Flashback: a decade of Sony Xperia displays

03 July 2022
From the first ever 4K smartphone display to the pocket friendly Compacts, we have a look at the Sony Xperia story through some of the most interesting displays.

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In past Sony were great but as they rose from tiny to a tall remote controller and added a price of a premium flagship grade luxury device when they arent Sony dropped from one of best selling brands to one of the top 20.
Only premium brand ever existed was Vertu.
Compared to Vertu which was handmade we have only more and less expensive phones some flagships but zero premium devices.
Since Vertu is gone all premium devices are gone too.
No other phone had luxury like Vertu and its super premium features.
Regular phones even flagsip grade dont have super premium features like Shappire screen instead of usual Gorrila Glass, No titanium body instead plastic or aluminium with a glass back which is very far from Titanium, No concierge app and many else.
Ony exception is Caviar made phones which are half premium made frommm expensive materials but missing super premium features.

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    • Z1 Compact
    • Hk{
    • 03 Jul 2022

    Why 2013 mini is not a Xperia Z1 Compact?

      Shab, 03 Jul 2022I always love Sony phones. Best of bestBest price yes best specs dont think so.
      For half the price or for even 1/3 of the price i can find plenty of equal phones with same or better all major specs.
      Only on minor side is Xperia better.

        you have to suffer, 03 Jul 2022same. i'm tired to see all flagship phones have became... moreSince when a 12 mpix camera with 4GB ram laughable prison OS. and 5V/1A charging with no charger in the box and a very tiny battery with very low endurance but price of 1500 is called a flagship grade phone???
        Its nothing but illusion of a real flagship.

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          • s8d
          • 03 Jul 2022

          Shab, 03 Jul 2022I always love Sony phones. Best of bestNobody like them, because nobody bought them.

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            • Shab
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            • 03 Jul 2022

            I always love Sony phones. Best of best

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              • 03 Jul 2022

              You guys forgot about the Xperia ZL, it was their first attempt at compact 5.0"... I had it for a long time and i really liked the back of it (had some kind of reliëf on it). Oh and the Xperia T!

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                • Adward
                • uZH
                • 03 Jul 2022

                Common people think that samsung display are best but in reality sony has fat more best display then samsung..sony processing in creative mod and as well as x1 engine are best in class

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                  • Ethan
                  • v3K
                  • 03 Jul 2022

                  Z Ultra has the first 4K display???? I thought that was the Z5 Premium.

                    Currently on the 1 iii. Gorgeous display despite the brightness being a little on the dim side (thankfully, the Mark IV fixes it but it's not enough for me to upgrade).

                    Sony's definitely won me over for a multitude of reasons despite the price. I gotta keep supporting the brand that marches to its own beat and keeps the features I like instead of removing them.

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                      • gxI
                      • 03 Jul 2022

                      xz2 was first 18:9 not xz3

                      also their displays support 120hz since 2015
                      so while late to include that in their software it was available for years for anyone who can root their phone and spend 5minutes of their time

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                        • Kiza
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                        • 03 Jul 2022

                        Nice retrospective

                          you have to suffer, 03 Jul 2022same. i'm tired to see all flagship phones have became... moreI am now using Pixel 5 as daily driver. 4000mah battery within a 151g unibody. However I still miss my old XZ1 compact, those Xperia 5s are too tall and a bit more heavy.

                            MRSTEK, 03 Jul 2022I really miss compact.same. i'm tired to see all flagship phones have became a thin "elegant" brick. but iPhones and Asus zenfone 8 are the only option to have a compact flagship

                              I really miss compact.