It is time for another phone revolution

02 January 2022
The smartphone is dead! The bar form factor has reached its peak a while ago and now we've come to a standstill.

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  • 02 Jan 2022

Smart Phones are a commodity, and have been for years. That so much is written about the colors of new phones is an indication of how non-differentiated they have become. Many phone reviewers and pundits will be looking for new carriers.

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    • 02 Jan 2022

    this is one of worst times to buy phone every one of them is stupid punchole i wish we go back to 2019

      The problem is that these out of the box phones are never 'trendy' enough to see mainstream use. Until the day comes where there's a new phone concept that's not considered a gimmick while having a accessible price point for everyone, we are unlikely to see much deviation from the classic glass rectangle design

        I believe the one area OEMs can really improve is battery technology. But it's the one area OEMs don't want to improve or we won't upgrade as often. So they focus on the marginal upgrades with cameras or 15% speed increases in SoCs.

        I'm starting to give up hope that we'll never see anything revolutionary ever again. We will never be wowed like 15 years ago when Apple revolutionized the mobile industry. The excitement started to wane after 2014. Then by 2017, phones got better but also more boring and OEMs started taking away features.

          well, for many of us a phone is a tool. car reviewers say the same thing as you, they talk about boring cars vs having fun and etc. meanwhile people are getting stuck in traffic and they just want a reliable toyota.

          I get it, your job is to review phones, and Im all for inovation, but most of us just a decent phone that doesnt cost a lot. so phones might be boring, but I dont care about my screwdriver, i just want it to do the job.

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            • 02 Jan 2022

            The first thing to return should be the headphone jack. To hell with everything else.

              People be looking on those 2000s funky nokia phones and said either they missed it so much or born in the wrong era. While I'm aware that smartphones are mostly copy of copies and very boring these days, I disagree.

              All-screen brick is the best form for today's phone technology as far as it can go. It's the best form when it comes to ergonomics and usability. I mean, did you see that lipstick shaped Nokia? For its era, it didn't have keypad, which were one of the basic function that a phone need. Or LG Wing? Lol no one take it and it was LG last effort to keep their smartphone division go. Any funky decals is often to be a small niche or just ignored. Foldables are still in the price range where most people just rather go for a normal flagship like Galaxy S or an iPhone, and is basically still an alpha release. It's still the same form too if you're using it.

              Yes it's boring but just take it, it's the best design for today.

                I honestly can't think of how much more improved smartphones can be? It's similar to computers and even video game consoles. I don't really see a leapfrog experience from them. Even with a different form factor, we'll still be using them the same way.

                Collecting pbones or buying a bunch of them is a wasteful hobby and I've been passionate about it for 18 years. The experience really is no different even with a 4-year gap. My brother went from an iPhone X to an iPhone 13 Pro. Told me they're practically the same.

                  Phones have become way too boring now. Every year same old story with slight improvements and ever inflating prices

                    There ain't going to be any revolution because phones don't make a lot of money and people kicked out all of the brands that were willing to be strange.

                    Look at iPhone for example. A very stagnant design, and yet they are regarded highly.

                      Well said. But if you look at LG Wing, it's not enough that people want new concepts, it's about if they actually buy them. Currently there is not much incentive for manufacturers to create crazy things maybe except companies like Samsung who have the resources to maintain developing new ideas for several years without selling anything. But one brand isn't enough to push the competetion fast, and there won't be many more brands doing this if people are content with classic smartphones that most of us use - and I actually am fine with it, because some things just can't be improved upon that much if you already have the perfect form factor. However, when the technology is ready, and that might take another decade, new inventions will come naturally as long as they have something to offer to people.

                        The next revolution will be AR glasses. But it will take a few years for them to be portable enough and socially acceptable.

                          I agree with the article. But what can we do about it if when someone experiments with something soo crazy, people don't buy it and the company thats looking for profit just stops doing wacky designs and gets back on the bar shape with glass sandwich.

                          This is just like the gaming industry but if there was no indies.

                            Are we not seeing it with the "smart watch" now able to do most "phone" activities, so will this not be the way the phone companies will go. These are now being produced by the manufacturers themselves and getting more advanced/complex, The actual phone is becoming just a home base. Any thoughts on this ?

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                              • 02 Jan 2022

                              Rotatable camera,
                              Standard swappable battery sizes like AA, AAA.
                              Standard screen sizes (4-s, 5-m, 6-L, 7-XL)
                              Too much to ask...Slideout swappable components (screens, speakers, camera..cant remember the google project..)

                                So long Apple is the leader in this segment in terms of business success, you can’t expect any innovation as they get used to milking customers like other American giants Microsoft, Blackberry & Qualcomm. Samsung is pushing the envelope with foldable and Huawei is throttled with sanctions! Don’t see any changes in the near future. It is like Nokia had to be hurried for better mobiles similarly Apple may need to face similar situation. Google only making half hearted attempts.

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                                  • 02 Jan 2022

                                  We can go crazy all we want…at the end of the day , we will settle for simple and functional design. Just like tiday, where years and years of mobile phone design end up in a simple rectangle design

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                                    • 02 Jan 2022

                                    The last pic of meme got me laugh, haha