Weekly poll: how many of you have a smartwatch and what kind?

08 May 2022
We want to know about your smartwatch and smart band preferences.

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AnonD-1033007, 08 May 2022Personally, i don't need any smartwatches. I don'... moreI understand that's a way to say you've value for ur money because even people who has a smartphone still buy a television? What would ur Tv do that your phone cant in this modern day?

    I've the Oraimo smart watch W2

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      • Anonymous
      • pWD
      • 08 May 2022

      I have a watch with basic functions, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. It's basically a glorified fitness band, but I like the long battery life. Has enough features. My next watch will be a "real" smartwatch, though.

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        • AnonD-1033007
        • g8K
        • 08 May 2022

        Personally, i don't need any smartwatches. I don't see the reason i would need one since everything i have is in my phone.

          I have a amazfit GTR 2E, it has all the functions that i need. i don't see the point on spending 300 to 400 USD for a smartwatch.