The Xiaomi 12 Ultra will retain the camera specs of its predecessor

19 May 2022
A leaked case seemingly also confirms the design.

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  • 20 May 2022

Anonymous, 19 May 2022simply because for majority of people, what available in th... moreIt wouldn't be a niche market if people weren't recreantly forced into buying bluetooth headphones by simply not leaving them any alternative on (most) flagship models. It doesn't need big brains to recognize this was a forced money-grab decision, and i probably don't have to mention which greedy fruit company - once more - started this stupid industry trend.

Also, FM radio was "good enough" for decades for most people, so thats a really weak argument for lossy audio... It just is "good enough" because most don't know any better. But it's a horrible decision for those who actually care. So why not keeping some options for media enthusiasts? Pushing for the best, brightest eye-piercing HDR screens but not recognizing the uncompromised worth of lossless audio and the versatility of having a simple headphone jack which will probably cost less than half of any useless 2mp camera sensor a plenthora of phones have on their backs nowadays, doesn't really make any sense to me...

And by the way, offering an audio centric or camera optimized phone wasn't that hard back in the 2005 to 2010 era, it still would sell well if done right nowadays. Unfortunately, most phone brands have lost any ambition in creating individuality, they are all after the same look and profit optimizing nowadays... The 12 Ultra not coming up with an even better sensor is just a good example of it. Let's hope they actually make up for it on the software side, but somewhere you will always hit the hardware limits...

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    • 20 May 2022

    DMX, 19 May 2022Slave or not slave, these characteristics will not return, ... moreSlave of the past? These things are NOT past, they're still here and will never disappear (in the example of sony). Also, why do you consider (1) an always onlne requirement for access to all your data (cloud storage) and (2) a compressed, modified, lossy audio signal an advancement over (1) local microSD storage expansion and (2) uncompressed analog audio? And by the way, why not having both options? Why take it away from people? And furthermore, why the heck anybody likes the idea of removing useful features and not letting the consumer decide instead? Only greedy money grabber companies like apple can start such stupid trends with their lifestyle toys. That's what smartphones and, slowly, also personal computers have become nowadays. Closed down lifestyle gadgets to push ads on people, instead of serious swiss army knife tools to get shit done!

    Anyone who likes the way this is going can't be a serious tech lover, only brainless fools and trolls...

    There's absolutely nothing modern in that idea.

      Michy, 19 May 2022I don't understand. Leica optics ??? Sony IMX800 p... moreIt's probably not the imx800. The imx800 is supposed to be a 1/1.49" 54mp sensor ( the one on the upcoming Honor 70 series). Might be the IMX989 according to some Chinese leakers like Digital Chat Station.

        huawei has potential to beat other smartphone companies in providing camera upgrades and innovation(if not) like xperia if it doesnt have US ban. I think US have to give huawei a second chance bcos samsung and xiaomi have no innovation and camera upgrades and their prices just go higher without any innovation(unlike sony). And if that happens, they have to battle Vivo X Series

          Anonymous, 20 May 2022speed for multi frame stacking has nothing to do with SoC u... moreIt also takes longer for a slower SoC (or ISP) to stack images, obviously.

            Successors of Xiaomi phones are a bit strange:

            The Xiaomi 12 Lite has the same SoC as the Xiaomi 11 Lite, but a better camera. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra seems to have the same camera as the Xiaomi 11 Ultra, but a better SoC!

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              • 20 May 2022

              Anonym, 19 May 2022much needed speed in terms of multi frame stacking for bett... morespeed for multi frame stacking has nothing to do with SoC used. but sensor readout

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                • 20 May 2022

                Alright I will buy Mi 11 Ultra then. Its camera design also looks much better than this abomination.

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                  • 20 May 2022

                  The only missing at camera island is triangle shaped holes, everything is there as circle big and small, square, rectangular, pill shape, etc.

                    So many holes from that rear camera island. I count at least there are 5 holes for camera only. Wew..

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                      • 19 May 2022

                      Akashi Seijuro, 19 May 2022In short, Xiaomi is cheating by misleading everyone in thei... moreThey all do now and then.
                      Just look at Samsungs S23 serie, lots of empty promises. Not fair to us, but part of the game.

                        Retain UDC or bust.

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                          • 19 May 2022

                          so same like samsung, same phone from last year, this would have never happen if US shi* would have not killed competition (huawei)

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                            • 19 May 2022

                            Akashi Seijuro, 19 May 2022Audio is analog because it is always converted from digital... moresimply because for majority of people, what available in the market right now is good enough for them

                            as far as bluetooth headphone/earphone, the most common people complain is lag/delay, over the sound quality, i mean that is pretty much logical if we seeing that most people listen music from stream (spotify/ytmusic etc.) which sound quality is "average"

                            then again audiophile people that spending lots on money on top quality headphone will most likely buy dedicated audio-player rather hear it on mobile phones

                            if you own the smartphone company, will you thinking creating product for niche-market will give you great profit?
                            as per common sense, higher quality product = increase in product cost, higher price = can also less sales especially if what you offering is not what market looking for

                              Akashi Seijuro, 19 May 2022In short, Xiaomi is cheating by misleading everyone in thei... moreBro calm down this article is a leak rumor nd it is not from Xiaomi

                              Also I never saw anything like 10x optical zoom in this article

                                I don't understand.

                                Leica optics ???
                                Sony IMX800 phtography chipset ???

                                  Rotciv Ikias, 19 May 2022On the mi 11 ultra it was 5x for the periscope so since the... moreIn short, Xiaomi is cheating by misleading everyone in their marketing strat. I hate it when manufacturers are being dishonest with their claims. It really goes to show what kind of character do they radiate, and it will only get worse as it gets further normalized.

                                  False and misleading marketing tactics should be declared illegal.

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                                    • 19 May 2022

                                    Why did they exclude the second screen?
                                    That was the best part about the phone.
                                    Really sad to see it gone.

                                      NXTwoThou, 19 May 2022Considering the source to the the 3.5 jack is 100% digital ... moreAudio is analog because it is always converted from digital waveforms into analog signal. It's what the output that's being described as analog. Even wireless audio devices transform digital audio waveforms into analog, so it's definitely always analog.

                                      In terms of the choice of DAC, literally EVERY single smartphone has one inside, otherwise there would be no sound that will ever get produced if such hardware component isn't available, so no, we are always stuck with whatever kind of DAC that the manufacturer provides to us, be it wired or wireless audio. However, through the 3.5mm jack, manufacturers can provide us with incredibly great DACs, particularly the Quad DACs that we've used to have with the LG V-series, whereas I'm yet to see such similar, if not better type of DAC in USB-C interface or Bluetooth peripherals. One thing's for sure is, it's FAR more convenient to simply have a 3.5mm port rather than carry around multiple dongles just to achieve similar audio quality as having a dedicated audio jack.

                                      Regardless, more options is always better, and it wouldn't hurt to have both at the same time, which is why I truly admire Xperia phones, as they're the only flagships in this era to still offer audio jack without compromising anything in exchange.
                                      Imagine, Sony, who is perhaps the best brand for bluetooth headphones and earbuds right now, and has also pioneered a high-quality bluetooth codec that's literally present in all smartphones today, is still offering the traditional headphone jack in all of their smartphones. That makes me question the likes of Samsung, Apple, and pretty much everybody else, on what gives them the right to remove it but not be able to offer the best wireless audio products in exchange.

                                        Aierlan, 19 May 2022I think the main camera sensor is probably going to be diff... moreLet's watch out

                                        Nd if they change the main camera they better optimize it well