Motorola Frontier leaks with Samsung 200MP sensor

28 March 2022
This could be the first smartphone launched with Samsung's 200MP HP1 sensor.

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Megapixels counts it's at least better than high watts giving births to battery life side effects.
Infact this will help profs out there in some basic fields.

    DMX, 29 Mar 2022Defending your cheap Chinese brands? lol pathetic!!chinese is so strong, yep "it's cheap and made for poor" but can you telling me how they can killing a brand that made for "rich" like sony, nokia, LG, blackberry etc? where are they now?

      200MP is just a number, it will produce garbage. Even the 50MP images won't be as good as the IMX766's images. Only the 12.5MP images will be usable. So, ultimately it's a 12.5MP Sensor and a gimmick!

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        • oha
        • np$
        • 29 Mar 2022

        oh pls do not let it have IP68 rating nor put a 5mp macro and 1960fps video record capabilities to its camera.. nooo... pls dont do that PLS MotorRolla !!
        = )

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          • Peter
          • SYd
          • 29 Mar 2022

          How many Android updates is it going to get ?

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            • Soto
            • m}3
            • 29 Mar 2022

            Hahaha punchhole again

              Research on CFA is still not really enough. It still lowers resolution and light gathering, enough for being a hindrance to good zoom abilities of higher resolution sensors.
              Plus Motorola should have pushed an f1.5 lens on the main camera. The smaller the pixels, the more light is required yo have similar levels of noise as large pixels.

                disgusting design

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                  • 29 Mar 2022

                  Wow, so many haters in the comments.

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                    • K1I
                    • 29 Mar 2022

                    All of these extreme high megapixel count sensors (from Samsung) need to stop. 48MP, 50MP or even 64MP sensors are more than enough for extra details. Not to mention that not even many people use the high megapixel mode because the quality will end up worse than the standard mode. Samsung should be focusing on increasing the sensor size instead of those worthless megapixel counts.

                      The narrow lens aperture of F2.2 means the amount of light intake will be still less than that of iPhone 13 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro as well as any phones with a sensor size larger than 1/1.33 inch on the market right now. In fact, Honor Magic 3 Ultimate captures over 120% more light per exposure - I bet the low light performance on this new Motorola phone won't be really impressive.

                        DMX, 29 Mar 2022Defending your cheap Chinese brands? lol pathetic!!Firstly, there's nothing to "defend". Yes, curved displays are annoying. But a simple fact that most people prefer it over flat ones is enough reason for them to exist and thrive.
                        Secondly, there wasn't any need to make racist remarks. It was Samsung that popularized this trend, not some "cheap Chinese" brand.
                        Fun Fact: You favorite, Pixel 6 Pro, too comes with the same curved screen as the "cheap, Chinese" brands.

                          Dave, 29 Mar 2022Why is everyone crying about curved panels? Most of us love... moreWell, the glare from the edges bothers many people.

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                            • 29 Mar 2022

                            Ravuh, 29 Mar 2022Get an iphone. No one's forcing you to buy these "... moreDefending your cheap Chinese brands? lol pathetic!!

                              Ofcourse there will be 2mp to save this phone.

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                                • Dave
                                • mK2
                                • 29 Mar 2022

                                Why is everyone crying about curved panels? Most of us love it! I have been using curved phones since 2016.

                                  Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022Google > images > isocell HP1 You can see groups ... moreBoth 50MP and 200MP read out modes require remosaicing (array conversion) hence will create wormy false patterns and various other undesirable artifacts. Only the 12.5MP mode is capable of producing an image that is comparable to an equivalent Bayer sensor with the same 12.5MP resolution.

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                                    • Carol
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                                    • 29 Mar 2022

                                    Would be nice to actually see real cameras development, not this maschine learning crapp. The world has become a fake party.

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                                      • 29 Mar 2022

                                      Anonymous, 29 Mar 2022Google > images > isocell HP1 You can see groups ... moreIf 16 pixels use the same colour filter, the four groups of 4 within the 16 pixels still use the same colour filter, therefore they still rely on the neighbouring group of 16 for interpolation. Therefore the sensor is not capable of 50mp output unless the colour filters can cghange colour, otherwise the 50mp mode is an interpolation of the 12.5mp output.

                                      The Bayer filters are hardware based, there is a layer of dye based filters on top of the sensor which are fixed, they cannot change layout or disappear to produce a higher resolution black and white image.

                                      Therefore this is effectively a 12.5mp sensor just like existing 50mp sensors, the only advantage this sensor has is noise due to larger size and more averaging of pixels.

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                                        • Inasuzhi
                                        • tx0
                                        • 29 Mar 2022

                                        Anybody wonder why Samsung don't have put this 200mp at their own flagship phone? If this 200mp sounds good at paper why don't they implement first? Smell fishy here.