Google asks Apple to stop green bubble bullying on iMessage

10 January 2022
The Twitter account of Android says “the solution exists”, suggesting the multi-colored bubble solution should be axed.

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  • Anonymous

My first data plan I got together with my iPhone 5 had 100 SMS for free and the rest costed money, MMS costed even more money. I‘m happy that my phone told me when I sent those via iMessage (which was free) or via SMS/MMS, which did cost money.

Can't believe this is considered "news".

Nah cuz how ridiculous things can be until they want to bring it up as a major problem lmfaoooo- It's IOS' own feature that belongs to them since the beginning. And the majority of ppl who live outside the states use Telegram/WhatsApp, not iMessage 💀

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022This is the dumbest thing I've read today. Literally a... moreIf ios was better then why are most smart phones android

DaFink, 10 Jan 2022Well you may not want to be part of the ‘icult’, whatever t... moreThat username and pfp literally show in which cult do they belong to 😭

Android.Authority, 10 Jan 2022Would never want to be part of icult. Android FTW Well you may not want to be part of the ‘icult’, whatever that is. But I could easily believe you belong to a cult.

Image the color of a text box being the issue rather than the message 🤦🏽‍♂️

Would never want to be part of icult.
Android FTW


So, green bubbles are the reason we can’t have nice things. :) Guys, no one gives a …. abot so called first world problems! If something like bubble color can mess with your head, you should conside visiting therapist. And other thing- who uses iMessage outside USA anyway with so many better options?!?

  • Anonymous

This is the dumbest thing I've read today. Literally also admitting iOS is superior LMAOO

  • Saeed Ghorbani

Is this article real or is this a joke?

Too bad windows phone users didn't have a solution for Google not allowing even third-party apps from using its services.

Now they want apple to bring its service to android? lol

  • kek

Literally, retarded people problems.

This cant be even called "first world" problems.

  • Anonymous

Sad fact that both iOS and Android are from USA. People there always find way to divide their own societies with many illogical reasons.

THESE are the type of "real problems" Americans are facing?! LOL Imagine being a 20 something year-old and feel like being "bullied" or stress/depress because your chat has a GREEN BUBBLE. JESUS! Y'all need real problems in your lives.

I don't get why people make a fuss about imessage. I don't think outside north america imessage is a big deal.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2022Sounds more like a problem with American teens' mental... moreWell said! I can never understand the obsession with iMessage.

  • Anonymous

If your personality were influenced by the color of chat bubble, you should seek help from psychiatrist ASAP.

  • Aadrian

I couldn't care less. If it's affecting your mental health than it seems you are not mentally healthy in the first place. Apple is Apple, just ignore that company.