Indian government wants to develop a new smartphone OS

26 January 2022
The officials are looking for startups and academic institutions to take part.

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What !!! Lolzzz...

They want to spy their more deeper !! Imagine getting ADs of ruling party on your phone 😒

They want to be like Kim jong unn😀

  • Wereweeb

They should team up with the Sailfish OS crew.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022And they should name it PegasusOS, which would go perfectly... moreHahahaha
Good one!

OS, 26 Jan 2022Wouldn't trust China or India with my personal data du... moreBetter than Western Corporations like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft spying Indians and Chinese!!

Indian government has been successful in implementing large scale Adhaar (Identity system) and UPI (Unified Payment Interface) linking Bank A/C, Biometrics, Mobile Phone has been a huge success where everyday billions of worth transaction happen without cash. With this expertise Indian Government can logically extend their goals to make alternate OS which can provide perfect foundation for future generation OS, market control, data mining etc..enormous amount of data is required to build AI, ML infrastructure that would help India achieve many things

  • Magnaroader

Good luck India! LOL.

  • Anonymous

It will surely succeed as people feel safe to use against malware attacks , malicious apps and data privacy , because it is backed by government .

forhad-61, 26 Jan 2022I am tired as well to argue with some empty cortex 🤦‍♂️ ... morePeople that keep spewing "spydroid" are living in a bubble. If you think that Huawei isn't spying, wouldn't you be the one who has an empty cortex? What should we call it, then? HarmSpy? Oops!

AverageIndianUser, 26 Jan 2022well India has everything to achieve it, but who are the ta... morePotential Market share. India is the second largest population. If the government really wanted, they can Make Samsung and other large corporations dance to any tune they wanted.

iOS is not trying to beat Android. If they did they would have opened the OS for other hardware manufacturers.

INX, 26 Jan 2022If Indian govt seriously wants to develo new OS then its hi... moreCreating a credit card brand and creating a seperate OS is way different my friend. There will be much more challenges in creating a successful OS.

Goodfellow, 27 Jan 2022Just copy and paste as usual no original thought. Just like... more😂

PKM1, 27 Jan 2022You just can't beat Android, sad about blackberry whic... moreAgreed. Android is so vast and supports 10s of millions of apps. Everyone is so used to Android apps made by Google.

  • Goodfellow

Just copy and paste as usual no original thought. Just like the politician who goes to some country they visit they like this and that and then say we need that over here. Most of them act as though they are at the food buffet taking a sample of this and that.

First think about rolling out 5G in India on almost all towns. Then plan on launching a new smartphone OS. Even then, I don't think the Indian government has enough resources, fund and skillfull people to create an entire operating system from scratch, at least until 2030.

  • Anonymous

Ambani should just buy blackberry OS and open-source it for indians. Put it on jio and be done with it. Dont reinvent the wheel. improvise and adapt it.

  • Anonymous

I want every first world country or who have resources to have thier own OS. The more variety, the less grip of tech companies... less hacks.

This could be for use by public sector employees working in strategic sectors, like those in the military or at DRDO, ISRO or BARC.

[deleted post]I think govt got idea of building their own OS after giving away Samsung phones for students with admin locked on Knox level. so you cant root it, you cant reinstall OS, and they have all the access they want from your phone, everything from camera to mic and files.
current govt is trying to get their hands on anything they could without caring about what it cost or anything else.

  • Big eye

We are at this point because of the restrictions of US tech on Huawei and now the war for data is on. More countries will cut themselvies free of US tech.