MediaTek’s revenue up 33% thanks to strong sales of Dimensity 8000/9000 series

21 June 2022
The rising interest of MediaTek’s new chipsets among OEMs is helping the company’s bottom line.

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SShock, 21 Jun 2022And have wrong supported bands. Yeah, I had that once with ... moreThat hasn't been an issue for years buddy. Even Chinese only phones will support all global bands

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    • HamAndEggs
    • 3SL
    • 27 Jun 2022

    DMX, 21 Jun 2022Far from Snapdragon still very far, MediaTek will always be... moreWell, I don't buy a phone because of the processors reputation in regards if it's "cheap".
    On the contrary if it suggest cheap, then I would want to buy it even more, because a better processor for less money? Bring it on!

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      • Anonymous
      • uRE
      • 22 Jun 2022

      Whats the point if so few global phone release with dimensity 9000. We want to see more mtk chips.

        Anonymous, 21 Jun 2022Dimensity 9000?no~ Kirin 9000!yes!Well I'll take the one that won't literally open up for the Chinese government to get in there. Hint: it's not the Kirin

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          • t7x
          • 21 Jun 2022

          Anonymous, 21 Jun 2022These Chinese chipsets dominate the market now. I couldnt... moreThey're Taiwanese

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            • Jumbo Jackson
            • L1w
            • 21 Jun 2022

            Where is my Poco F4 Pro with Dimensity 9000.

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              • Anonymous
              • d%$
              • 21 Jun 2022

              These Chinese chipsets dominate the market now.
              I couldnt imagine that 10 years ago.
              Good job Mediatek and Kirin!

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                • y6V
                • 21 Jun 2022

                Discard mali as their gpu it might compete with the dragon.

                  It seems Poco X4 GT will sport Mediatek 8100 even in Europe. Now that's decent news, finally some latest gen Mediatek love for Europeans too. And price doesn't seem to be absurd if leaks from some Polish retailer are true.

                    I will find you, 21 Jun 2022You can import it from AliExpressAnd have wrong supported bands. Yeah, I had that once with imported Xiaomi and I'll say "no thanks". I had better speeds with 3G than LTE because it had just some bands supported in my region and not the rest.

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                      • Original-Ghanaian
                      • fuv
                      • 21 Jun 2022

                      Impressively MediaTek have come up in recent years,they were always working underground, who won't agree that these fake copycats phones such as a fake Galaxy 20 ultra were sourcing MediaTek chips when you use cpu-z to identify the chips,I hope they become a contender in the chip business,as at now I'm using a Galaxy A31 that has a Helio p65 chipset.

                        Very good mediatek for your first real try you actually have chipsets in 700-1000 price range

                        When years before mediatek had 0% share in that price category

                        Another win for competition

                        Qualcomm out there being as lazy as can be

                          blue, 21 Jun 2022Seriously? G65 is about 25 % of either Exynos 990 or S865 u... moreI don't think he knows what a benchmark is...

                            SShock, 21 Jun 2022Too bad you basically can't buy a phone with it if you... moreYou can import it from AliExpress

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                              • DMX
                              • 8xr
                              • 21 Jun 2022

                              Far from Snapdragon still very far, MediaTek will always be the Soc for cheap phones, that reputation will always have

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                                • blue
                                • 0CN
                                • 21 Jun 2022

                                Anonymous, 21 Jun 2022I hope we could get some lower priced big foldable with new... moreWhat price difference between Dimensity 9000 and S 8 Gen 1 you expect?
                                In reality it is so small that it does not influence the price of the phone at all.

                                  Original-Jamaican, 21 Jun 2022Back in 2012 MediaTek was the slowest of the bunch based on... moreMost low end chipsets are capable enough to drive menus and probably start an app by loading its basic resources, but when you request a very compute intensive task from it, they choke and lag because they just can't handle such tasks very well. Remember days when they were so weak they couldn't even start apps well when they were brand new...

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                                    • 6wN
                                    • 21 Jun 2022

                                    Congrats. But for me Dragon is the best.

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                                      • S6p
                                      • 21 Jun 2022

                                      I hope we could get some lower priced big foldable with newest Mediatek flagship soc.

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                                        • kJ}
                                        • 21 Jun 2022

                                        Dimensity 9000?no~
                                        Kirin 9000!yes!