Flashback: Galaxy A80's flip-up camera is still unique in Samsung's line-up

20 March 2022
The phone had an unblemished Infinity display - no notches, no holes - and it still kept bezels thin all around.

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  • 31 May 2022

CptPower, 22 Mar 2022Well looks pretty interesting i really wonder why no succes... moreWhy? Easy, the camera trend is not at there anymore, i remembered when oppo and vivo first made the mechanical pop up camera and other brand like xiaomi and lately samsung and asus joined the trend

But now the trend is changing, they rather use punch hole or waterdrop notch to put selfie cam, i guess it because the mechanical system is too expensive for the margins, easier to get dust and jamming, some people are careless like dropping off the phone, dropped phone can damage the mechanical system and repaired it will be more expensive than repaired the ordinary camera

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    • 31 May 2022

    Anonymous, 24 Mar 2022Is it me? Or Asus is the only one who uses this on their Ze... moreAsus still use flip cam until now, while the mechanical camera is not a trend anymore, but yeah asus still can not beat samsung nor chinese brand eventough other OEM don't not have any mechanical camera system anymore on newer phone

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      • 02 May 2022

      I definitely considered this at the time, but ultimately I'm not a big selfie person at all and the price:performance ratio didn't cut it - ended up instead between the A90 5G (which was arguably the test car for the S20 FE) and the A70, getting the latter courtesy of a Black Friday carrier deal that included an add-on I did care about - free mobile-only access to pay-TV sports network BT Sport.

      Well, I cared about it on Black Friday 2019 at least...

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        • 25 Mar 2022

        What a bunch off muppets jokers these editors are on here.

        You will never or see them joining the debate or argument or discussion, why we disagree, nor will they counter attack you.

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          • 24 Mar 2022

          Jay, 22 Mar 2022This flip over camera function is a better solution with su... moreIs it me? Or Asus is the only one who uses this on their Zenfones?

            Well looks pretty interesting i really wonder why no succesor.
            Same goes for A9X line.

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              • RxE
              • 22 Mar 2022

              This flip over camera function is a better solution with superb camera quality for both front and rear shooting. I think it should be in the flagship implementation.

                Anonymous, 21 Mar 2022Metal is premium. Give me back those antenna strips any time.1000% agreed. I don't know why OEMs stopped using aluminum unibody designs, it felt so premium. The HTC One M8 and OnePlus 3 are my favorite aluminum phones.

                  For Samsung, pretty OK main camera, actually.

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                    • 21 Mar 2022

                    NeonHD, 20 Mar 2022I also agree, just not because it's fragile but also b... moreMetal is premium. Give me back those antenna strips any time.

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                      • 6tg
                      • 21 Mar 2022

                      Hello! But camera pic isnt real and irl photos and selfie so so

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                        • 21 Mar 2022

                        NeonHD, 20 Mar 2022I also agree, just not because it's fragile but also b... moreThe exact reason why I stick to a Nokia 8, now most brands are sticking to the "glass-tic" trend, flagships included

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                          • 21 Mar 2022

                          The Galaxy Alpha never had a successor tbh, also the A series was originally meant to be mid rangers with premium materials (inspired by older Nokia phones and carried out by Android Nokias as well) but now the A/M/F series phones are just poorly built, generic phones with a Samsung tramp stamp. Almost every brand is going towards that trend sadly

                            Mihail White, 21 Mar 2022Why this didn't ghet android 11 like a70 ? On this sit... moreIt hasn't got updated. Galaxy A80 did receive Android 11 OS update*.


                              Anonymous, 21 Mar 2022Glass looks better. Glass deals with heat better. Glass... moreEverytime I hear people day things about plastic it just boils down to super ignorance as how how extremely versatile plastic can be SMH

                              "Glass looks better."

                              Plastic looks exactly like glass.. lol plastic is literally the most versatile piece of chemistry in history..

                              "Glass deals with heat better."

                              Not true.. RESIN Based plastics are worse than glass

                              Ever heard of themal conductive polymers???

                              This is dependent on the type of polymer

                              Glass is easily recycled.

                              So is plastics again it depends on the chemistry

                              Glass is not bad for the planet.

                              Lololol you do realise we currently have a sand shortage right?

                              Glass creation DOES negatively impact the environment

                              "Glass does not need petroleum to exist."

                              But often times petroleum is burned to produce glass SMH...

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                                • Maria
                                • PA7
                                • 21 Mar 2022

                                Nothing wrong with this phone, but the OIS of the main camera (and the internal storage). I thought the weight is a wrong thing too but I understand why it should be.

                                  This phone has terrible battery life..

                                    Anonymous, 20 Mar 2022Put side by side iphone 7 and 8. See which one feels more e... morei don't give a shit about how a phone feels in my hands, i'm not that shallow of a person.

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                                      • 21 Mar 2022

                                      Unique one from Samsung but not many uses it.

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                                        • 21 Mar 2022

                                        cyber, 21 Mar 2022too much effort for a camera,no pluses only massive drawbac... moreZenfone still has it, although it's not motorized.