Flashback: remembering the awesome devices powered by TI OMAP chips

10 April 2022
Some of the most influential phones of all time ran on an OMAP chip.

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  • SkullSamCandy
  • X5u
  • 16 Aug 2022

Broadcom socs used to power samsung smartphones as well with their videocore gpu, the chips were so efficient they couldn't even generate heat under heavy load, sadly they were not good for games so they died, only used in Raspberry PIs

    Andri , 10 Apr 2022My s22 ultra is so much more amazing than your s5. Trust me😂😂I've upgrade to S22 ultra from S21 ultra so need to show off with a stupid joke.

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      • 3VZ
      • 26 Apr 2022

      macq, 12 Apr 2022Still have Nokia N900 😃Feel you bro.
      I do still own and use N900.
      What lovely device!

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        • Messier83
        • sSI
        • 18 Apr 2022

        TsepzGP, 10 Apr 2022There really is no shortage of TI OMAP based phones that I ... moreTI Omap are lacking Innovation and Commitment for survival.... Mediatek since 2011 tried to Compete against Qualcomm by Launching Octa Core SoC but they failed Miserably to Rival Qualcomm SoC Several times... yet Mediatek opted for making budget SoC for long time... Mediatek tried to make a Flagship SoC in 2017 the Helio X series but it was a Financial disaster for them as it failed to compete with Snapdragon835... Another 2 years they released Helio G which make a successful impact in Midrange Market...the Success of G series has put Mediatek to make its Third Attempt to create Flagship class SoC again that can Rival Snapdragon....the Dimensity1200 was a huge success for Mediatek,able to Rival Earlier Snapdragon865/870 and has an Outstanding Gpu...now the Mediatek Ripped their Success from their Humble Beginnings...with the New Dimensity9000 is more Efficient while its also Powerful as Snapdragon 8gen1

        The Unisoc is also suffered several bitter Losses,still they were Fully Commited in Mobile SoC market and making its Slowly Growth today although they are just starting to make success in Budget and Few Midrange Class

        IT Omap could survive either as Determinated Mediatek or Die-Trying Unisoc if its willing to take risks further

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          • pNc
          • 15 Apr 2022

          N82 owner reporting in

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            • yM3
            • 13 Apr 2022

            I had two phones with TI OMAP chips, Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Defy. They used to make great chips.

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              • macq
              • Sec
              • 12 Apr 2022

              Still have Nokia N900 😃

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                • Jvt
                • 12 Apr 2022

                "would you like to see a more detailed flashback about any of the devices mentioned above?"

                of course, your flashback, counterclockwise articles are always full of knowledge :)

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                  • JustSomeRandomGuy
                  • EwD
                  • 11 Apr 2022

                  wow...I consider myself a tech guy but NEVER have I heard about this. unbelievable. what happened to them? where did they go???

                    they had the best creative technical engineers in history.

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                      • 3Ya
                      • 11 Apr 2022

                      lord5, 10 Apr 2022The Snapdragon 800 in my tab pro 8.4 is freezing crashing ... moreLOL bruh...

                      Not only that, but the Snapdragon 800 on MY Tab Pro 8.4 is an absolute toaster of a chip at times (and Chrome consistently crashes on it for some reason, Chrome 100)

                      Also a friendly advice, DO NOT INSTALL ANY ANDROID 11 BASED CUSTOM ROMs (Lineage OS or Colt OS) ON THE DEVICE (and also especially stay away from Colt OS, it basically runs the chip at full power even for mundane tasks).

                        I know some of these phones but not the chip. I only learned about chips in 2017 with my Xiaomi Note 4.

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                          • 11 Apr 2022

                          BrianCoriour, 11 Apr 2022Who ?Texas Instruments

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                            • 11 Apr 2022

                            I was a TI fan because of their audio amplifier ics the lm3886 and tpa class d chips their OP amps and power/voltage related ics
                            I've used many devices in this list if only i knew it before that they were all powered by a TI chip i would have never given them
                            I love TI way more than tesla or apple
                            Thanks for increasing the love and respect for TI in my heart

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                              • IJK
                              • 11 Apr 2022

                              Truther, 10 Apr 2022They still do lolNot actuality

                                Who ?

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                                  • 11 Apr 2022

                                  Andri , 10 Apr 2022Those were phones. Today you've got the most sophistic... moreproper profissional cameras?? where?? I never saw a full frame or a aps-c sensor on a phone! comparing your s21 ultra with a sony a7 mk1 or canon 7D mk2
                                  dude sophisticated computer? apps and programs have to be coded only for your phone, running the stuff we run on the computer wouldnt work in your phone!

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                                    • 10 Apr 2022

                                    The Flip, 10 Apr 2022Galaxy Nexus didn't age well with it. My favorite c... moreThe Snapdragon 800 in my tab pro 8.4 is freezing crashing playing just UNO app

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                                      • 10 Apr 2022

                                      Its sad that TI retired, bc if there was something where they had the upper hand was at efficiency: all those phones on that list rarely heated up and had great battery runtimes while keeping performance on check most of the time.

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                                        • 64i
                                        • 10 Apr 2022

                                        Lol I had 11 devices in that list