Planet Astro Slide 5G brings slide-out physical keyboard and Dimensity 800

07 January 2022
First shipments are expected to start in March.

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  • PZa
  • 07 Jan 2022

This would be fun to play around with. It can boot linux from microsd like a raspberrypi?

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    • Gnusmag
    • I@H
    • 07 Jan 2022

    A tad expensive but happy to finally see some originality in the smartphone business, hope it inspires other brands

      MagicMonkeyBoy, 07 Jan 2022This is awesome! 😃 Reminds me of those Nokia phones. Thi... moreYup. I totally agree.

      Reminds me of the old fashioned LG flip/keyboard phones back in the day...

        seems like my type of phone. The manufacturer got the right ideas

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          • p37
          • 07 Jan 2022

          another useless phone

            I like it

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              • panjeet
              • sxr
              • 07 Jan 2022

              For a second there I thought it was Astro Glide. LOL

                This is awesome! 😃 Reminds me of those Nokia phones.

                This is actually going to sell really well. A lot of people are going to like this. And this brand will grow and produce even flagship grade versions.