8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot leaked

11 June, 2008
Well, Sony Ericsson have been covering this one up until now. Their uber cameraphone is finally in the wild with all...

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  • Susan

Sony like.no.other

  • Tom Cruz

lol @ 8 megapixel.
Some people are over excited over an 8 megapixel cellphone & mocking other phones that have only a 5 megapixel. A 5mp is really good & does the job for most ppl. The way you are re-acting to the news of an 8mp phone, you would think it could cure cancer!!! (No disrespect to this phone, I think it will be a really good phone when it comes out - but once again its only a phone)

  • Anonymous

hehe guys out there. do you know about cameras? so what if it's 8megapixel? Nokia is using CMOS sensor. just look at the shootout what GSM Arena did. megapixel dosen't really play a part in ur coloring wise[: cheers.
yes se do record 30fps but it is in QVGA but nokia is recording in VGA so it's 4 times clearer then QVGA.

and until now can SE really multi-tasking? they can only switch windows to windows. but nokia s60 can minimize like windows.
and if sony is that great, why there isn't any mobile companies wana use their symbian UIQ?? right now a few companies is using nokia's s60.

  • Anonymous

SE for life. can't wait for this phone and also P5i.

  • Anonymous

Zobi, 11 Jun 2008They compare it to Motorella RAZOR. That means RAZOR is sti... moreI lol'd


This cellphone is great, so better than all NSeries..

  • Anonymous

In the slideshow why does it say Model: q440i?

  • carloud

has anyone notice the trend lately?

breakthrough phones nowadays, tend to be sliders

and c905 is even very very similar looking to that of the n95...

which is good imo ^_^

  • sarada

this will be a new chapter for the phone world

  • carloud

hehehe it will be interesting to se how this 8 mp compete against n95/n82/n96

as most of the people know quality isnt measured by the megapixel size

there is the sensor, the lens placing, processor,lens quality/aperture, and lens size and the photo processing time which also affected by the processor...

being an 8mp c905 has an advantage over the resolution of the picture size...but it could also be it's "achilles heel" if sony wouldnt give it a bigger lens

if it would be of the same size as that of what the n95/n82/n96 use it would definitely be a good fight hehehehe

and c905 probably records VGA video at 30fps at last? hopefully^_^

as the samsung b600 10mp cannot compete in terms of video since the b600 only records at QVGA at 15fps hehe 6233 is even better at recording videos hehehehe

  • luis

It doesn't matter how many megapixels has in it, what it matters is the lens quality. And c'mon 8mpx and no optical zoom?? simply useless. It would be better to continue with 5mpx and optical zoom, you dont need more resolution if you aren't a pro photographer. It seems that megapixel races cotinues but the quality won't change a lot, I'm pretty sure

  • shoeb

everybody please do accept that the phones that nokia have featured all the nokia n-series mobiles which were released on gsmarena.com yesterday were just a mere 5 megapixel. they have been following the 5mp since n95 and i think understandably they cannot make 8mp because they got the habit to steal some options in there mobile from the others like the one they borrowed the carl zeiss zoom. But sony doesnt copy they do make things of there own.

  • Anonymous

Hope the video recording will be 30Fps VGA or more!

  • Anonymous

SomewhereOutThere, 11 Jun 2008Excellent camera phone! But few things i'm worried about... morethe sensor is brand new. it's a new technology built in sensor.

  • Anonymous

It was compared to the motorola Rzar because it is very COMMON and thin... It was to the people have an idea of its size.

  • shoeb

i do wanna say something about this.

'All you nokia rascals out there,
We sony ericsson have the best mega pixels(8mp) though you have the worst n-series,
That is why sony rules, it rules;'

what say all you sony fans.

  • Petrov

It's a wonderfool phone - semply the best!

  • Stan

Nokia fan boys are trembling, shocked and insecure with this new SE phone. They can feel the revenge of Sony Ericsson now. They cannot accept the fact that SE surprised them with this 8MP phone. Don't worry nokia boys, Nokia will announce loads of 5MP phones with boring designs, no more Xenon flash adn maybe announce a 7.2MP phone suddenly and release it after 1 month. How about that?

  • Max Shawn

Samsung Already Out With 10MP Phone Years Ago....Beat That!....

  • Zobi

They compare it to Motorella RAZOR. That means RAZOR is still the benchmark. King of Phones baby!!