HTC to announce a flagship Android phone in April

02 March 2022
It will reportedly focus on AR and VR with deep integration into HTC's Viveverse platform.

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I was excited about this but turned out false news. I think this is the last chance for HTC to survive. When they announced Vive Cosmos, it was supposed to be integrated with mobile phones but they cancelled that feature later. Cosmos serious turned out to be a failure anyways

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    • 3qC
    • 04 May 2022

    Please GsmArena, try to find out if there is any news about this phone!

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      • gaber
      • nbk
      • 03 May 2022

      Behnamviro, 29 Apr 2022This is end of the month We waiting for it...April 2023?😉

        This is end of the month
        We waiting for it...

          Waiting with money in hand to buy a pair of them. Still have my HTC U12+ which is snappy and still working better than new. Phone was just updated a couple months ago, and it's a shame that everyone chose to ignore the killer camera update. Still my primary smartphone camera, filmed an entire documentary on the U12+ after the director found out it outperformed the iPhone.

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            • AKM92
            • IVL
            • 22 Apr 2022

            Where is the announcement?

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              • sUv
              • 15 Apr 2022

              I’m Htc career since it’s 1st android launcher device google G1 the dream in 2008, my last Htc phone was Htc u12 plus , I stoped using Htc in 2020 because I wasn’t geting updates , but I’m much excited I heard Htc relaunching 2022 flagship , I’m using iPhone and I’m extremely waiting for Htc flagship to release . Heartily Welcome

                Hi, I live in Iran and since the imate phones and then the htc phones I have bought and used almost most of the flagship htc models, I still use the htc u12 ultra and I am satisfied, now I have a samsung note 20 ultra 5g I am not satisfied with it at all and I have not heard anything that happened in HTC many times, but I am impatiently waiting for the arrival of the new HTC phone to use it again as the best smartphone.

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                  • Osman
                  • r91
                  • 05 Apr 2022

                  I cannot wait for HTC flagship again, I had 4 HTC phones. Still I was using my U12+. The camera of U12+ is much better than S22 ultra which I am using currently: Squeezing, easy access to shortcuts, easy APPs management.
                  S22 ultra 3x and 10x zoom are big lies.

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                    • pRf
                    • 27 Mar 2022

                    Since 2012 I am using only HTC.
                    My first phone was HTC sensations XL bought in 2012.
                    Then I bought desire 816 in 2014, then I bought U11 in 2017 December.still mowing am using Htc U11 with out any Problems.
                    I really love HTC phone and I am waiting for the next high end Device to buy in 2022.

                    Come back HTC we still love you to carry. I am really happy to see all that htc lovers too..

                      I really wish to see the day HTC phones come back. The last one I had was the U11. I loved my U11 throughout the 4 years I used it. It was simple, and very much capable, the camera is still better than most midrange trash of today (keep in mind I used Gcam). I even kind of liked their Super LCD technology. Their USB C headphones are, to this day, unparalleled. I've been to LG's, Samsung's, to Sony's even, but none gave me as much joy as my U11.

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                        • AnonD-1040553
                        • tZk
                        • 23 Mar 2022

                        I love HTC because have an Edge Sense that just squeezes. I hope has a new update on HTC U11 squeezes to scroll. Because I love watching TikTok.

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                          • R.F.
                          • XI$
                          • 13 Mar 2022

                          I'm in love with HTC phones. Please HTC come back. Love my HTC PHONE more than any other mobile or brand. Thank you.

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                            • 837
                            • 08 Mar 2022

                            I had every htc flagship since m7, (excluding u ultra). this phones were amazing. I love htc because their phones feel smooth and fluid longer than samsung. u12 plus was actualy a realy good phone (buttons where the only frustration and the fact that it got only one major softwere update which ruined microphone quality, they did not fix this bug untill recently.) I was waiting for a new flagship since then and when I realised that is was not comming I switched to pixel. I realy like pixel experience so far but this news realy got me exited for a new flagship :D I know that I should not set my expectations too high. but no matter the flaws it will have. if it will be a functional phone I will deffinitly buy one. I know it will not be very wise decision but my favorite smartphone brand deserves one more chance, and I think that true fans should buy their phone again to help the brand come back.

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                              • yNQ
                              • 08 Mar 2022

                              Yes! I'd love the return of HTC. Last one I had from them was the HTC U11+ which was God damn amazing. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with local service centers and such, that in turn made me have to refund.

                              I'd support them this time as well tho.

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                                • 8js
                                • 06 Mar 2022

                                Anonymous, 04 Mar 2022Doesn't mean everyone have to follow. Sony and ASUS do... moreYeah, but these phone vendor aren't doing great either... Most people aren't buying it...

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                                  • dQm
                                  • 05 Mar 2022

                                  Jacek, 04 Mar 2022It's a great opportunity for HTC to release true Fan E... moreFor me a true "fan edition" flagship would have a body almost identical to the original One, just with modern internals (and maybe ditch the clever stacked internal construction, as that put the heat sources too close to the battery). Just trim the size bezels and lose the off-screen buttons - the speakers are fine, as the ergonomics of phone navigation are better when the screen doesn't start at the bottom edge of the device anyway.

                                  And keep the device size the same as the original One. The market for oversized slabs you need 2 hands to operate is saturated already.

                                    It's a great opportunity for HTC to release true Fan Edition flagship handset - with SD card slot, 3.5mm jack, stereo speakers, IP rating, notification light. Blast it - I would even trade wireless charging for full metal back like M9. Or a true sequel to U11, because I still can't find a decent replacement for it.

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                                      • 63x
                                      • 04 Mar 2022

                                      AndroidAuthority, 03 Mar 2022Unfortunately unlikely, the headphone jack is getting rarer... moreDoesn't mean everyone have to follow. Sony and ASUS doesn't. LG never did.

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                                        • 04 Mar 2022

                                        HTC always have wacky ideas when it comes to flagship models. Rember the Snapdragon 845-powered Exodus 1? That was the first ever Android smartphone to fully rely on blockchain and cryptocurrency.