Weekly poll: how many of you have a smartwatch and what kind?

08 May 2022
We want to know about your smartwatch and smart band preferences.

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I am on the smartwatch bandwagon since the OG Pebble and I stopped (so far) at Garmin Instinct 2 Solar.
I do not need music/maps stored on my watch as I do not run, other than that it has pretty much everything a reliable smartwatch should have - it's always on, contrast is great, battery life is good (could be better through), notifications never missed a beat, Garmin pay is painless and OK speed wise.
I do prefer a rectangle shape, as it's pretty much better size/amount of information it can display, but I got used to a bigger watch quite quickly. My friends use X series of Garmin, Tactics and Suunto ... but the size, that's just too much for me.

When a smartwatch is trying to replace a phone, I am not a fan of that. My friend just got his latest AW, and he is really not happy about it - lots of bugs, extremely bad battery life (1 day) and non-intuitive solution for many functions.

    I have five smartwatches (paired with four smartphones and one tablet), but I haven't actually used one for years. I consider them add-ons to the paired devices, and I even hardly use my smartphones.
    Ultimately, I'll phase out my Android stuff, and concentrate on the Apple ecosystem. (Not because it "is" better, but because it suits me better.) Should the need arise with age, then I might have to start wearing a smartwatch as a "life saver". (Didn't think of that when voting.)

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      • 08 May 2022

      Anonymous, 08 May 2022I have a watch with basic functions, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro.... moreWatch GT 2 Pro is one of the best smartwatches ever made, mostly because of the materials used, considering how cheap it is - 200€ for a smartwatch with sapphire glass and ceramic back? Bought it 1,5 years ago and don't think of changing it at all. And it still looks just as new, not a single scratch...

        Had gear s3 frontier. Lasted 4 days on daily basis, while every other Samsung smart watch lost a day or two, on battery life. Watch 4 classic might be the next, and last.

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          • 08 May 2022

          $30 apple watch 7supercopy from aliexpress with hundreds of watch faces is my type of watch :D

            Fossil Hybrid HR users rise up

            basic smartwatch, e-ink display, excellent design, amazing battery life

            all I ever needed in a watch

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              • 08 May 2022

              I don't use or own smartwatch. But, I use Amazfit Band 5 🤷🏻‍♂️

                im using a suunto 7 watch i got for my birthday. Not buying anything else till 3 4 years

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                  • 08 May 2022

                  I'll take a mechanical watch anyday over a smartwatch, especially once it crosses the $150 mark.
                  Or a Fitbit/Garmin or fitness band watch instead!

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                    • 08 May 2022

                    I purchased a Redmi Watch 2 Lite for £29.99 when it was on an Amazon UK Lightning deal recently. I wouldn't pay more than that for one.

                      Smartwatches are overrated.
                      A band does all the basics and more, for so cheap.
                      Most people who get a smartwatch get it just for show, or later find use of it AFTER having already bought it and decided to get their money's worth.
                      They are VERY expensive and have a small edge over your phone with a band.
                      Don't tell me voice calls and bigger screens, they are not a replacement for your phone but an extension.

                        Smartband very good to me, I don't have it right now.. with sleep, walk, heart rate tracking, nfc and other cool features it's really worth to have. For smartwatches? Under $100 is the right choice.

                          AlienKiss, 08 May 2022I'm not interested at all in smart watches. Other than... morePoint of Correction they can do deep health features not just tracking ur footstep if u do a lot of exercise nd ur very health conscious u will understand

                            Noneone, 08 May 2022Personally, i don't need any smartwatches. I don'... moreUr phone ain't on ur wrist

                              Currently using a TicWatch Pro 3 for the past year and it's been solid. I work at a restaurant so it's helpful to see particular notifications without opening my phone. Also, I only need to charge the thing once every 4 days.

                              Keep in mind to those who wonder, it's the perfect means to not need the always-on display.

                                I'm not interested at all in smart watches. Other than lighting in the dark (regular watches can do that too), they are kinda redundant and a pain in the 'a' to charge every single day. It's enough I have to do it with the phone and the headphones, now I have to charge the watch too??!
                                I'd rather have an old school Casio or my black Chanel J12 that I don't have to deal with charging if I'm wearing it. I don't see the importance in knowing how many steps I took in a day. Quite irrelevant.
                                Frankly, I don't think I'll ever buy one. Also, from a safety point of view, I don't think it's ok to wear on your wrist something with batteries that might explode if damaged or if something went wrong. Google is full of such articles.

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                                  • 08 May 2022

                                  The best sum of smartwatch functions is in Garmin sport watches. It has all the really necessary things. Long battery time, unbeatable sport functions, durability, pay functions, music, connection and style.

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                                    • 08 May 2022

                                    I have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Buds2 that I use with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and an iPhone 7 Plus. Oh the irony. 😂

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                                      • 08 May 2022

                                      I have a Oppo Band B1. I bought it out of curiosity and for its SpO2 monitoring but I doubt its accuracy because its result is always different from my dedicated oximeter. Now I just use it as a conventional watch without even connecting to my phone. Certainly, a smartwatch or smartband is not for me because it constantly gives me worries about its battery, that it might die anytime if I forgot to charge it. I don't like the idea that I have another device to charge aside from phone, earphone, speaker, flashlights, lamp, etc. My next watch would be a real watch, probably a G-Shock or a Seiko diver.

                                        Apple Watch 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. I wear the former 99.9999% of the time🙂