Flashback: remembering the awesome devices powered by TI OMAP chips

10 April 2022
Some of the most influential phones of all time ran on an OMAP chip.

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  • gringo
  • N1H
  • 10 Apr 2022

still using it in my galaxy nexus as a gsm phone only (after removing all google apps)... after 10 years of use, the battery still hold its juice up to 7 days !

very good chip ... (powerVR was also a very good gpu unlike mali)

    I remember getting the Galaxy Nexus and wanting to return it due to it being so big. I had no idea what lay ahead. ;)

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      • mXr
      • 10 Apr 2022

      HTC phones had them

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        • Kxf
        • 10 Apr 2022

        i still remember using symbian s60 series.you can run win 95 in 400mhz cpu and 256kb ram...ahh i miss those time