Tecno introduces the world's first telescopic macro lens for smartphones

08 January 2022
The lens offers 5x optical zoom.

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  • sunny
  • I@H
  • 06 Feb 2022

i hate phones with mechanical and moving parts as they are prone to dust and water damage.... i am sure this kind of phone in just a few month had dust on the camera

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    • Brighteyes
    • XBJ
    • 29 Jan 2022

    Great innovation from TECNO, would love to feel what this phone is like when it's released

      Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022I think combining the telephoto with the macro lens is far ... moreTechnically yes. But there is also a thing that the telephoto macro in xiaomi phones and other phones is still same like thsi tech. Btw techno mostly sells in 3rd world country and uses marketing to sell. Otherwise their phones are wayyyyyy to overpriced for what they offer. Esp chipset. And even with this tech the quality is trash 90% of time.

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        • Daniel
        • Nu6
        • 15 Jan 2022

        lovely tech from TECNO, this is one device i am definitely looking forward to

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          • Tusharma
          • X$P
          • 11 Jan 2022

          The camera section of Tecno Camon 18 smartphone already looks so good for the buyers. It has a good Mediatek chipset as well.

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            • peter
            • w4x
            • 11 Jan 2022

            Does techno update their phones?

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              • Anonymous
              • M}3
              • 10 Jan 2022

              Eren Yaeger, 09 Jan 2022Another Apple fanboy.... The tech was innovated by Samsung.Love it when people are so furiosly convinced they are correct when they aren't. LTPO tech is Apple's invention whether you like it or not. Samsung just makes it for Apple, but they didn't "innovate" anything here.

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                • Anonymous
                • M}3
                • 10 Jan 2022

                hmm, 09 Jan 2022They didnt develop anything. The technology was made by com... moreLol, no. Just because Apple doesn't have manufacturing plants doesn't mean they can't research and develop anything. That's like saying NVIDIA doesn't research and develop anything because TSMC and Samsung fabricate ALL their chips. Ever heard of "fabless company"? I guess not. Because NVIDIA is fabless, AMD is fabless, Qualcomm is fabless, Mediatek is fabless and they are all huge companies with great products. Apple is no different. They are fabless yet they make words fastest mobile chipsets, the A Bionic series which are entirely their design although using ARM architecture. And "fabless" doesn't just mean "chipsets". It covers anything you research, but not make yourself.

                  TheLastOracle, 09 Jan 2022Protruding lenses are a decade ols technology. Why would an... moreCorephotronics is great and all, but when you aren't having it now, you could have this "old" technology.

                  Every once in a while we hear about exciting smartphone technologies, but the OEMs never end up purchasing them. "OLD" technologies like this are more likely given the maturity of them.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 39f
                    • 09 Jan 2022

                    Eren Yaeger, 09 Jan 2022Another Apple fanboy.... The tech was innovated by Samsung.Another arrogant android fanboy. Apple developed and owns the patent for LTPO, Samsung is using their own variant called HOP.

                      Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022When you buy a phone with LTPO, just say "Thank you ,... moreAnother Apple fanboy....
                      The tech was innovated by Samsung.

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                        • Lol stooges
                        • IVx
                        • 09 Jan 2022

                        Young Williams, 09 Jan 2022What you saying Snapdragon is more efficient than mtk Be... moreNope they aren't, current flagship & midrange Qualcomm chip are not efficient as you think

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                          • Umoh
                          • Nug
                          • 09 Jan 2022

                          I will start taking tecno serious when they are selling their products in china

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                            • User7828
                            • knV
                            • 09 Jan 2022

                            Looks like like axon 30 two circles

                              Young Williams, 09 Jan 2022What you saying Snapdragon is more efficient than mtk Be... moreQualcomm is less efficient than mediatek these days

                              The dimensity 9000 CPU is about 40% more efficient even with higher clocks

                              The chipset also draws significantly less power and generates less heat

                              Stop hanging on to OLD expectations from Qualcomm things are different nowadays

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                                • hmm
                                • TX{
                                • 09 Jan 2022

                                pufanu, 09 Jan 2022Apple literally developed the LTPO technology. They didnt develop anything. The technology was made by companies that make screens and do the R&D for it then apple just pics the specifications what they want and orders them. Just like with everything they have got from the start. When Apple first introduce 20GB mp3 player as ipod they just bought a company that was making mp3 players. They just made good advertising for the product and made it popular. Same with there first phone in a time when touchscreens were new in the market for few years already and were not wildly in masses they made good advertising and showed the way for the future while again advertised it like they are the first at it and innovation and everything like that.

                                Apple them selves dont make anything and have never made anything new to the world first. There bionic chips are basically existing technology and they just made the chip in there configuration and call it there own. All the cores they use are with same name as on android with different clock speeds only.

                                  What you saying
                                  Snapdragon is more efficient than mtk
                                  Besides techno and co brothers are shitting sets of brands

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                                    • Amrit
                                    • Dky
                                    • 09 Jan 2022

                                    Awesome launch eagerly waiting for the launch

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 85N
                                      • 09 Jan 2022

                                      Impressive, a brand that dares to challenge and innovate, with great quality in its devices !! I use a Tecno Camon 18 premier and I am 100% satisfied, nothing to envy those who ask for snapdragon, mtk is the law.

                                        Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022From the company who cud not even put ois on their phones..... moreApple?