The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will retain the camera specs of its predecessor

19 May 2022
A leaked case seemingly also confirms the design.

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  • 26 May 2022

XiaRye, 22 May 2022Why would you change the camera set up on the rear of the p... moreMy thoughts exactly! It just doesn't make sense. There definitely has to be more to it considering this is JUST a rumor..

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    • 23 May 2022

    Spanky, 20 May 2022Successors of Xiaomi phones are a bit strange: The Xiaom... moreMost flagships keep their camera hardware for 2 or 3 years with no updates or minor ones, with improvements coming from software, as longer you use hardware, better understanding of it you have, leading to better optimisation.

    Look at Samsung, Apple or Google, their hardware remains mostly the same, sometimes completely, over the course of two or so years, but cameras still improve.

    S21 Ultra had same sensors as S20 Ultra but was massive improvement, I think S22 Ultra also keeps things mostly the same. Google till last year has used same quite old sensor but was able to still get great shots because of software, in general phones rely more and more on that then sensors pure ablity.

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      • 22 May 2022

      Why would you change the camera set up on the rear of the phone so drastically if you were just going to use the same camera sensors? You wouldn't right? I think there's more to it. I loved my mi 11 ultra, I cant wait to see what the 12 ultra brings, Hopefully a North American version with all of T-Mobile's 5g bands?!!

        Is that how the bump is going to look like?? No, just no.

          Yeah. The sensor size as well as lens aperture is important. The vivo x70 pro with f/1.6 gives crazy night shots. You should check them videos out. I've seen that in pitch dark areas, the x70 pro camera shows what the Xiaomi can't.

            DMX, 19 May 2022Slave or not slave, these characteristics will not return, ... moreOh really? Well, I used to be on the wireless audio bandwagon. But since I got my LG V50, not only I have completely stopped using wireless audio, I sold all of my wireless headphones and now going wired all day.

            Sorry about that.

              NXTwoThou, 19 May 2022Considering the source to the the 3.5 jack is 100% digital ... moreNo, that applies to USB-C wired earphones or headphones and USB-to-3.5mm dongles. Native 3.5mm jack always relies on analogue data, particularly DAC.

                Blutbad-fuchsbau, 20 May 2022Why can't xiaomi use an f/1.6 sensor like that on the ... moreF-number refers to a lens aperture, not a sensor size.

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                  • 20 May 2022

                  NXTwoThou, 20 May 2022I believe SD expansion should always be a thing. It makes ... moreRegarding the headphone jack you've already got your answer from the user 808 owner thankfully, so I don't have to point all out once again. There are just use cases where a cabled headphone is the better choice (never found a small enough alternative for my creative ep630's where you can literally keep them in while sleeping without a pressure where your ears are on the pillow.) Also. they always work, no worry about forgetting to charge them. And if one owns a set of audiophile grade IEMs which did cost a few hundred dollars, without wanting to take an external DAC wherever they go, it's just a huge letdown to not be able to use them as easy as it could be, not having to hassle with dongles and stuff. If you want to charge your phone the same time, it gets even mkore complicated because the usb-c+3.5mm combined dongles all suck or aren't even compatible. So... Removing the headphone jack is not forward-thinking, it's actually moving backwards (back to the days where phones had all kinds iof proprietary connectors for charging and headsets and what relief it was when they finally came with 3.5mm and usb) and clearly was a money grab by greedy corporations to sell more throwaway lifestyle products when the batteries die... But don't get me wrong, for sports as an example, I prefer to use wireless ones. So why not having both options, for each usecase?

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                    • 20 May 2022

                    NXTwoThou, 20 May 2022I believe SD expansion should always be a thing. It makes ... moreI've never had this issues with my SD cards, as I only buy high quality Sandisk or Samsung ones. Also, I'd not use them as an extension for a system or app partition (apart of very old androids who had just not enough internal memory) because it wears them much quicker with a lot of swapping/read-write cycles. (Still, there are raspberry Pi's which run since 8 years on the same MicroSD, so it really depends on the card quality and maybe the controller too for this use cases).

                    And as I said, backups are always important, no matter what storage you use for your original files.

                    Also: there are extra long endurance cards available from sandisk and samsung or even better ones (SLC) if someone needs them to be more robust for such use cases. But for normal use as media storage, I never had issues with the standard high quality samsung and sandisk ones.

                      Why can't xiaomi use an f/1.6 sensor like that on the Vivo X70 pro? It would take in more light thus giving stellar night shots. Looks like the night shots would be really... shitty.

                        NXTwoThou, 20 May 2022I believe SD expansion should always be a thing. It makes ... moreReply to your comment is in my last comment.

                          3.5mm jack is relevant for all those people who have a good collection of headphones and earphones which are proper audio grade, not just some $20 phone attachment.

                          Plus, you might not realise but just removing this jack is:- 1. gambling with audio quality, and 2. enabling companies to remove built in DAC, thus putting the money burden on customer who gets a lot of earphones, each with its own DAC. (don't tell me a mono loudspeaker DAC is good quality stuff)
                          So, no matter how much you detest it, its presence is protecting you in a way.

                          Today, for $50, you can either choose a Soundmagic E80C with 64 ohms and top audiophile grade quality and 3.5mm jack, or you can choose some low end USB-C earphone. That bad situation we're in, due to Apple removing jack and everyone on the Earth saying "Oh they removed it, maybe they have a point".

                          For gaming phones, bluetooth is plainly a stupid option due to gaming lag.
                          USB-C is a good choice but it restricts you from charging the phone or using other accessories like cooling fan, etc.

                          What I'd like to see from companies is an innovative solution like moving the jack out of the phone, making it modular or so.
                          After having seen a man on the moon more than 5 decades ago, its sad to see that 3.5mm jack's recommend solution is to remove it... Come on, we're more intelligent than that. Why not a magnetic connector on edge of the phone? Why give up so bad and cause problems for customers who still want 3.5mm?

                            AnonF-1006353, 20 May 2022An SD expansion not only reduces obsolescence, it also offe... moreI believe SD expansion should always be a thing. It makes perfect sense for all the reasons you posted. Even though I've had more than a dozen times where different friends have asked me to try and recover their dead SD cards(and have had two of my own that died). So there's a lot to be said about putting all your eggs into that basket. As long as phones still have slots for SIMs, they should have slots for SD cards. The only thing I don't see a point to is 3.5.

                              Anonymous, 20 May 2022Many governments consider huawei a spy of chinese gov. Yo... more"Many governments consider huawei a spy of chinese gov"
                              You forgot that happened after the US started pressuring its allies not to use Huawei's equipment.

                                Anonymous, 20 May 2022You can stack as many frames you want. The faster is the s... moreHigh-end Pixels have always been processing HDR+ faster than midrange Pixels. I think this is a fairer comparison that makes more sense than iPhone vs Pixel where two phones use entirely different algorithms. You can stack as many frames as you want, but doing so costs you more time with diminishing returns.

                                "while google underexposes a lot in favor of background"
                                This has never been the case since Pixel 5, and it's a pointless complaint at the same time since Pixel allows you to change the exposure of shadow areas in preview.

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                                  • 20 May 2022

                                  Michy, 19 May 2022I don't understand. Leica optics ??? Sony IMX800 p... moreLeica optics = chinese lenses with Leica label like huawei phones
                                  It has imx9xx with 50MP 1/1.12".

                                  Even if Leica made lenses for phones, then they would cost more than the screen probably. Leica stuff is overpriced even compared to stuff from Apple.
                                  Cameras with price of sony A1, but perform like very old sony A7r2.

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                                    • 20 May 2022

                                    choyph, 20 May 2022huawei has potential to beat other smartphone companies in ... moreMany governments consider huawei a spy of chinese gov.
                                    You want banto be lifted because of cellphones camera?

                                    Canada is getting rid of their 5G network as well.

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                                      • 20 May 2022

                                      Nick Tegrataker, 20 May 2022It also takes longer for a slower SoC (or ISP) to stack ima... moreYou can stack as many frames you want. The faster is the sensor, the easier is to stack more frames. Since iphone 13 cmos is 10ms and GN1 is not any close, Apple could be doing more frames than google, but avoids to keep foreground brighter while google underexposes a lot in favor of background.

                                      Pixel does more frames than iphone. Who has faster SoC? I do not think exynos/Tensor is even on pair with A12. Let alone A15.

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                                        • 20 May 2022

                                        NXTwoThou, 19 May 2022Considering the source to the the 3.5 jack is 100% digital ... moreAn SD expansion not only reduces obsolescence, it also offers a cheap, easy and fast way to store and move the whole media library one collects throughout a lifespan to a new phone after a few years each. Plug and play, as simple as that. Not having to think about transferring anything (sync backups of course still important). Apart from time to time upgrading the SD card to a better one with more storage. Also, if a phone breaks (screen, battery, mainboard), the SD with all its files will stay intact; swap into a new phone (if the old one is not worth repairing anymore) and voila. Really not getting how the absence of SD and 3.5mm jack should be any "advantage" or modern in comparison of having these versatile options. It's just profit optimizing for phone corporations, but some can't see this, obiously. Brave new world...