HTC to announce a flagship Android phone in April

02 March 2022
It will reportedly focus on AR and VR with deep integration into HTC's Viveverse platform.

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  • 02 Mar 2022

Bring back the stereo speakers (HTC One M7 for example)!

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    • 02 Mar 2022

    Needed to double-check if you are already on the 1st of April...

      I hope it's the classic metal shell, 20:9, with 3.5mm jack with high impedance support, Gorilla Glass Victus+ and UltraPixel flagship camera specs (with Google's camera algorithm).

        All I need is raw from hi res sensors on 0.6x 1x 5x, jack and big screen. Nothing else.

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          • D02
          • 02 Mar 2022

          Hope it's not HMD global that is producing this phone for HTC

            'HTC is reportedly looking to bring a flagship Android phone as early as next month.'

            I awake-

            'The upcoming HTC flagship will focus on VR and AR with deep integration to HTC’s own open-source metaverse platform dubbed Viveverse.'

            I sleep.

            Also, HTC's previous attempt at a comeback didn't really go well, so I have a bad feeling about this time, especially with that 'Viveverse' that will probably not age well. But let's see what happens.

              DMX, 02 Mar 2022Its alive??I'm shocked too

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                • 02 Mar 2022

                Its alive??