Weekly poll: how many of you have a smartwatch and what kind?

08 May 2022
We want to know about your smartwatch and smart band preferences.

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Apple watch is king, 09 May 2022Apple watch owns all. 1. With apps like Soundhound / Shaza... moreMy friend owns AW, and he certainly does not describe it as pretty.
Apple Watch has abysmal battery life, features that work only half of the time, bugs in software and baffling UI choices.

    yalim, 09 May 2022just don't find them convenient and I find them as ext... moreThe classical watch, for me, only has value when I'm going for a "formal" occasion.

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      • Rdmkr
      • mig
      • 09 May 2022

      When it comes to watches, I mostly go for aesthetics, and smartwatches don't really do it for me on that front. Since most of the features are just duplicates of what a smartphone can do I'm not convinced the annoyance of overnight charging is worth the trouble.

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        • Apple watch is king
        • uJD
        • 09 May 2022

        Apple watch owns all.
        1. With apps like Soundhound / Shazam you can id songs without having phone around.
        2. Voice call / sms / whatsapp
        3. Notification silent / tap no need to take out your phones.
        4. Can pay without internet.
        5. Navigation
        6. Health
        7. Tell time
        8. Unlock doors /garage / homehub.
        9. Walkie-talkie

        When you walk out of the door without your phone, no wallet, with just a AirPods in your ear.. you're all set.

        No one watch implements better than Apple watch. Thats why you see no android users talking about it.. because it simply bad on other platform... you rather get a budget android phone and strap it to your wrist.. that's how bad.

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          • yalim
          • T4}
          • 09 May 2022

          just don't find them convenient and I find them as extra technology waste becoming obselete in 2-3 years. they make sense only if you have an active lifestyle and need to track regular workouts. otherwise,I prefer a classical watch that lasts fo 10-20 years.

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            • Consti
            • 6tA
            • 09 May 2022

            Anonymous, 09 May 2022Using Samsung A52 and Mi Band 6. Will buy Samsung smartwatc... moreI had the same but Mi Fit was not satisfactory compared to Samsung Health anymore. They have improved so much the past year and their Fit Band is very good :) Design, battery, display. Comparable to the Mi Band :) you should look into it.

              Rotciv Ikias, 08 May 2022Not everybody has access to these medical accessories that ... moreI literally said that a smartwatch should be an extension and not a device on its own right.
              A band is more than sufficient.
              If you want a watch to do everything your phone does, GET ANOTHER PHONE! It will be much cheaper and waaaay more useful, for the small price of carrying two phones.

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                • Anonymous
                • 6wN
                • 09 May 2022

                Using Samsung A52 and Mi Band 6. Will buy Samsung smartwatch when I can afford S series.

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                  • pt020
                  • ncr
                  • 09 May 2022

                  My first Smartwatch was in 2007, Sony Ericsson MBW-100, had also the MBW-150, Live View, Sony smartwatch 1, 2x Sony smartwatch 2, Samsung gear S3 and Samsung Galaxy watch... both I still use.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 7t0
                    • 09 May 2022

                    Still using my Pebble Time though the battery life is getting shorter when connected to my phone.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0WC
                      • 09 May 2022

                      Still rocking a mi band 4 that I barely use as a music controller or a f91w in black and gold because 80s.

                        I work with my hands and it sure is nice to see notifications quickly with out getting my phone out of my pocket. Also nice to track workouts and try to improve previous times. It's great for motivation.

                          I love my TicWatch Pro3. For me it's the sweetspot between the variety of apps and functions of a proper smartwatch and the battery life of a smartband. Plus the FSTN display is extremely useful

                            T56+. It can stay for more than a week without charging. I just love it's battery life and high quality display.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • ssd
                              • 09 May 2022

                              Fearghast, 08 May 2022No smartwatch is capable of taking your temperature and abo... moreHUAWEI watch D (limited to China though)

                                Taki, 08 May 2022I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Buds2 that... moreI couldn't get my Galaxy Watch Active 2 to pair with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Nor my Apple Watch 6 to pair with my Galaxy Note 10 Plus. I tried multiple times to no avail. That was initially. After about 2 days I liked the AW6 so much I've stopped wearing the GWA2

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                                  • Wojtek
                                  • 3Lr
                                  • 09 May 2022

                                  Not sure into which category Garmin Forerunner fits tbh... it doesn't have apps but it's quite powerful still and I think it's the best device if practicing sports is concerned... 🤷‍♂️

                                    Fearghast, 08 May 2022When you compare accuracy heart rate sensor of ... let'... moreThat's why the watch warns u nd these brands never told u too 100% depend on their results nd it's also getting better nd better in accuracy due to new tech

                                    also smartwatches can do more than health stuff

                                      Vegetaholic, 08 May 2022All smartwatxh business is a failure in general. Why the he... moreDont buy if u don't need

                                      Easy peasy lemon squeezy

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • 6wN
                                        • 08 May 2022

                                        As long as I can customize its interface and change themes. As long as I can use music player for my local music. It is enough. Currently using Mi Band 6. Very durable. And cool. Long battery life too. And beautiful screen.