Apple iPhone 15 Pro to come without a SIM card slot

25 December 2021
It's unclear if the non-Pro models will also use eSIM tech or come with a physical SIM slot.

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  • Anonymous

The Jack666, 26 Dec 2021Oh no! I don't care what Apple does but Samsung copies... moreNot only Samsung

  • Z

Honestly banning Apple in general would be a pretty good idea at this point.

Raffel, 25 Dec 2021What about countries that don't have eSIM? They literally talked about it in the bottom half, dude read before commenting 🙄

Oh no! I don't care what Apple does but Samsung copies Apple.

Anders, 25 Dec 2021No headphone jack, no micro SD, no charger, no SIM slot... ... moreMicrophone, loud speaker and charging port for sure! Don't worry people still keep buying it for $1000. Even they cant remove the notch 🙂

  • Tim Apple

Such innovation, other phone brands should do the same. UP next apple incorporates new technology into their phones the 3.5mm jack.

  • Anonymous

I'm finding it difficult to back up the photos in my wife's iPhone 11 Pro onto a Windows laptop. I tried different cables including a brand new 3M cable but the connection would cut off frequently. I don't have a problem backing up the photos in my Xiaomi phone onto the same laptop. It's a fully updated Windows machine. Is anyone having similar problems? Is this Apple's way of making people rely on iCloud for backup? And I don't like the way how the photos are placed into seemingly random folders making them hard to find. It's crazy and doesn't make sense unless the sole aim is to confuse the user.

  • Jack

No 3.5mm jack no buy

The Flip, 26 Dec 2021Then why did iPhone 4 and 4S exist? Or Apple Watch Series 4?cuz back then China wasn't Apple huge consumer yet

The Flip, 26 Dec 2021Then why did iPhone 4 and 4S exist? Or Apple Watch Series 4?cuz back then China wasn't Apple huge consumer.

ever wonder why CCP not BAN Apple even tho they ban many USA corporations especially during Trade War??

SMIRNAS, 26 Dec 2021Apple won't use number 14,, most likely cuz Chinese ha... moreThen why did iPhone 4 and 4S exist? Or Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple won't use number 14,, most likely cuz Chinese hate number 4

Innovation cheers 🍻

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2021I can't wait for Samsung to make fun of Apple for this... moreAnd how will you benefit from that? Do you even understand the situation?

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 25 Dec 2021Are you sure about that? eSIM data is stored digitally and ... moreYOU ARE SO RIGHT ... THUMBS UP

- user non removable battery
everything is software control, imagine this scenario, background download upload, user off the phone and all system off, but the battery still physically connected, how hard the software to mimicking all system off while actually there are minimal data transmission on the background without user knowledge

- eSIM
user cannot change number? or can change number based on subscription? that only means 1 thing, workd wide surveillance, the big brothers can keep track 7 billions people worrldwide with extreme precision, further more, its 1 tb internal storage without user precision knowledge of each files stored when where, that means, 100 mb is considered small compared to 1 tb storage space, but, how many device selling? that storage will save the industries for buying physical hard drives, borrowing users phone storage for industries cloud storage

non removable battery and eSim made possible

everything wireless means everything digitally accessed, can easily tap each user prifile perfecting artificial intelligence algorithm for decision making, they have tons if user data at their disposal to tinker with

and the marketing call that pro and trendy

and people happily swallow and influence other to become trendy ... free marketing

this user Yuki K1L knows the best, knows the big picture, THUMBS UP

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 25 Dec 2021And that sets the new reality for other brands to follow su... moreUnfortunately, the customer no longer disagrees because he has lost his intuition and got turned into a robot.
Most people don't mind getting ripped off. Those who do are too few to turn the tide

Pretty soon, manufacturers are going to ship boxes without the phone, and requiring an additional cost to the consumer to actually get the phone.

  • Anonymous

Few decades back a company would never dare playing around with consumers' rights like this. People had basic intuition to recognize if they're being ripped off. A grain of intuition is worth way more than tons of analysis. Over time people have lost this gift and turned into Apple's sheeple.

  • Anonymous

Oh look, another great innovation from Apple! Android better catch up!
What does Apple bring other than suffering for the consumers? They're the root of all anti-consumer practices in the smartphone world. They're the ones who popularised:

1. Headphone jack removal
2. Non-removable battery
3. Anti-repair design.
4. MicroSD card slot removal
5. Glass backs (yes plastic is way more practical and durable)
6. Limiting user freedom in the name of "security concerns" making rooting etc difficult.

Apple isn't the role model of innovation, rather they're the role model for greedy anti-consumer companies.

Wake up consumers! Destroy Apple before Apple takes away your USB C port

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2021If apple does that Samsung and few others call them out.... moreHey sony still does its own thing and not copying trends.