Flashback: goodbye, BlackBerry, and thanks for all the keyboards

09 January 2022
The acclaimed phones just couldn't handle the arrival of iOS and Android. Earlier this week the classic BlackBerrys stopped working.

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  • Viv
  • 4nH
  • 09 Jan 2022

Sigh...wish these were still a thing

    • Yext
    • 6mM
    • 09 Jan 2022

    I just bought a Priv 2 days ago, typing from that, it's awesome!

      chinese phones killing it, thanks Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG, BB, Nokia for your time. Do your best after this.

        • M
        • Muzik
        • sGP
        • 09 Jan 2022

        Omg. Priv was one the best experience for me. I used that for a few wweks till it was stolen from me. The keypad was a plus and camera was highly effective. I didn't explore that much but I miss those days.

          • a
          • awacs
          • 0w6
          • 09 Jan 2022

          "BlackBerry devices - all the ones that came before the brand's pivot to Android stopped working on January 4 2022. They can't access the Internet, send messages or make calls, not even to emergency services."

          I thought GSMArena will do better, than mainstream media. There is whole Reddit, where people post their still working BlackBerry devices and I myself can see my father's Q10 working quite normally. They can call, they can text and they can even access the internet. You can't login into BB services, but other than that, phones work absolutely the same.

            This is what privacy was all about

            None of these so called new privacy androids can give a private experience

              • G
              • GS88
              • nX4
              • 09 Jan 2022

              The Priv and the Passport had very nice keyboards.. even now with the touchscreen i use, i rely on the autocorrect because i mistype a lot on touchscreens.

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                • wrt
                • 09 Jan 2022