2021 Winners and losers: Asus

09 January 2022
The best and worst from Asus in 2021.

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  • 09 Jan 2022

i would definitely recommend this terribly horrible company products to one and all god save the buyer

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    • uvf
    • 09 Jan 2022

    All Asus phones and laptops are losers. Terrible software support and buggy as hell

      Well asus could do a lot better like many years ago.
      The rog is only winner in their lineup apart ROG phone no other phone is worth buying not even considering to buy.

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        • 09 Jan 2022

        Steven, 09 Jan 2022Bought Rog Phone 2, suddenly it won't turn on anymore ... moreIve had the ROG phone 2 for almost 3 years now and it still works flawlessly. Great phone.

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          • Cosmin
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          • 09 Jan 2022

          Never buy Asus becareful if you touch rom or root broken from recovery you cannot fully brick or restore that's why Asus removed recovery.img and too removed unlock bootloader from fastboot only Unlock.apk what idiot boot is dead how recovery? Just trash it Asus and never buy.

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            • 09 Jan 2022

            Dometalican, 09 Jan 2022100% agree with this article. To me, the ROG lineup should ... moreRotating cam + IP rating?

            Will never happen.
            Otherwise they would be doing already.

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              • 09 Jan 2022

              AnonD-994853, 09 Jan 2022Asus zenfone 8 with Gcam, wireless charging is my perfect 2... moreProven that gcam only improves sub-$300 phones.
              This is why only redmi note users cry all over internet to have it.

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                • Steven
                • bJb
                • 09 Jan 2022

                Bought Rog Phone 2, suddenly it won't turn on anymore after 14 months of usage. Need motherboard replacement and out of warranty. Luckily got a third-party specialist that able to replace the internal component.

                Thought I was unlucky and I like the phone's speaker, bought Rog Phone 5 subsequently. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi can't turn on anymore after 7 months of usage. Sadly, I'm seeing the same issue from other users as well. (Same fate as well for Zenfone 8)

                While Asus does fix the phone that was under warranty, is not recommended AT ALL as a smartphone shouldn't be this fragile!

                  happy new year, 09 Jan 2022but still thousand people bought this phone from an online ... morethe problem not coming yet, wait 1 or 2 months ahead..

                    Loser : Asus Rog 5

                    so many people who bought it end up with brick / dead phone, dead wifi / hotspot.

                    How come bad and failed product you said as Winner ????

                    Check with google how much this Rog5 failed.

                      SigmaR, 09 Jan 2022What hardware problems? Sigmar, google "zenphone ramdump" and you can find out.

                        SigmaR, 09 Jan 2022I charged mine with iPad's power brick, xiaomi power b... moreIf you go to the Asus forum and search for "Zenphone 8 ramdump" you will see that there are too many "unlucky" owners. It's a niche phone and there are hundreds of report of this hardware problem so the risk to get this problem seems to be very high. Asus should issue a statement that explains what the problem is and how they have fixed. Keeping the head in the sand and pretending the problem doesn't exist is not a good approach.

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                          • 09 Jan 2022

                          Those "ramdump" motherboard problems are what kept me from pulling the trigger.otherwise i love the zenfone 8 for its size and headphone jack and the ROG for the good DAC (too expensive though).

                            100% agree with this article. To me, the ROG lineup should just be:

                            6 with Dimensity 9000
                            Pro with 8 Gen 1
                            Ultimate with 8 Gen 1+

                            To keep things simple. Then the Zenfone 9 flip should honestly be the 7 Pro with headphone jack, 8 Gen 1, and IP55 minimum.

                            Do that whole releasing everywhere and Asus would do well this year.

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                              • pJd
                              • 09 Jan 2022

                              the rog phone 5 lineup looks beautiful

                                Insanitydaily.com, 09 Jan 2022And zero mention of the bricking issues this year that affe... moreI charged mine with iPad's power brick, xiaomi power bank and surface pro x power brick. Never had any issue. If yours broke, doesn't mean it's a general problem; maybe you got unlucky?

                                  Anonimo, 09 Jan 2022Another article on the Zenfone 8 that doesn't mention ... moreWhat hardware problems?

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                                    • 09 Jan 2022

                                    AlienKiss, 09 Jan 2022Either they should stick to making PCs or laptops, either m... moreYeah nah man, their phones are solid I think you're just some nerd

                                      but still thousand people bought this phone from an online Shop in my country. The average rating also 4.9 stars, nearly perfect

                                        Another article on the Zenfone 8 that doesn't mention its hardware problems. It's strange that the Asus forum is full of people with problems but GSMArena has not mentioned this thing a single time.