Lava is offering a free Agni 5G for everyone who returns their Realme 8s 5G

03 January 2022
That’s right, the company is targeting one specific device of its more popular rival.

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kek, 03 Jan 2022When the CCP army comes knocking on your door, you will the... moreStill believing this crap lmao...rather google and usa be knocking at ur door lol

Luckycorn, 03 Jan 2022Indians make me lose faith in this world, so what if realme... moreHow is it worse? Don't misunderstand me, I don't like this kinda marketing either but the Agni is mostly the same while some parts of it are better.

Lava nibbas be tripping yo ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

Lava.what a name but its useless brand and lava wants to compete with real me lol..comparing tvs Luna with Yamaha v3..

  • Anonymous

Ask me to choose between Lava and Umidigi, I will get Umidigi every time! And Umidigi is just a second tier Chinese phone brand.

This marketing trick will work for most of the Indian people who see this offer. People probs will buy it thinking thier buying pure Indian phone when 90% of components are chinese

This is a very dirrty tactic. This is highly unprofessional

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2022In the end, most phone parts are Chinese, so does not cause... moreI think the Realmes are also assembled locally.

pathetic company, expected from a company that has couple hundred users in market with a billion of them.

  • Anonymous

these companies really need to stop it with these “quad camera” setups that should actually only be called a dual camera setup because the other two sensors don’t even do anything.

  • AnonD-1030868


  • Anonymous

how pathetic

  • kek

captain fokou, 03 Jan 2022Who the f cares if the phone is Chinese. Any educated consu... moreWhen the CCP army comes knocking on your door, you will then ask how they got all that money.

Whenever possible, support your local brands. Or at least, dont buy from your next door possible enemy

  • Anonymous

In the end, most phone parts are Chinese, so does not cause much of a difference. They just assembled locally

[deleted post]😂

They are just too desperate to make a mark in the market. Marketing on nationalism is across most of Indian brands, despite many of its internals not being produced locally(atleast in phones).

Penk2856, 03 Jan 2022Most components come from China or elsewhere. Those are onl... morestill better tho than fully chinese who made it. Lava need listen its users where I read here like its software to be better.

  • Anonymous

Akashraj, 03 Jan 2022There's a strong anti-chinese sentiment going on in In... moreInreality, Common people vote with their pockets, not with their hearts...most care about stomach than brains..

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Luckycorn, 03 Jan 2022Please tell me this is sarcastic, lava is one of the worst ... moreI have only tried 2 of these brands and that was my|phone(PH) & Cherry Mobile, only negative was one came with a adups adware(blockable with some work) and the other came with a actual TROJAN! XD (the latter I gave away to someone poor, they were desperate for any phone.)

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 03 Jan 2022NEVER! Local champion brands forever. o3oPlease tell me this is sarcastic, lava is one of the worst brands out there with terrible hardware and extremely uninspiring software