8 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber-shot leaked

11 June, 2008
Well, Sony Ericsson have been covering this one up until now. Their uber cameraphone is finally in the wild with all...

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2008you said that more than 256K color does not make difference in t... moreyes, i agree, but in your phone which has 2,4 or 2,6 or 2,8 inch size you don't need one!!

  • Zabih

8 mega pixel from Sony Ericsson will rock, for those of you who says n95 black takes bitter picture, compare that with the 3.2mp k800i not even with k850 and then tell me which one takes better picture.

  • Anonymous

Dr Silverworm, 11 Jun 2008Ah, another Nokia fanboy. The Sony Ericsson feature phone UI ... moreyou said that more than 256K color does not make difference in the human eye? well i can see that the higher the color the smoother the pictures will look like.,

  • The Mareo

it's a little bit wierd for me to see a cybershot phone that's not a candy bar but it does look great, i really like SE phones, specialy cybershot ones, i do like nokia too, they make exelent phones loaded with lots of nice stuff... it's just that i don't feel comfortable with them.

  • Dr Silverworm

To all of those saying that the quality will suck if SE uses the same sensors, they are NOT. This is a BRAND NEW sensor. The focal length in the k800 and k850 was 5.2mm. The focal length in Nokia N95 and N82 was 5.6mm, very respectable and probably the culprit for it's edge in photos during recent tests.

HOWEVER, the focal length for this C905 will be 5.91mm !

  • Tom Cruz

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2008Motorola phones are betterMotorola . . . Who??? LoL Never heard of them! :-)

  • Dr Silverworm

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2008SE kicks Nokia? Lets see what sony needs to introduce to thei... moreAh, another Nokia fanboy.

The Sony Ericsson feature phone UI is classic, and the main reason why Sony Ericsson fans can't help but keep buying SE phones. It has been recently updated, the current version is called A200 and it supports all the features it needs to. I have always been attracted to Nokia phones because of the specs, but the senseless UI disgusted me. If Sony Ericsson had a primary strength, it is the UI.

Screens with more than 256k colors are pointless and make no difference to the human eye. Millions of colors is unneccessary and drains the battery, which may contribute to the fact that SE phones have nearly double the battery life as Nokia phones do.

The screen is as wide as the phone, which is impressive since it has smaller dimensions on all angles than the k800, which has a 2.0 inch screen. Compare the dimensions with the n95 - the C905 is NOT a brick, but an actually pocketable phone.

The C905 does actually have VGA recording, this has been said by the testers who leaked it on Esato and at USEB, the source of this post.

Market terms has no relevance for hardcore users such as ourselves, because the vast majority of a cellphone companies market share comes from low- to mid-end phones, NOT the high-end phones.

Carl Zeiss does not necessarily mean a superior camera. See the N90 vs k750; or the N93 vs K800. SE phones were widely considered superior in these comparisons.

  • Opal

Here we go again Nokia fanboys spamming our SE forums just like any other SE phone forum especialy the X1, nokia fans r so dumb and narrow minded and stubborn (not all of them ofcourse) but most of them my advise just surrender your self to SE and you wont regret it and get rested instead of all time anxiety and worry how pitty

  • Anonymous

Motorola phones are better

  • Anonymous

Hope the quality will be a lot better than the crappy K850!!!

  • Dr Silverworm

The people posting comments on this are predominantly Nokia fanboys who are already calling it a lost cause, and the phone has not even been announced yet. How they jump on the defensive is very funny.

As for myself, I will reserve judgement until the phone has at least been announced, but it does look very promising. I for one am a huge fan of the SE UI and this is the #1 reason why I buy Sony Ericsson phones.

I think it should be known though that the phone WILL have VGA video recording, this has been said Mizzle on Esato, the same journalist who leaked the phone on the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog.

  • Anonymous

SE kicks Nokia?

Lets see what sony needs to introduce to their phones?

* A new UI (How long have they been using it now? 8 years?)
* A screen that has more than 256k colors
* A screen that is bigger than 2,6 inch
* VGA recording at 15 / 30 fps

Oh lets wait. Let's talk in market terms. Nokia has 40,5% and increases their sales each year. SE has lost 15% since 2005. And you know what? LG is gonna surpass them in the next quarter. HTC can surpass them next year.

SE isn't a contender anymore, just like motorolla. They always make the same phones with bad specs.

Nokia does too, but at least, they have good specs.


And Carl Zeiss isn't owned by Sony like some say. SE can't put carl zeiss lenses to use in their phones, because nokia has a 25-years signed agreement with Carl Zeiss optics.


Someone also stated that SE and Nokia are finally putting pdf and stuff like that, because samsung did.

Let me correct. Nokia had the first pdf reader on any mobile phone. Not Samsung.

  • Jim

8 Megapixels is pushing it for such a tiny CMOS sensor. I am sure quality will suffer unless Sony Ericsson make a bigger sensor chip. Anyone know where we can find such details?

  • nick

yeah sony erricson use the same tiny lens in the k750 as the k850.

you can just stuff megapixels in a 5.18mm lens but the quality will jsut suck

  • Nokia Lover

Dear Carloth,
Just I want notice u that my old post was just a personal opinion, so do not be angry it is not big issue that makes us to fight for :)

And I would thank mr. Muhammad Oli for his nice comment, that's right the Nokia phones are the King of all World Smart Phones but not the normal java phones.

Good Luck Nokia, we r waiting for the new release of Nseries that has a surprised camera performance with larger image sizes :)


Nokia Lover :)

  • Anonymous


Some people have their own preferences. Some may like the Nokia UI, which is basically ALSO the same thing as well for over the past few releases, being the S60 interface. I do have to admit the N95 takes better pictures though, however the artificial colouring wastes it.

  • Nokia Lover

carloud, 11 Jun 2008hehehe it will be interesting to se how this 8 mp compete agains... moreThat's what I'm saying the camera performance it is not measured by the MP's but by some other factors....

  • Anonymous

All of you Sony Ericsson fanboys that are drooling at the 8mp camera should think again. Sony is no match for smartphones like Nokia because they are still stuck in time with their k750i UI and boring features. Some has already stated that just because it has higher MP doesn't mean it takes better pictures. Even if it has a 10mp camera, a 5mp camera from Nokia can still beat it. Face it guys, Sony Ericsson is not even trying to be innovative.

  • Anonymous

hahahah what a funny comment. SE is producing the best phones thats why we love them. You cant compare old stylish nokia with full featured and smart phones from SE. My father use nokia phones coz he is 60 years old, but i dont coz i'm young and i know what is in step with technology

  • ztealth

how can you compare this and the n-series?
sony has don't nothing to compete with nokia.
all they can come out with is a 8 camera, when their menus and ui are basically the same for 5 or 6 years! it is going to another laggy and buggy phone like the k850.