Weekly poll results: the Motorola Edge X30 looks like a runaway success, the S30 not so much

19 December 2021
Perhaps the Moto G200 didn't leave any room for the Edge S30. But if Moto gets the pricing right, the Edge X30 will be a hit.

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rizki1, 19 Dec 2021don't be happy right away, wait for Xiaomi how much it... moreXiaomi will be significantly more expensive based on last year's pricing for their first snapdragon 8 gen 1 phones (probably at least 30% more) but they will also likely be better at least in terms of the screen and camera

    don't be happy right away, wait for Xiaomi how much it costs.

      First review on Yt was not in Edge favour. Beauty with many faults.

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        • 19 Dec 2021

        Success? That 50mp ultrawide is going to be lousy, 12.5mp 1.28um binned at what f2.2, gonna be dark and dull.

        We need them to stop this 8k bs, no one cares. 12mp 1/1.2" 2.4-2.8um with 4k24 and 60fps, PDAF is more useful and practical. Even better give it 4:1, you get 3mp 4.8-5.6um 1080p for awesome low light