Xiaomi 12 to sport 6.28-inch screen, revamped camera processing

22 December 2021
The vanilla Xiaomi 12 also features redesigned internals to help fit all key components.

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Cyberchum, 23 Dec 2021You just bagged the smartest comment award. Bravo! Yeah my sarcasm is lit.

    Lol, these iPhone 13 comparisons are so meaningless.

    Who the flip even cares about the width of the phone. It's the thickness that matters the most to consumers, or at least gets their attention more; they should've reported on that. Oh wait, that's right, the iPhone 13 is still likely thinner.

    The Mi 12's 6.28" screen is compared to the iPhone 13's 6.1" display. Okay, so what. What does any of this mean to the consumer. Can you explain this Xiaomi? Because to me, I don't see any meaning. I mean sure, it has higher screen-to-body ratio, but so do many other Android phones.

    It's nice to see smaller phones I don't deny that, but man these promo images are so pointless.

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      • gsmfan
      • nFS
      • 26 Dec 2021

      Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021That's true. Too bad there is no Android equivalent of... moreYeah the last pne would be the s10e, maybe the asus zenfone8, not too mini though

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        • rpK
        • 26 Dec 2021

        that is good news ! more compact phone please !

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          • t5w
          • 25 Dec 2021

          efty, 24 Dec 2021Since I'm a fan of compact phones and mi9se user, fina... moreI own a Mi 9 SE and Samsung S10e
          The samsung s10e size is perfect. Smaller than Mi 9 SE and perfect size.
          Only problem is samsung cannot root on snapdragon cpu :(
          call logs are limited to 2000 & other restrictions due to no root.

            Android phone makers are only now starting to realise that some people hate these huge fones that doesn't fit into your pocket and are too big for smaller hands. Display makers like Samsung and BOE doesn't listen to customers and give us what they think we want.

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              • efty
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              • 24 Dec 2021

              Since I'm a fan of compact phones and mi9se user, finally excited for upgrade

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                • yalim
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                • 24 Dec 2021

                chinese phone sizes were only upsizing making them very uncomfortable to use daily. I don't mean canceling big sizes but,there had to be a smaller option (with the same specs) on the first day. apple gives this choice for 7 years! 40% of iphone sales are smaller variants. so,a significant amount of customers prefer smaller flagships. where were xiaomi for all these years?

                  Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Shutter speed is not how long it takes to show miniature of... moreYeah, thanks for the info about the hdr. I didn't know that. Maybe my last message wasn't clear but when i mentioned shutter speed i did mean the actual shutter speed as you say. I check the file info which shows the shutter speed. 1/200s is enough to freeze a walking subject but if my kids are running around it is often not sufficient to get a non blurry pic. I compared an honor v30 pro with a Xiaomi 11 ultra in a few different online shopping malls. The mi11 ultra typically used a shutter speed of 1/100s when the honor v30pro would use a shutter speed somewhere around 1/400—1/500s. You can go into manual mode to adjust but it's an extra process. Actually, I've tried lots of phones and the sensors seem to have a lot to do with it. Phones with the hm2 especially seem to have really slow shutter speed especially it they also use dimensity chipsets (photos on gsmarena also show very slow shutter speed for phones using the hm2 sensor on the file info) . Phones with something like an imx766 or even better an imx 700 have generally faster shutter speed especially when used with flagship snapdragon processors. The fastest that I've tried though seems to be the combination of Kirin flagship processors and Sony high end sensors. Xiaomi are advertising this as having faster image processing but also as being better at taking pictures of moving subjects so I assume they are talking about faster shutter speed

                    A normal sized flagship (how refreshing) with curved screen (how amazing).

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                      • JT5
                      • 23 Dec 2021

                      Aierlan, 23 Dec 2021Hope their advertised faster image processing can work well... moreShutter speed is not how long it takes to show miniature of photo on screen.
                      But how long sensor is exposed to light.
                      Most of android flagships have 1/8000s - 30s.

                      1/200s is already enough to "freeze" subject. Problem with some phone is using auto HDR. This does not work for motion. You cant stack frames unless they are 100% equal.

                      It is why pixel 6 has pathetic feature to remove blur of the face using AI tricks, but google fprget the rest of the body is still blurred by the motion.

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                        • 23 Dec 2021

                        volverine, 23 Dec 2021any ideas how much will cost this fun?So far rumor of $950 (in China)

                          any ideas how much will cost this fun?

                            lord5, 23 Dec 2021Wrong choice because nowadays mobile phones are more than m... moreDon't worry, this won't be the only phone in the 12 series, and there are a 100 and 1 phablets out there to pick from. Or you don't see them?

                              bulbulito.bayagbag, 22 Dec 2021Look at the camera bump design at the back hahaha. No wonde... moreYou just bagged the smartest comment award. Bravo!

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                                • 23 Dec 2021

                                Wrong choice because nowadays mobile phones are more than media.. The bigger the better so bye bye no buy fro me I'll be waiting the next 13

                                  Not sure if smaller phones are really for me but this definitely makes it more interesting

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                                    • 23 Dec 2021

                                    Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Speak for yourself, not everybody has small hands .6.8 inch... moreLol i don't have small hands either and i'm very comfortable with smaller devices.

                                      Anonymous, 23 Dec 2021Speak for yourself, not everybody has small hands .6.8 inch... moreSpeak for yourself. J Williams on YouTube has big hands and always says he prefers to use smaller sized phones.

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                                        • 23 Dec 2021

                                        I did prefer if they made compact phone on midrange price like lite/mini model. Therefore you can save more price and people would be happy with it, anyone can afford to buy compact phone as their secondary daily drives. Meanwhile a phone with bigger screen used for the entertainment, and the smaller phone for the portability.

                                        A smaller phone like iPhone mini doesn't make sense with the price they're offering for. Pixel 4a & Samsung 10e or Mi 9SE is the best example for the compact phone with an affordable price range.