Alleged Xiaomi 12 mini render surfaces with sub-6 inch AMOLED display

03 February 2022
The chances of this becoming a real device are not great - mini is just not a popular form factor for smartphones.

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  • 22 Aug 2022

Did anyone know about 12 mini? I like compact phones, so intresting what about 12 mini.

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    • 20 Mar 2022

    HaterzSuckkkkk, 15 Mar 2022what? The iPhone 13 mini or 12 mini don't have a 720P ... moreMan, he said entry phone not $600+ phones. That's what we need. That means $300 phone with decent specs like all 6.5" phones have, aside from large battery which doesn't fit.

      Anonymous, 07 Feb 2022Either way I don't want an entry level phone with 720p... morewhat? The iPhone 13 mini or 12 mini don't have a 720P display.

      Only the iPhone SE does, and it has that to save money for it's powerful chipset.

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        • 08 Mar 2022

        Dan, 28 Feb 2022"Iphone 13 mini, asus zenfone, but none of them are po... moreYou're absolutely right. We either forced to buy flagship compacts. Or stick with older generation devices. Smartphone trends need to dial down screen sizes again.

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          • 28 Feb 2022

          "Iphone 13 mini, asus zenfone, but none of them are popular" - Of course they aren't, because they are expensive af. There's no single sub 6 inch phone that cost $200-$350 when brand new. If there was $300 Samsung around 6" with pretty design, no notch and big chin, it would be most selling phone, people wouldn't even care about specs. I remember times when almost everyone had Samsung galaxy mini, cause they were small, great and affordable.

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            • 15 Feb 2022

            Anonymous, 10 Feb 2022Agreedme too.. 3 years old s10e

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              • 10 Feb 2022

              Meal, 09 Feb 2022Reading this from my s10e. There is still no better compac... moreAgreed

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                • 09 Feb 2022

                YUKI93, 04 Feb 2022Is it going to be the same as the ASUS Zenfone 8, where it ... moreReading this from my s10e.
                There is still no better compact Android

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                  • 08 Feb 2022

                  Cyberchum, 08 Feb 2022Okay, this is one of the funniest attempt at sarcasm I'... moreExcept that this wasn't sarcasm, I was serious and from now one I'll really talk against any non trending tech/designs/innovations that I don't personally like/care about.

                  And I am not interested in debating with you anymore, so I didn't read anything other than your first sentence where you said it was an attempt at sarcasm, just so you know.

                    Cyberchum, 08 Feb 2022Okay, this is one of the funniest attempt at sarcasm I'... moreIf OEMs conduct surveys/polls in their community forums or social media today, 75% or more will most probably go for 6"+. Would you expect them to react to 75% or 25%?

                    Personal, I think they should react to both even if differently. "Small" android phones are currently too few—and that's an understatement, even—especially in the low-end and mid-end, for my liking. That, I think, might have to do with manufacturers believing that most people buying phones in those categories go for large displays, because they are the ones most likely to use their phones as the primary media (videos and gaming) consumption device. And that's mostly true, IMO. However, I think that Android OEMs should consider providing more "small phones" by adopting Apple's strategy of reusing phone chassis for multiple iterations, to cut down on R&D and production cost, which should effectively cushion the effect of relative poor sales. I'm sure that I'd easily have bought a proper midranger that looks exactly as Galaxy S10e, instead, when I bought the Mi 11 Lite 5G last October. And would also consider getting same with slightly upgraded internals on my next purchase. But, judging from what I've seen from android users on sites like this, most would frown at it. Apple has more loyal fanbase, and has never been known for changing designs often, unlike Android OEMs. So, I wouldn't be surprised if such attempt failed miserably, too.

                    One last thing: you flagrantly present false information a lot all just to push your narrative. LG and Co. left the market because they're making so much profit, huh? Keeping the same price while components are getting cheaper? Really? What's was the price of the flagship snapdragon SoC, for example, 9 years ago? Compare that to the price of the current one and tell which is cheaper. I bought Gionee Elife E3 for $195 back in 2013, and that's one of the best value offering at that time. Today, a phone of $195 will pack and offer much more. That's despite inflation, by the way. LMAO!

                      AnonD-909757, 07 Feb 2022You know what? Ok, you are right, I have enough trying to ... moreOkay, this is one of the funniest attempt at sarcasm I've seen. I have to give that credit to you.

                      Fight for people who spit on your face? Man, if what you called fighting for people and having them spit on your face is you often dishing out unsound logic and seeing them get rejected and pushed back, then YES! You should stop with those.

                      "So small phones doesn't sell enough based on your ASSUMPTIONS," Sorry, but that's the reality, not my assumptions, and which I've substantiated. All you have to do is counter it with superior logic and/or data, which you seemingly can't, and which explains why you're resorting to appeal to emotions (argumentum ad passiones) logical fallacy.

                      “…of what is good enough for a company you know nothing about," I don't simply stand by companies; I stand with the needs of the majority. I'm vocal against the planned extinction of 3.5mm jack and micro SD slot by companies. How's that I standing by companies? I'm sure you must have come across, at least, one of my comments defending those speaking against their absence on phones, here. Unlike small display size, the presence of those important peripheral devices never led to poor sales—actually, their absence is much likely to if not for the forced choice, as majority of people want them (in the same PA poll, 74.72% said "yes" to the slot, while 25.28% said "no". See? That's practically ¾. Majority!), but manufacturers want more money through sales of TWS earphones, extra onboard storage and/or cloud storage. So, my defence for limited availability of small phones is not simply because it's good or the company; it's good for the majority of consumers. Going red is how we lost the real Nokia phones, LG, active HTC, and Sony is currently threatened. Competition is good for the consumers. Buyers need manufacturers to stay afloat, and bad sales won't see to that. Go ask LG. Ever had of this saying in politics "the majority will have their way, but the minority will have their say?" That, too, should apply to any über-competitive industry. As a company that wants to stay afloat in a cutthroat industry, you should cater, primarily, to basic needs of the overwhelming majority, else you'd most likely sink! It should be a no-brainer.

                      Keep your emotions in check, mate!

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                        • 07 Feb 2022

                        Cyberchum, 07 Feb 2022From a poll conducted Phonearena last week, only 14.95% out... moreYou know what?
                        Ok, you are right, I have enough trying to fight for people who spit on my face.
                        So small phones doesn't sell enough based on your assumptions of what is good enough for a company you know nothing about budget wise, and despite you wanting one you prefer just not shut up and rather keep going a bad image to them, helping them NOT being a thing?
                        Fine, I don't care about small phones, let's stop making small phones.
                        Let's hope small phones are gone soon and never comeback.

                        As someone who prefer larger phones, small phones are stupid, you can't see content, regular smartphones display are already too small, butchering a lot of content on the internet because of them.
                        Let's ditch those useless tiny things, and if you aren't happy about them not fitting in your pocket, you can just buy a man's purse.
                        And if you find them too large for your hand, you can just buy a finger strap/grip whatever, which are quite popular.

                        Who cares about small phones, they have to hold less components, holding general design for larger phones back, they have tiny battery anyway, and even if they were to fit 75% of what a bigger phone have, you'd complain about it having not enough battery life, and they require making separate production line for their useless small body, which could be used for more of the same product.

                        Who doesn't want more space for more camera?
                        Even if it is for 2 additional 2Mp ones?
                        Small phones are a gimmick, this is the trend now.
                        (and yes, this sentence is voluntarily picked to influence market analyst and investors).
                        Who cares about phones that aren't trending?

                        The quicker we accept that they need to be gone, the better things will get.
                        I personally find the 6.67" display of my Poco F2 Pro just barely big enough.
                        Let's hope the 7" display norm will quickly overwhelm everything else, so those useless smaller phones are gone for good, this way, components will cost less as things will get unified and standardized.
                        The lack of standard is a big problem, we'll be able to have cases and screen protectors for all phones thanks to that.
                        Of course smartphones prices won't get down, this cursed community clearly doesn't deserve to pay any less, but on the other hand, OEMs will make more profits by keeping the same price while components become cheaper, making their investors wealthier.

                        Have a good day.

                          From a poll conducted Phonearena last week, only 14.95% out of 1184 votes said that a ~5" display would be their choice for a perfect phone, while 67.57% went for ~6". These are people who know about smaller offerings and are much less likely to be swayed by advertising.

                          Oh! Did I just hear you complain that they're enthusiasts? Alright, then: Go conduct a poll and share llink of it to people on WA, Twitter, FB, IG, TikTok. Then, share your findings with us. Don't tell me that those platforms are also filled with phone enthusiasts now.

                          Get to it, because until you have something, you have NOTHING! If you haven't carried out a study before, go learn how to. That's how to make worthy claims. Claims that carry weight, not your subjective takes.

                            AnonD-909757, 07 Feb 2022Oh, shut it, you are only here to find conflicts. "... moreMaking claims are never an issue with you, but substantiating them are always!

                            Of course, you have a warped understanding of reality, so warped that reality is never really that to you. Gulp whatever you say, yourself, insofar it SEEMS sound to you. Ain't gonna commit my time to reading that comment ladend with bad logic. SMH

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                              • 07 Feb 2022

                              Cyberchum, 07 Feb 2022You really typed all these just to deflect? Really? "A... moreOh, shut it, you are only here to find conflicts.

                              "Of course, your claim had to be examined using the sale performances of the small phones (less than 6") available in the market, not with simply what you think. What informed your claim?"
                              "which is backed by reality"

                              You are worse than you accuse me of being, you can't even understand reality, yet you think it goes in your way.

                              Yes, LITERALLY EVERYONE I've ever met who isn't into tech, or don't want a big phone for eyesight or because like me they suck with tactile screens, do complain about modern smartphones being too big.
                              It is the most common complaint about smartphones.
                              And I am mostly talking about non youngsters here.
                              The goddam S10e is MILLIMETERS smaller compared to the regular S10 who did sold well :
                              S10e : 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9 mm
                              S10 : 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8 mm
                              And you lose on feature for almost the same price.
                              It took me over a year to discover the S10 series had the S10e, do you want to talk about how many non-techies have heard of it?
                              Also, talks about a name, why not "S10lower", couldn't get less attractive, which do play a MASSIVE role in selling products.
                              And we are already FAR from an affordable phone to begin with, do you really see a 50yo who doesn't care about phones or tech buy a 400¤+ phones that isn't an iPhone?
                              Why does the Galaxy Note that was selling well and is in high demand was discontinued then?
                              Having you understood yet that this cursed market DOESN'T ANSWER TO DEMAND, hence who they do the same things again and again, and it is because of people like you who'd rather say total BS damaging the image of anything that could be different rather than just not saying anything?
                              Haven't you noticed that EVERYTHING beside the same designs are systematically killed and almost nothing new appear, and what appear is more a OEMs war toward marketing argument than anything that has to do with consumer demand?
                              Haven't you understood yet that even if people want something, they'll buy what is available AND preferably the same thing as everyone else DESPITE wanting something different? And if there was more of it, they would DEFINITELY buy more of those.
                              Haven't you understood yet that a SINGLE point is NOT what makes someone buy a phone?
                              If you want an Android with a Telephoto, would you buy a feature phone running an Android GO that has a Telephoto?

                              All that to say "I doubt that you'd ever see a manufacturer that would just kill a product segment that records good sales." when it is literally what happen constantly in the Smartphone market, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, despite super high price and low demand, many OEM push toward foldable smartphones that have really low sale numbers.

                              "The fact that no phone line sells as much as iPhone makes it a prime example of" how people simply buy what is the most advertised, available, and what other people have, and they'll avoid what is different if too niche, that's all.

                              For the billionth time, as people like you are TOTALLY UNABLE to understand it :
                              EVERY FRICKING SINGLE DAMN MARKET ON THE PLANET OTHER THAN SMARTPHONES DOES COVER NICHES, this DOES include things that have a LOW return on investment, cost a lot, require quite a bit of preparation, equipment that aren't going to be used again, and have a FAR SLIMMER margin than smartphones WHILE being in LOW demand.
                              And I am talking about things where the WHOLE market makes fewer profits that the Galaxy S10e itself, whiles smartphones makes enough that the biggest phones companies are worth more than the GDP of many countries combined.

                                AnonD-909757, 06 Feb 2022You simply forget that there is simply only a tiny amount o... moreYou really typed all these just to deflect? Really? "All things, considered, people are DEFINITELY buying small phones;" That statement is non sequitur, as I neither said nor implied that people aren't buying it.

                                I said that contrary to your claim that LITERALLY EVERYONE that isn't a tech enthusiast or poor-sighted wants them, they aren't selling MUCH, which is backed by reality, not assumption. Of course, your claim had to be examined using the sale performances of the small phones (less than 6") available in the market, not with simply what you think. What informed your claim? What data or reputable report prompted it, because it is clearly baseless at this point. Like I said, virtually all non-enthusiast I knew, from my time as phone technician (we're talking 5+ years ago, here), wanted phones with large display, and this was even before "small phones" went extinct. I remembered engaging some of them back then. To you, Samsung Galaxy S10e, for example, must have sold well that Samsung didn't care to release a successor, right? And don't tell me about the price, because it was definitely priced lower than it's series mate that sold way more. What gave? Why did your "LITERALLY EVERYONE" not get them? You think that manufacturers just upped and stopped making them? Nah! I doubt that you'd ever see a manufacturer that would just kill a product segment that records good sales. They practically only do that when sales keep heading south. And, hey, you'd most probably do same if you called the shots, too.

                                The fact that no phone line sells as much as iPhone makes it a prime example of how your "LITERALLY EVERYONE" claim isn't true. Unless "LITERALLY EVERYONE" was poor-sighted, in which case your whole argument would be invalid. Last I checked, and that's recently, iPhones don't compete in the most budget-friendly category nor do they pack the best spec:price ratio. So, the price argument is invalid from the start.

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                                  • 07 Feb 2022

                                  Anonymous, 07 Feb 2022Either way I don't want an entry level phone with 720p... moreIndeed, I totally agree, and this is exactly why the smartphone enthusiast community is a curse, for others but mainly for themselves.

                                  As I said, those low specs, cheap and small smartphones are for people who don't care about all those stuffs and just want a phone that also allow them to check their mails, but not much more.
                                  People who really want a small but powerful phone is usually a tech enthusiast who want a full fledge smartphone with at least a decent wide + ultrawide, a decent battery (while realistically knowing there is a sacrifice to be made because of the phone size) and a proper SoC (not necessarily a flagship SoC, but at least a high-middlerange like the SD778G and equivalents) and all that.

                                  Which is totally possible and already exist (but in too limited models and not small enough for most), but this is also this same community who'd rather insist on saying/writing “they don't sell/no one want them” everytimes there is a small phone in the talk, despite this being one of the biggest thing that prevent those phones to actually being made in the first place.
                                  Just so they can complain or assert (wrong) negative things, rather than just saying they'd wish there were more phones like those or smaller ones, or just saying nothing.

                                  The same community is also full of people who insist on complaining about thicker phones despite more than enough slimmer one being already available, and those people make it very clear they want slim over anything else, even if the phone is small, which is because of those that a proper mini, but appropriately thick smartphone isn't made.
                                  And we all know that the Achilles' heel of small phones is battery capacity.
                                  Yet, this is totally logic when something become smaller to allow for more thickness, this is much more ergonomic.

                                  But at the moment there is even the glimpse of the rumor of a potential slim and thick phone, the “It doesn't sell” and “It is too thick” complainers are at it.

                                  It doesn't seem like few guys on few websites, like GSMArena and other smartphone's news outlets would do much, but they are seen as representative of the enthusiast community by the little market analyst left (most have probably gave up on this community (smartphone enthusiasts), the worst among all tech communities) where you can't know who want what because of systematic unnecessary complains about everything.
                                  And to makes things worse, when someone has a legitimate complaint, or when complaining about something that is legitimately hated/disliked/problematic, there is always at least one guy who doesn't even want this but still has to seek for conflict and contradict him/her, so in the end, this is indeed impossible for market analyst to do their jobs.
                                  And rather than looking at what to do (what tech enthusiasts wants, which is what happen in every other market in existence), they simply look at what not to do, except that their list include literally everything, so OEMs just make the same phones over and over again, which is the only market where this happens despite a bunch of alternatives being possible.
                                  Even in markets where products are bounds to functional designs, shape, size and feature, there is still much more diversity to choose from than in the Smartphone market.

                                  If you were to apply the smartphone community's logic to everyday life, you get people angry that the city is planning to make stuff accessible for disabled people despite being cheap stuffs that no one is forced to use and that doesn't affect negatively in way any non-disabled person, and when a disabled person remark that they can't access an important public service, people trash him/her for wanting something that is different from the norm.
                                  And when a city is making anti-homeless stuff (NYC is well known for that, it is called “hostile architecture”) rather than putting money in shelters, all those who aren't homeless are ready to shout at anyone who dare make a remark about it, as if it was their holy mission.
                                  And they don't understand (surprised Pikachu style) why their city, which is the worst of the country, is bad, despite every other city not having people complaining about everything and being totally fine as a result.

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                                    • 07 Feb 2022

                                    AnonD-909757, 06 Feb 2022You simply forget that there is simply only a tiny amount o... moreEither way I don't want an entry level phone with 720p screen. I want an affordable phone with all the things larger phones provide that small phones these days don't have. S10e is still the best small phone in my opinion. Side mounted fingerprint scanners are great.

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                                      • 07 Feb 2022

                                      Hopefully this is affordable.

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                                        • nJh
                                        • 06 Feb 2022

                                        Xiaomi 12 mini ?
                                        If its size is 140mm maximum I buy it
                                        if not ... I'll look at the SE 2022 (but I don't know ios at all)