2021 Winners and losers: Google

01 January 2022
A good year for the Search Giant.

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  • Ron
  • ygC
  • 02 Jan 2022

I just wish they would expand their presence in other markets. I want a Pixel 6 so bad.

    • ae86
    • vaS
    • 02 Jan 2022

    How is the pixel fold fold loser when it wasn't even released and all the information we have on it were all not officials, most of it are just rumors, even though those rumors are true I don't think it's fair to say a product is a loser when it hasn't even out yet.

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      • xYI
      • 02 Jan 2022

      dbjungle, 02 Jan 2022There is nothing compact about a 75mm wide phone. Don'... moregrow bigger hands

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        • 7k0
        • 02 Jan 2022

        L.O.R.D, 01 Jan 2022The Pixel 6 already has a new issue of the screen cracking ... moreIt is another case of phones being very popular among the tech community but sell less.
        No wonder Google is losing market share in phones because they do not provide finished products like other companies do and mainly resort to flashy keywords like machine learning, ai and other things which is nothing spectacular when compared to others

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          • nYE
          • 02 Jan 2022

          Meanwhile Pixel 6 is not being sold in my country, so the import price starts at around €799 instead.

          We could argue about Tensor being a good thing (yet)

          And Android 12 is debatable too...

          And Pixle buds... they are good, really but it's not like the have solid competition either.

          I don't see any true winners in my case, unless you live in one of handful of countries selling Pixel 6 natively, then that is the only pro from this list.

            Cancelation of Pixel fold is a winner too. Who wants a gimmick? Google wins everything!

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              • vGG
              • 02 Jan 2022

              "the Pixel 6 also has a say in the 'more compact phone' conversation"

              This is such bs. 6.4 is NOT compact, not even close

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                • Uncle
                • 0mV
                • 02 Jan 2022

                Pixel 6 is best phone for money in 2021. Half the price of Sami and iPhonsy, triple the pleasure of using and all day usability.

                Sorry fanboys, U can hate and post bullshits about issues here. But real facts are against U.

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                  • Manchito
                  • paK
                  • 02 Jan 2022

                  db102000, 01 Jan 2022Pixel 6 winner if you love bugsMine has none.

                    There is nothing compact about a 75mm wide phone. Don't try to make this a thing.

                      Pixel 6 winner if you love bugs

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                        • LkB
                        • 01 Jan 2022

                        FatShady, 01 Jan 2022both pixel 6 were a lost case literally the first week of t... moreNone here is winner.

                        P6 duo full of issues. Nothing about the phone stands out. Review shows photos are worse than previous despite more advanced hardware.
                        Material You was huge mistake.

                          Loser: pixel hardware and software bugs... prove me wrong

                            Since google mediocre phones have price of an expensive flagship i really dont see a winner here.
                            75% population of global cant a fford more than a 200 p to 400 eur device .
                            And google wont fall under 400 but over.

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                              • SOAD
                              • 8Wb
                              • 01 Jan 2022

                              I think overall its an L for Google cuz of the no headphone jack, no micro sd = NO buy. Rip Pixel 6a prospective buyers who were looking forward to the headphone jack. The Pixel 5a do be bussin FR FR no CAP! 🔥👌🏽🙏🏽

                                The Pixel 6 already has a new issue of the screen cracking by itself. The phone is good if one is lucky to get a faultless unit, but IRL that is pretty rare to happen. Pixel Fold is better off as cancelled because the Galaxy Fold 3 is likely to come out as a better phone in a comparison and for the Pixel it will be tough the to beat the Galaxy in its third generation, so it was a good decision by them to not put anymore efforts into it

                                  I would personally put as a loser the 5a for its availability and the 6 for its problems

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                                    • nGA
                                    • 01 Jan 2022

                                    FatShady, 01 Jan 2022both pixel 6 were a lost case literally the first week of t... more"tons of problems"

                                    Explain. Mine is working great. The only issue I had was a problem connecting to a brand of earbuds, but app updates have fixed that.

                                      both pixel 6 were a lost case literally the first week of their launch they had tons of problems and still have to this day.

                                        It's a loser for not being released?