OnePlus 10 Pro benchmarked with 12GB RAM

30 December 2021
The Geekbench results do not impress.

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  • 05 Jan 2022

Is it water resistance????

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    • 01 Jan 2022

    George399, 30 Dec 2021Why you don't have the money? Because some people live week to week and it's hard bro

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      • 01 Jan 2022

      I like it

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        • Sanaya khan
        • s8c
        • 31 Dec 2021

        Anonymous, 31 Dec 2021Which process SnapdragonNice

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          • mE0
          • 31 Dec 2021

          Abdul Hannan , 31 Dec 2021Hi, Die hard fan of Onelplus here. I have used Oneplus 6t,... moreMove over to oppo... OPPO are releasing much better overall phones. I was also a die hard OnePlus fan but after the one plus 7 they haven't been competing as well as previous.

          Camera quality has always been below the rivals and now price means they need Be able to compete on all levels. Oppo does that 🤷🏽‍♂️

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            • Abdul Hannan
            • waU
            • 31 Dec 2021

            Die hard fan of Onelplus here. I have used Oneplus 6t, 7, 7 Pro, 8 ,8 Pro and in the end even 9 pro. So far in my opinion Oneplus is just focusing on charging speed only. Now Oneplus 9 pro was worst device i have ever used. Heating issue was too much and ultimately that heat will suck whole battery. Even they have just putted Sdm 888 without 0.1% optimization. With passage of time, Oneplus is getting unaware with word optimization. In the end they have gifted COLOR OS which is worst os in whole world in my opinion. Sadly Oneplus is going to end in coming year soon🙃

              Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021Well you do know the sd870 is an overclocked sd865 so it mo... moreThat's what I was worried about initially.
              But it seems like something has changed, the QSD 870 is much more stable and cooler than the QSD 865 chipsets. Whereas the QSD 860 is basically a QSD 855+. That's why I actually recommend the 870 over the 865 and 888. It runs faster than both, because it doesn't throttle.

              The new QSD 778 and QSD 780, although they look like "midrange" chips, these are actually flagship chips. They're much faster than the QSD 845, and even the base QSD 855, and about on-par with the QSD 860.

              Honestly, there's not much difference going from the slowest flagship chips (855) to the fastest flagship chip (888+). Same will be true of next year's QC 8g1. But there's a pretty big difference going down from the 855, down to something like the QSD 765G or even the obsolete QSD 845.

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                • 31 Dec 2021

                Hemedans, 30 Dec 2021We didnt have newer cortex X1/X2 in TSMC node, Rumors Dimen... moreWhich process Snapdragon

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                  • 31 Dec 2021

                  12 GB of RAM mediocre camera and bad OS. Recipe for success..
                  1+ is becoming less relevant with each new they release.

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                    • 7ke
                    • 31 Dec 2021

                    Very good, nice ,but we not have money for this phone,

                      Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021My fold 3 is better at gaming than your crappy Chinese phone.Chinese companies uses way more cooling materials than Samsung does, thermal cap on every Samsung phone is low, it starts to throttle at 40°C/43°C, sure Samsung phones are very good, but none of them are performance oriented.
                      The "crappy Chinese phones" that you refer to have way more cooling materials inside, top notch performance and good thermal management.
                      In an example, Snapdragon 865 inside OnePlus 8T is way more powerful than the same processor inside S20 FE, which doesn't even have any thermal cooling material inside besides a thin layer of graphite, meanwhile the 8T has vapor chamber which extends beneath the motherboard, display and battery, have thermal paste all over the place, including the battery, also graphite on top of the motherboard aluminum shield.

                        Roy, 30 Dec 2021Yes you are right, but the reason for this is the poor 4nm... moreWe didnt have newer cortex X1/X2 in TSMC node, Rumors Dimensity 9000 also Throttle a lot. Tsmc has advantage over Samsung but not by much. Difference between 780G and 778G efficient wasnt much compare to Sd 888 and 865.

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                          • 30 Dec 2021

                          Not sure exactly why but lost a bit of interest in one plus. The faster and faster charging is not a sell point beyond certain levels as it ultimately does not do the phone any favours at high levels.

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                            • 30 Dec 2021

                            Kangal, 30 Dec 2021That's a good point. Although, I'm not a fan of ... moreWell you do know the sd870 is an overclocked sd865 so it most definitely will draw more power. No thermal issues on OnePlus 8 12gb ram with sd865. It's the perfect chip as it balances power with performance ..the sd888 is too hot and kills batteries so much faster for marginal performance gains .

                              OhNom, 30 Dec 2021. but what I really hope is to get rid of these little core... moreI don't know where you got that from.

                              Firstly, it depends on the workload. If it is something very easy, then the Cortex-A53 is going to do it more efficiently than the Cortex-A78. If it is something complex, then the bigger capabilities and Out-of-Order nature, will see the A78 be more efficient than the A53.

                              Also, ARM made comparison between A510 and A73 were a joke. They're comparing a 4nm node to a 16nm node. And we have NO IDEA which specific test they used. Even still, the A73 won in performance. So I think a "medium core" A73 from 2016 could be re-designed five years later in 2022 as a "small core". We've made enough progress to do so. I mean, Intel did just that, by taking their old i5 cores, and miniaturising them as "small cores" for their latest processors. So it's not just possible, it actually happens in the industry, just like how the Intel Atom cores were a miniaturisation of their Mobile Celeron cores, which itself was a miniaturisation of their desktop Pentium cores.

                              The Cortex-A55 is actually slightly LESS efficient than the A53, but it remained dominant because it was using a more updated features (eg DynamIQ versus big.LITTLE). The other reason the A55 dominated the A53, was that it could clock higher and extend its performance a little further... which is very useful for things like budget electronics. This new A510 seems to do the same. It's slightly less efficient than the A55, but it can extend its performance a little further. And all this extra performance lead they spoke of, was done by using a newer node, more cache, higher clocks, and more power draw. What they did, is they merely ported the A53 design into ARMv9... it's nothing new. Extremely disappointing to hear. Even more disappointing to know that a new small core is probably not in the works. It's simply not lucrative or profitable for ARM at this point.

                              What is new, is now they allow A510 cores to be shared together. MediaTek opted to use the traditional way, but Qualcomm are experimenting with it. Now both Intel and AMD did this 15 years ago, with Intel making "HyperThread" (4c/8t) cores, and AMD making their weird "Bulldozer" (8c/8t) cores. Well, Intel won that fight, so AMD has gone with that design direction with Ryzen. So I'm not expecting a very good software optimisation from that Shared-core design, and it is likely to hurt efficiency and performance. The reason why you would share-cores in such a way is to decrease Silicon Area. Honestly, it makes no sense doing so for these small cores. You're more likely to get better returns looking at different design choices to maximise PPA, such as AMD's upcoming 3D-Cache technology. And borrowing designs from competitors is not a bad thing. Intel did it recently, by copying ARM's big.LITTLE philosophy for their upcoming x86 laptop and desktop processors.

                                Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021You forgot to add result for the most efficient Performance... moreThat's a good point.
                                Although, I'm not a fan of the QSD 865. A lot of the ones I tested, they weren't that much faster than the QSD 855. And where the QSD 855 was very level (~5W TDP) at the usual limit for phones, and didn't throttle. The QSD 865 instead had higher energy draw (~7W) and bad thermals. It was the main reason why it was faster. Then Qualcomm doubled-down on this concept again the next year with the QSD 888+, where it was pushing a ridiculous 10W. They shifted the blame too, and said our partners/OEMs asked for it. A more accurate answer is that Qualcomm was looking for a way to catch up to the Apple A13 performance (although the A15 was released shortly after). I think the 2022 flagship, the QC 8g1, is going to be a similar affair. It will hit upto 11W TDP on a tiny and thin phone, potentially burning your hands, and then having to lower its clockspeeds, at which point it will be slower than the 2019 QSD 855 range.

                                I much prefer the QSD 870. I'm not sure if its just tweaks in the design, the more mature node, more optimised drivers, or the cumulative of these. But it really is good design. It's consistently faster than the QSD 865, without the need to hit higher energy draw (~6W). If I had to choose, I would pick it over the QSD 888... but I'd be equally happy with a lower processor as long as the rest of the device is superb.

                                So what I'm getting at, is that the benchmarks don't tell the whole story. They definitely help. And whilst Apple's Performance cores don't seem too remarkable here, they do have one thing going for them. They're tuned highly from the semi-native code, OS, and more restrictive/better optimised Apps. Despite having theoretically a "good" efficiency, in-practice, before the device gets to the stage of throttling it has usually finalised that particular task. Since you don't calculate those "off times" it makes it seem less efficient than it actually is. Apple calls this "Race to Idle" processing. That philosophy doesn't always work, but it does work often enough to make noticeable battery life savings for real-world usecase. So between the A14-P (1.90) and the QSD 865 (2.55), I would actually prefer the A14-P. On-paper it may look worse, but it definitely is the superior processor here.

                                  Kangal, 30 Dec 2021Not at all. Did you even read the official announcement fro... more. but what I really hope is to get rid of these little cores (Cortex A53, A55, A510). I hope ARM can do something LIKE a Cortex-A73, but miniaturized and with the latest specs.

                                  It was shown that A78 and A77 at specific speeds generated better performance with less consumption than A55, but apparently the cost of ... was very high
                                  4-A78 1-1.8Ghz
                                  3-A78 2.42Ghz
                                  1-Cortex X1 2.8Ghz

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                                    • 30 Dec 2021

                                    Pro? Compared to Apple, not pro at all.

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                                      • 30 Dec 2021

                                      Why not 16GB ram? You pay a kidney. So why not get it?

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                                        • 30 Dec 2021

                                        it will probably throttle badly when its warm outside.