Xiaomi 12S Ultra brings 1-inch sensor, Leica optics and Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

04 July 2022
Along with a 6.73-inch E5 AMOLED display, 4,860mAh battery with 67W charging.

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  • Zuzuz
  • ajZ
  • 04 Jul 2022

If this has 1" diagonal, why is not public the actually size? I still know how to find a length in a triangle.

    I'm definitely keen to look into both the 12.5MP and 50MP samples. Since the individual pixel size is so large, the full resolution mode could turn out to be more useful than that on other devices.

    It's also nice to see a 30fps photo capture with face/eye AF on a huge sensor, finally.

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      • porsile01
      • mxJ
      • 04 Jul 2022

      The haters are out already.
      This is looks like a really good phone with some proper innovation.
      Why not wait till the reviews?

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        • Shui8
        • XM7
        • 04 Jul 2022

        Lccy, 04 Jul 2022I don't think he article states the aperture of the ma... moreSummicron is a Leica codename for f2.0 aperture level. So its either f1.95 (round up) or indeed f2.0.

          Anonymous, 04 Jul 2022Keep your eyes on WondaMobile, TradingShenzen, GizTop, Blud... moreYeah, already available for pre-order on Giztop 👍

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            • Anonymous
            • mxH
            • 04 Jul 2022

            Michy, 04 Jul 2022And if it will be sold in China only ... Will bring Google... moreKeep your eyes on WondaMobile, TradingShenzen, GizTop, Bludiode, AliExpress, Ebay, etc. to purchase the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

            You can import the phone from China into a EU country, and they will automatically install Google Play services on the phone

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              • Anonymous
              • KAm
              • 04 Jul 2022

              This phone is boring

                "Camera Island you say? We have a Continent of Camera!"

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                  • pQr
                  • 04 Jul 2022

                  Also note that the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate should still capture slightly more light per time than the 12S Ultra main camera.

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                    • blue
                    • nrH
                    • 04 Jul 2022

                    The ugliest phone design ever. A camera bump with another bump, great. No back cover can fix this and look still good.

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                      • Rippy
                      • b@p
                      • 04 Jul 2022

                      Looks really amazing. Hope they eventually bring one out to the rest of the world. If it were possible, even a tad smaller.

                        Want to see that contract and color performance... Price is also great

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pQr
                          • 04 Jul 2022

                          Note that this sensor is larger than 1" type sensors. A 3:2 1" type sensor uses an active sensor area of 115mm². A 4:3 1" type sensor uses an area of approximately 120mm². This sensor uses an area of approximately 129mm² = 50.3*1.6² mm².
                          It also has dual pixel autofocus allegedly.

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                            • Lccy
                            • n1k
                            • 04 Jul 2022

                            I don't think he article states the aperture of the main lens, from the samples, it's either f1.9 of f1.95

                            The Vivo x80 pro has a smaller 1.1.3 sensor but a brighter f1.57 aperture.

                            If 2.7 is the crop factor, 1.95 * 2.7 is 5.265, but the crop factor might be different as the sensor is 4:3
                            For the x8 pro, 1.57*3.85 is 6.04
                            So there should still be more light and a shallower depth of field as they both have a 23mm equivalent lens.

                            However say they had the same equivalence, the larger sensor with smaller aperture should still have an advantage as it should be less noisy.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • gDf
                              • 04 Jul 2022

                              6000CNY is 860€ for 8GB/256GB version? we are getting ripped of here in Germany! This would cost about 1300€ here!

                                Well folks what can we learn from all of this?

                                Huawei was light years ahead of everyone in camera hardware

                                Now that they have been suppressed every other OEM is still just playing catch up after so many years without Huawei

                                Periscope has slowed down .. we barely are now trying out more RGB variations like RGBW etc etc

                                Xiaomi is now following the Leica branding all things Huawei helped pioneer. Innovation has taken a serious hit

                                  A pixel 5 still gon eat this for breakfast 😂😂😂
                                  All Chinese phones to the 🗑️🗑️

                                    Michy, 04 Jul 2022And if it will be sold in China only ... Will bring Google... moreIt will have basic Google services. You just need to install the Google apps yourself. Just be aware it doesn't support band 20 which is important in some European countries

                                      EM, 04 Jul 2022If it's not available outside China, what is the point... moreI regretted reading the article.

                                        Anonymous, 04 Jul 2022dou = days of useThanks