2021 Winners and losers: Google

01 January 2022
A good year for the Search Giant.

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  • Monroe00

Lol pixel fold...

They've got enough to worry about with the current pix6/pro.

A ton of bugs to work out.

I waited most of the year to move back to pixel from Samsung just to get away from the bloat.
I prefer pixel phones but unfortunately the 6 wasnt what I thought it'd be.

Everything except speculation is winner here. I think they learned something from their AI DeepMind. You don't have to do a lot to be a success, do little but do well that functions well.

k0vasz, 02 Jan 2022Tensor is a winner? It might have some flashy features, but... moreabsolutely fine on mine. easily get a day and half on heavy usage.

  • VillanovaBlue

k0vasz, 02 Jan 2022Tensor is a winner? It might have some flashy features, but... moreI've had the Pro since launch and the battery has been great.

  • Anonymous

I like to see all the Pixel haters seethe but I have to agree with some of them that Pixel 6 is FAR from compact. Of course it's relative but calling anything 150mm+ tall compact is a no-no in my book

  • Anonymous

Android 12 is definitely not a winner

Tensor is a winner? It might have some flashy features, but the battery life is horrendous

ae86, 02 Jan 2022How is the pixel fold fold loser when it wasn't even r... moreI still think that Samsung's current foldable phones are shitty (that crease is just bugging me like hell), and they are the 3rd iterations. Google probably wasn't able to do a decent folding mechanism/had other technical issues, and that's why they've choose to cancel it.

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022"the Pixel 6 also has a say in the 'more compact ... moreYeah, IDK what the author is thinking with that statement considering we had the Pixel 4a and that was...better...for the compact conversation.

  • Anonymous

Armorkingu, 02 Jan 2022your pixel 6 camera superb performer is a bit misleading, o... moreJust because you as an individual prefer the iphones colours that doesn't make the pixel any worse. That's your preference due to what your use to and whatever your own personal biases which could be being an iPhone user..

They should start selling the Pixel phones in more countries, not just the US. I'm not really interested in their phones, but it's nice to have a little variety in the market considering it's mostly Chinese crap now

  • AnonD-492870


  • Navs

In my opinion google had most balanced successful year.

Google is a great company it have great products but at earbuds side they suck behind the competition.blah blah blah

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 02 Jan 2022Tensor is winner? this cpu is 2 gen old than SD 8 gen 1.Tensor with the 2 X1 cores is potentially the more powerful chip if you run the 2 X1 cores simultaneously and never have to worry about running down the battery. No idea why Google decided on that route unless they were thinking of also using it in their own Tablets/Chromebooks or just they were just experimenting. To preserve the battery, only 1 X1 core would be scheduled to operate at a time and that shows in benchmarking.

As owner of several google phones including pixel 6, I would agree with every points on this post. It is a superb phone with THE BEST camera. You canNOT get any better camera at this price range. Both samsung and apple are double the price of pixel 6 and samsung even canNOT deliver what pixel can - an update schedule that is as robust as pixel itself. Not 3 months later and not 1-2 years.

Pixel 6 and 5a are definitely winner.

your pixel 6 camera superb performer is a bit misleading, one only need to compare the first sample pictures of each to see that pixel 6 doesn't perform any better than it's competitors.

See for yourself.




In fact, I like Iphone's colors; and the text on the bottom left corner, on the green banner, is more easily readable on S21's shot.

I'd reword that as Pixel as a solid, not superb performer.

Tensor is winner? this cpu is 2 gen old than SD 8 gen 1.

  • Anonymous

TBF Google was rumoured to be working on a foldable and then was rumoured to have stopped working on it. The rumour mill just got out of control. Google was most likely negotiating with Samsung to use one of their foldable designs and the negotiations fell through. Given Google's poor track record with hardware i.e. outdated hardware and poor implementation of features, it's highly unlikely they would attempt to design their own foldable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022It is another case of phones being very popular among the t... moreYeah right. With the sheer amount of bugs in their phones they decided it was better to cancel their fold or the Pixel brand will turn into pixel 2077