Motorola is reportedly working on a new flagship with a 200MP camera, Snapdragon Gen 8 and 144W charging

15 January 2022
The leak offers a whole wealth of information on the upcoming codename "Frontier" phone.

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The 200 megapixel camera of this is definitely a smart move.

Will it contribute any upgrade? Unlikely, however if they don't do that, what are they? Just the same aa everybody else. There's no X factor or uniqueness.

Even LG had a very hard time, regardless of coming out with a lot of things first (qhd, quad dac, wide angle camera, the wing phone)... The point I'm trying to make is you can either choose to join the legions of basic features and be lumped in with every other phone or you can try to be the first one to do something and make a splash. The worst that can happen is that you're simply regarded with those vanilla phones you would have had anyway had you played it safe

Mr. Clean, 15 Jan 2022We don't need 200mp, we don't need big screen, we... moreWhy are you saying that all of us wants an 5.5-5.9 inch phone? For example I will NEVER ever buy a smart phone below 6.5 inch. It is simply better to have a bigger phone(if the phone has a good screen to aspect ratio!) because you can have more content on the display, and it is more pleasant to watch a video on a bigger display.

Well, this is an exciting news, I am curious this camera how good will be, and I am also curious it will use the Samsung sensor, or the one from Omnivision?

  • dgg

So, my son always dishes on Moto, he had a couple. Not a phone you want to show people..... Just don't get it with the Moto phones

Mr. Clean, 15 Jan 2022We don't need 200mp, we don't need big screen, we... moreAgreed But... Wee need all sizes to.
I need a good big size for my former mate 20x.
And you need more compact and others need the classic 6,7 inch yes.
6,7 is not big, for you and others is huge i know, but big no.
For big display livers BIG is 7,2.
My old asus zenfone 3 Ultra was really big, 6,8 inch in the good old 16:9 format...

Damnt i miss 16:9 normal size without curves etc, instead 90% of all phones is same same 😳

  • Anonymous

Mr. Clean, 15 Jan 2022We don't need 200mp, we don't need big screen, we... moreI agree. I just want a reliable compact phone without bugs. There's Iphone 13 Mini but there is no Android equivalent.

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 15 Jan 2022lol, someone was embarrassed with 5mp IR camera, compare th... moreTo try to boost Dynamic range by using even more pixels at different exposures. The real purpose of the tech to avoid the need of multiframe stacking.

Let's suppose a QB 48MP: 12MP red, 12MP blue , 24MP green. You would have for example 6MP red /6MP blue/12MP green at +0.7 E.V while 6MP red/6MP blue/12MP green at -0.7 E.V

Now a 200MP with : 50MP red, 50MP blue , 100MP green. You can make 12.5MP red at -1.0 E.V, 12.5MP red at -0.3 E.V, 12.5MP red at +0.3 E.V , 12.5MP red at +1.0 E.V.. Then same for all blue and green.

Anyway, no brand has succeeded at doing this. Otherwise there would be no need to use 8, 10 or even 16 frames.

  • Street Puppy

Saw on twitter ... Vivo X80 series

X80 = D8000, 6.6" FHD 120Hz Ltpo, ddr4x/ufs3.1, 55W wired, GN5 wide, ov13b10 super wide, imx663 portrait, 44MP selfie, prices 3699/3999/4299 yuans.

X80 Pro = D9000, 6.8" FHD 120Hz Ltpo 2, ddr5/ufs3.1, 66W wired + 50W Qi, GN1 wide + Jn1 super wide , imx663 portrait + Jn1 periscope (5x), 44MP selfie, chip V1 , prices 4599/4999/5499 yuans.

X80 Pro+ = 8gen1, 6.8" QHD 120Hz Ltpo 2, ddr5/ufs3.1, 66W wired + 50W Qi, IP68, GN1 wide + imx589 super wide + JN1 portrait + jn1 periscope (5x), 50MP selfie , chip V1, prices 5499/5999/6999

* x80 has base 8/128, x80 pro starts 8/256 and pro+ starts 12/256.

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022Other can, just do not want to. Sony uses xperia to mak... moreIts great they found their nitch, it also helps xperia sales.

We don't need 200mp, we don't need big screen, we don't need many rear cameras, we need creativity in the Cell phone making, this is just repeating of what's already there. I think in the future they will have phone with 600-1000mp with 10 cameras at the back.

We need compact cell phones with simple design, at least 5.7-5.9 inches (just the way Asus did with one of its recent phone), 2 premium cameras, premium hardware....

lol, someone was embarrassed with 5mp IR camera, compare that to 200mp or 10x zoom.
That being said, why use 12mp if you got 200mp sensor, even without any good processing, with just raw output you can sell out like pancakes.

  • Anonymous

vrvly, 15 Jan 2022What's better than 200mp? Full manual control. Well, i... moreOther can, just do not want to.

Sony uses xperia to make people interested in photography/videography.
And hope any of them wants to buy an alpha or cybershot later.
Some people have already.

This going to be a real beast.

  • Xefox

Motorola make nice phones but with weak cameras. High megapixel count won't improve their image processing and it won't sway many consumers these days.

Could be the ultras of all ultras.... Until someone else does something even more daring

  • Anonymous

its obvious after

RED MAGIC 6 series

no one recently used 165Hz & no one have a plan to use it.

What's better than 200mp? Full manual control. Well, it was hard even for Sony to bring that, not anyone can.

  • Anonymous

Bye bye support and updates if you choose Motorola.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2022Motorola does not use samsung screen. Chinese panels. boe oled?

apple is a winner with better camera processing along with best videographic features in a phone till date.
yet the Chinese manufacturers are all time no.1 till date(though DXO are American based).

Everyone knows the crown(hardware wise) belongs to HUAWEI even till date(thanks to the p50 pro 2021) but limitation to Google services makes it an alien.
I have been observing this criterias for a while now and thus the additional Google services makes XIAOMI a winner over Huawei in gsmarena....I believe other manufacturers must have learnt this like Apple(locked to a private ecosystem) still never wanting to change and Honor(who escaped the bondage of harmony OS) and talking about camera capabilities Sony is not even close to the half baked competitors (take note πŸ‘‰the zfold 3 is even far better than the most hardware wise Xperia till date).

androids are winners overall (worldwide) if only SAMSUNG can take HUAWEI hardware wise steps...(I'm not a fan boy hating apple cause sooner the 13-mini is going to be a supporting driver to my galaxy πŸ˜‰).