2021 Winners and losers: Asus

09 January 2022
The best and worst from Asus in 2021.

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  • Anonymous

"At the end of the day, you end up with a phone that runs hotter and, due to the thermal transfer design, feels hotter to the touch, without much actual benefit in terms of performance."

Even Sony couldn't get the thermal right despite their excellent battery software. That is why I'm skipping all flagship-grade Android smartphones of 2021, including Sony.

I am still stuck in 2018/19 where the names like Huawei and LG were a thing. Rog 2 from 2019 is easily good enough if not better then todays phones.

Huawei mate 20 and lg v40 were first phones with triple back camera completing the trifecta. Next year xiaomi launches mi note 10 with 5 usable lenses. Everything after copy pasta and removal of techonological advances.

  • Thomas

Still using nu ROG1 512gb
great phone after tests of use IT still working in a good way.
Only problems i had with the phone
1 when it crashes i first have to het the battery to 100% before IT van restarted.
2last year a 1speaker got a defect IT cant het the high volume but normal volume IT still works.
3 know i can dat that after 4years of use the battery self starts to fail.
IT know need a charge is the midle of the Day battery is emty after 10h with alle the battery saving options on

Looking to het hands on the new ROG5 but still not sure witch i Will take.
At least a black desing i dont like the White

  • DaisukeS27

I agree with this review regarding on ROG 5s series. They have the worst thermal control. I have Asus ROG 5s pro when I play heavy games like Genshin Impact in a long run it gets hot around 55 celsius to 60 with Aerocooler on it, tendency wisr it's really hard to play the phone, not the game... hoping that updates might help in the future.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022They have the phones. How can they call out issues they... moreBecause you are lucky not to have them.

Just like I never had any issues with my LG G4 and later Nexus 5X back in in the day, and we all know what issues those 2 had...

  • Brainmulch

I'm a ROG5 user and it's the best phone I've ever used. I was disappointed the Zenfone 8 flip didn't come with OIS and only 90hz. So for similar money I picked up the ROG5 and babe been consistently impressed. The lack of OIS hasn't been as detrimental as I thought it might be either, the cameras actually work quite well as shown in the MKBHD blind camera test.

I'm also a non-gamer that's had an amazing rog 2 for years.
If people have an issue I wish they'd be more specific. What other flagship had a headphone jack, 2 ways to charge, no screen hole, huge battery, large speakers, and top screen.
Honestly I could care less about wireless charging (larger than a USB cord) and water proof. I also find the camera to be great, especially night mode. I'm this close to getting the 5s but now there's the newer chip out so the 888+ seems old.
Any suggestions?

  • designerka

Still using my ROG Phone 2, key weakness is there no OIS on camera. Ok, It's a gaming phone but OIS is should be on this like monster. Newer ROG phones has no OIS too. I preferred this for massive battery and symetrical Stereo front facing speakers (missed HTC M8) over my old HTC U11. Now there too much stereo phones out. Waiting for Xiaomi 12 or S22 may my next device.

  • Shreeraj

Can redmi note 10s ran heavy games apps good?

  • Rog user

CptPower, 09 Jan 2022Well asus could do a lot better like many years ago. The ... moreI'm using ROG 2 from last 3 years and I'm so happy with the mobile performance and reliability.
Note: I'm a common mobile user not seller or promoter of Asus.

Youko, 09 Jan 2022Loser : Asus Rog 5 so many people who bought it end up w... moreSame thing with Zenfone 8
Mine got the Wi-Fi/hotspot issue and I had to use again my old Poco F1. Unfortunately I bought it on AliExpress and I don't know if I'll be able to get a free repair with the warranty.
Also replacing the motherboards seems to not fix the issue, so is not only a thing of old batches

  • ROHIT sorathiya

Use lese Rog series i buyed rog 2 when its release in india wifi calling still not coming on rog 2.
On asus forum thousand of user posted issue but no solution
Stay away from useless mobile

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022HOLD IT On paper I agree with this list, but with the RA... moreThey have the phones. How can they call out issues they're not having?

  • Sam6536

Ramdump was mostly found in some earlier batches and recently zentalk thread has kinda gone dormant, opposed to the initial complains
And after the free repair it seems to be gone completely and not everyone faced it
in the telegram group i think 1 or 2 people had it,people who wanted to sell it sold it either after or before the repair anyways

I'm speaking for the zenfone though rog idk I've read about the issues and good comments about it both so can't say same like every other company with complains and good things online and on their sites i reckon

SigmaR, 10 Jan 2022I read it but it seems that it has nothing to do with charging Yes I agree. I don't think the hardware problem is related to charging.

Anonimo, 09 Jan 2022If you go to the Asus forum and search for "Zenphone 8... moreI read it but it seems that it has nothing to do with charging

  • Anonymous

The topic should add phone

  • Anonymous

I have a ZenFone 8 and thankfully I'm not encountering any problems.

  • Anonymous

happy new year, 09 Jan 2022but still thousand people bought this phone from an online ... moreFun fact Motorola Edge+ STILL has the green tint issues, Motorola never really got to fix that no matter their claims.

Yet that phone is best sold at some stores in my country and has a rating of around 4.5 to 4.7 stars.out of 5, depending on the store.

But how? Because most people give a phone a rating directly, but never come back to it when issues arise.

  • Anonymous


On paper I agree with this list, but with the RAM dump issues of the ZenFone 8 and build quality issues with the ROG 5 they are NOT WINNERS

You guys should call it out not ignore it, and above it while I have good experience with Asus their computer hardware warranties, their phone division warranty is beyond trash over here (I know multiple people with these phones having issues, because they got these phone due to sites recommending them)