Motorola Frontier leaks with Samsung 200MP sensor

28 March 2022
This could be the first smartphone launched with Samsung's 200MP HP1 sensor.

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  • 29 Mar 2022

oha, 29 Mar 2022Hi, can i ask you (maybe silly) two questions ?? can you t... moreRedmi Note 10 pro has the 5Mp camera you want + the overall camera performance is very good considering the price.
Performance is also fine for day today use.
I don't remember any flagship with 5Mp macro
New samsung A53 has the 5mp but the price to performance isn't great but you get 5G, updates and a familiar Ui as you use M51

    sohail shafayat, 29 Mar 2022200MP is just a number, it will produce garbage. Even the 5... more2mp, 8mp, 12mp, 16mp, 20mp, 40mp, 50mp, 64mp, 108mp, 194mp,... Even if you get some unique bayer filters lately, difference is visible, less noise, more detail.
    Still depends on processing, the same sensor in realme and vivo produces different results.
    But worthy ISP is a must for such hot sensor.

      Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022Where are the 700mp 32k sensor184MP Camera capable of at 29.995FPS Full HD+ take it or leave it.

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        • 29 Mar 2022

        Samsung to launch 600MP camera along with Quantum sensor by 2030.

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          • 29 Mar 2022

          Anonymossy, 29 Mar 2022I like how some of the comments here are like 'Another... moreI like curved monitors on my screen it lets me use the gestures more easily

            oha, 29 Mar 2022Hi, can i ask you (maybe silly) two questions ?? can you t... more1) Compared to a narrower angle lens, the wider angle lens provides a wider field of view (quite literally) but tends to have more distortions towards the edge and resolve fewer details across the frame, assuming that the rest of the hardware is the same and you take a snap from the same distance from the subject.

            2) There's very little chance Xiaomi will release another variant of Mi 11 Ultra with an added macro camera, so yes, you're pretty much waiting for a bus that will never come. The macro capability isn't something that can be added through software updates, either, so buying the currently available Mi 11 Ultra would mean you would be giving up on the macro shooting capability forever (You may be able to use the ultra-wide camera for such purpose, although I don't know if that would get you the exact result you want).

              What kind of flash is it using? LED or Xenon?

                SShreyas, 29 Mar 2022Firstly, there's nothing to "defend". Yes, c... moreDMX (on GSMArena, not to put dirt on the rapper's name) regularly makes racist remarks like this on here, glad to see someone finally school them.

                  I like how some of the comments here are like 'Another curved screen? Ugghhh nobody is asking for this 😒😒😒' acting like they're the only people on the planet. There's still a market for curved screen phones because a fair amount of people still like them. You can't simply just wave a magic wand and make curved screens go away instantly.

                  Also nobody is forcing you to buy a phone with a curved screen if you don't like them. There are still an ungodly amount of flat screen phones out there.

                    slightly similar to the bump of xiaomi 12

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                      • 29 Mar 2022

                      Samsung sensors can be made to have 500Mpix and would still be worth at best a midrange picture quality.

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                        • 29 Mar 2022

                        Nick Tegrataker, 29 Mar 2022The narrow lens aperture of F2.2 means the amount of light ... moreHi, can i ask you (maybe silly) two questions ??
                        can you tell a little bit about this angle/degree (huge?) difference between these 2 lenses ?
                        one of them is 120˚ and the other one is 150˚... is this a huge difference that will affect image performance ? sometimes a lense with less degree has better performance..

                        50 MP, f/2.2, 14mm, 150˚ (ultrawide), 1/2.76", 0.64µm, AF

                        12 MP, f/1.8, 13mm, 120˚ (ultrawide), PDAF

                        2nd question: i am looking forward for a new model.. which has a 5mp macro feature/ability added to a model with exact features as this one here;
                        (I prefer it because of IP68 and 1920fps video recording high speed fps performance.) but..
                        is it possible or is it impossible to add "5mp macro" feature to cameras like these ?
                        I mean; Am I waiting for a bus that will never to come ?

                        PS: (I used M51 macro feature for a while) and I think its a "MUST" for myself usage... thnx.

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                          • 29 Mar 2022

                          Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022All of these extreme high megapixel count sensors (from Sam... moreWhere are the 700mp 32k sensor

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                            • 29 Mar 2022

                            sohail shafayat, 29 Mar 2022200MP is just a number, it will produce garbage. Even the 5... moreAnd your proof?

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                              • 29 Mar 2022

                              All ya complaining, maybe they will release a 2.p sensor for you one day instead :)

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                                • 29 Mar 2022

                                TheLastOracle, 29 Mar 2022Research on CFA is still not really enough. It still lowers... moreWhat we have right now is the only way to go as vertically stacked color filters (Foveon) struggle with capturing accurate color information at higher ISO. APS-H Foveon X3 Quattro sensor remains usable only up to ISO400, if you go above that the image will start having blotchy luminance noise and lots of color bleeding. Bayer and X-Trans are simply superior at maintaining high SNR even at higher sensitivity settings.

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                                  • 29 Mar 2022

                                  2.2 aperture....? No thanks!

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                                    • 29 Mar 2022

                                    Remind me, why do we need 200mp sensors, again?

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                                      • 29 Mar 2022

                                      I find it one good looking phone with decent specs.
                                      Really interested about the outcome, price and -of course- about GA review :)

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                                        • 29 Mar 2022

                                        DMX, 28 Mar 2022another boring curved front panel? and 6.67? oh my gosh som... moreWell there's nothing wrong with a big phone but curved screens are just stupid.