Tecno introduces the world's first telescopic macro lens for smartphones

08 January 2022
The lens offers 5x optical zoom.

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  • AnonF-1013367

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022No. S21+ battery has 96% of the capacity of 21U battery... moreYes the main factor that s21+ has better video playback is screen resolution, but even if the screen goes down to 10hz the battery life wouldnt be noticable since the phone screens in the past are perfected where 60hz uses little bit more power vs the 10hz, compared to 120hz that uses 16% more power vs 60hz.

"Doesn't need a big housing"
*demos it in a big housing*

  • Anonymous

From the company who cud not even put ois on their phones...i will wait for samsung or apple to perfect this 🙃

Maybe this is gonna give em the wider recognition they always wanted but they said that "First impression always matters" so i still aint gonna use Tecno and Infinix

Whatever they produce, they will always be the same.
Helio trash, no snapdragon for how many years... At least Infinix had tried snapdragon

Protruding lenses are a decade ols technology. Why would anyone wanna go back. Thanks to Corephotronics for the mass usage of folding optics in smartphones, in highly compact bodies.
In the next iteration, something like Sony's Xperia 1 iii technology of dual (or triple) zoom range should be available per module. Sony's module needs better IS and slightly better processing, but its mostly there.
With the next generation of Snapdragon, Exynos and Mediatek processors, the vastly improved processing should help improve the image quality vastly, and compensate for both smaller pixel size as well as lesser zoom options (like Google's Super Res Zoom). The zoom range could be greatly improved, solely by better processing along. Moving the sensor around, could vastly improve image quality, as well as create higher resolution or much better zoomed in pics.

  • Anonymous

I didn’t know Tecno hat a R&D team

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi teased the same thing a year or two ago and it never made it to a phone. There was the exact same animation. I even think there was a working prototype and the promise was to remove all other cameras and just build a phone with extensive zoom lens like a point and shoot camera.

  • Anonymous

Wow, can't wait for this overly complex lens to take worse photos than you would get from iPhone's main camera cropped image. Also RIP dust protection.

  • Anonymous

Kev, 09 Jan 2022Lmfao, Samsung was the pioneer of this technology From the ... moreLol Apple literally own the patent for LTPO screen technology, which were developed for their Apple Watch screen. Samsung make their own screen technology called HOP which is similar to Apple LTPoO.

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Dudenoway, 09 Jan 2022Gimmick cuz this tech is good but just not properly impleme... moreI think combining the telephoto with the macro lens is far more logical than combining the macro with any other lens because both the telephoto and the macro lens gets the photographer closer to rather than away from the subject. Tecno has been innovating hard lately and it seems like they'll become a major player.

Gimmick cuz this tech is good but just not properly implemented at all. They should have used this tech for uw cam or mainc am. So that no more macro cam needed.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2022Those innovations always come from China in latest years. I... moreOnly if their software and apps are up to scratch. I have a Huawei Mate 20x and love it but will never get another Huawei as they don't support Google properly. Would have got an Xiaomi Ultra 11 but couldn't get a local global version. I will probably go with a Samsung S22 Ultra next.

  • Anonymous

Those innovations always come from China in latest years. Incouple of years they will dominate smartphone market.

Im loving innovations!

all of this for macro shots ? i see it's a gimmick, if they used it for zooming it could be useful

  • Anonymous

AnonF-1013367, 09 Jan 2022LTPO efficiency from 60 to 10hz is just couple %, s21+ stil... moreNo.

S21+ battery has 96% of the capacity of 21U battery.
S21+ screen has 96% of the area of 21U screen.
S21+ screen has 56,2% of 21U screen resolution.

Screen size and battery capacity are proportional between both.
In theory , both would spend same with same screen resolution and type.
But 21+ has near half the pixel count.

Pixel count is main factor on battery life.
Not CPU , nor software.

You can check the highest scores here, they are always 720p screens.
Even if chips are older with 12 or 16nm that use A53.

That and a tele, would be nice. Sadly I don't know the brand or their android build, so I have no clue if the phones are stable.

  • AnonF-1013367

LTPO efficiency from 60 to 10hz is just couple %, s21+ still ahead of s21 ultra in terms of video playback because of the 1080p LTPS display that only goes down to 48hz.

So this is different from telemacro camera used in many Xiaomi devices?