                      Tony , 10 Dec 2021I think what he meant is just Realme UI and OxygenOS are to... moreRealme UI is mostly fine, but there are some non-standard implementations that you could find very annoying if you're used to stock Android. If you're familiar with MIUI it's pretty similar, but I think Realme UI runs much smoother with it's own set of new quirks. I've come to the conclusion that all software implementations of Android other than Pixel are a headache and outweigh any cost savings.

                        Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021Had to rollback my OnePlus 8 to android 10 because android ... moreThe game's devs have to enable high refresh rate. It's not something the phone itself has control over.

                          Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021You are just 1 from total of 10 people all over the world w... moreWhere did you take this statistics? Voices in your head? Lots of people won't buy Samsung because of One UI.
                          Here in Brazil Motorola is n2 for a reason, lots of people don't want performance capped and cluttered UI with lots of submenus and texts on One UI.

                            sweggitity, 10 Dec 2021Well it feels like they are trying to kill OnePlus, so that... moreOppo is unknown in western markets, maybe they will rebrand Oppo phones as OnePlus for western markets.

                              Andres, 10 Dec 2021Brilliant review GSMarena you didn't mince any words. ... moreMkbhd already released a video long back regarding what's happening with OnePlus, Dave2D literally have a video about OnePlus with the title "OnePlus Sucks"

                                It was too clear why Carl Pei jumped ship earlier. He saw where this was going. Pete Lau was never close with fans. He's a man from OPPO 100%. All the fan base, all the hope and promises to people, to community was going down the drain. Pei did well leaving Oneplus.

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                                  • 10 Dec 2021

                                  Don't do the update... It has way too many bugs.. even a full hard reset with reinstall had issues. VPN doesn't work properly. Google Voice call redirection doesn't work either. The DPI/ scaling is way off. Even with the highest resolution and the smallest font size settings... The text is still way larger than it should be.

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                                    • 10 Dec 2021

                                    nord 2 isn't update?

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                                      • 10 Dec 2021

                                      oneplus will lose a lot of hardcore fans!
                                      we bought oneplus phones for the software experience and the cheep price.
                                      we lost oxygenOS, we lost good prices... i dont see any reason to buy the next oneplus device. when my oneplus9 pro dies, i will buy from another brand, for sure...

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                                        • 10 Dec 2021

                                        After upgrading my one plus 6T phone having issues on down load. Reads down load failed try again. What is the solution to rectify this.