Counterpoint: iPhone once again the best selling phone in China after six years

26 January 2022
Apple leapfrogged rivals vivo and Oppo.

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  • Equinox

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022Hilarious that China is more free market than the US. Huawe... moreBut you also need to remember that Tim Cook paid an exorbitant price for free play in China

  • kek

Nikojas, 26 Jan 2022I'm talking about year on year sales. When the iPhone ... moreI think there's something related with numbers in here.

In China/Japan, number 4 is considered unlucky, but 8 & 13 are considered good luck.

bulbulito.bayagbag, 26 Jan 2022I guess they realized that most of their domestic brands ju... moreHuawei was the only competitor, and it's not about copying, everybody is copying everybody.

And i though Chinese people barely can afford 100-200 eur xiaomi.
This proves me wrong.
Wonder why people willing to invest so much on this china made pile of dung disguised as a phone.
Any halfbaked Oppo, Vivo or Xiaomi does same or even better tricks for a lot less moeny.

Nikojas, 26 Jan 2022Interesting that Huawei has tanked in China too not only in... moreOf course they have tanked because they can't make 5g phones and can't access many components of phones. It's amazing that they are still able to keep going at all. Basically though the US ban has helped Apple the most as Huawei was the only Chinese brand successful in the high end flagship market in China and the vast majority of Huawei customers are switching to Apple because they can't buy Huawei 5g phones

  • Anonymous

This is only in a single quarter and after six years. I doubt it'll continue especially when vendors will be moving to the foldable form factor and leaving Apple behind. Huawei being only able to sell 4G phones would have something to do with it. People buying high end phones in China usually choose between Huawei and Apple.

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2022Yes there is a competition, it's called galaxy fold, a... moreNot in china though. They still prefer the company from Cupertino, unfortunately.

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022So... It seems... 100000x chinese brands arent equal to a... moreAndroid update rollout is one big mess, with a minimum of 2 years (if you are lucky). How can that beat a competitor who provides a minimum of 5 years software support? the iphone 6s is going 7 years already, still supported. What happened to the devices that came out along with the 6s? flagship android devices? Gone like the dodo bird, so in hindsight, getting an iphone guarantees you software support minimum 5 years, so even if you fork out a ton of cash, its like paying the 5 years of support gradually.

  • Anonymous

-Trix-, 26 Jan 2022Not surprising, iPhone 13 series are hands down best phones... moreYes there is a competition, it's called galaxy fold, and the fold wins

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022So... It seems... 100000x chinese brands arent equal to a... moreThe Honor 50 also sells very well in China. But outside the Huawei umbrella other brands just struggle to sell because they deiver inferior products to the customers or sell misleading phones (like Xiaomi).

Not surprising, iPhone 13 series are hands down best phones in the market now, until iPhone 14 comes. There just isn't competition for the iPhone anymore.

Nexus One, 26 Jan 2022The reason why I left iPhone again last year after 4 months... morePersonal preference is really what makes us choose between ios and android.

  • Anonymous

Yeah. Best selling phone that can't do many simple things.

TechAltar has (as usual) a great video concerning the topic of this post. Why Samsung has presently failed and Apple succeeded in China.

kek, 26 Jan 2022Makes you think how bad software support and app stores are... moreI guess they realized that most of their domestic brands just copy Apple, make a product that looks and feels like an iPhone. So why settle for something like that? why not get the original that they copy? Just imagine how many android devices are out there, makes choosing a chore. iPhone only has 4 and 1 SE model.

  • Anonymous

It seems...
100000x chinese brands arent equal to apple in China.
Even chinese people dont trust their companies.

imparanoic, 26 Jan 2022Both Chinese mainland and Japanese market isn't big on... moreJapan and Hong Kong are big on iPhones.

The reason why I left iPhone again last year after 4 months using a 12 mini as a daily driver is I can't stand Face ID being the only option to unlock the phone. And I'm so used to the setup I have with Android using Nova, SwiftKey, QuickPic, and MX Player.

That's something I can't just throw away. I also prefer to sideload apps. Say to an older apk. While if I update the iOS app and don't like it, I really can't go back to an older version. There are just too many fundamental problems with iOS I can't deal with. And I'm not a huge iMessages or FaceTime user.

Android is just more varied. Different OEMs. Different form factors and even UI experiences. I prefer that than the claustrophobia from Apple.

The Apple fanboys will now have a parade for these news! Oh em gee!

Like I care what China likes? Am I supposed to be bow down to Apple fanboys / Android haters? Is this supposed to make want to use the hideous OS called iOS that still has the same problems since the first generation?

Android for life, baby. And I don't even like Google any more. I just want emulators and torrents.

That's impressive! Well done Apple!