Kuo: Apple to increase iPhone 14 Pro share, non-Pro iPhone 14 to miss on A16 chipset

06 July 2022
Such action would also benefit component suppliers which expect significant yearly growth.

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Sin, 17 Jul 2022The iphone is a lot more popular and mainstream then it sho... more'People buying chooses clearly don't reflect what phones are the best'

This is because what 'phones are the best' is an entirely subjective issue and cannot be stated as an absolute, not by you, me or any of the other bubble blowers on this site.

We can voice our opinions, and boy are there those on this site who just love doing that. But that's the rub isn't it, they are just opinions, nothing more. for example, my saying iOS is the best is not likely to be taken as a definitive fact by those who prefer android, nor should it. Who am I to rule on that score.

By contrast I don't accept the opinions passed of as fact by any of the loudmouths who are constantly trying to tell me the reverse (that Android is 'better') as anything other than an opinion, nothing more.

FYI, this is why I am always careful to never say one is better than the other, I will always just state my own preference, being fully cognizant of what constitutes my personal preferences will likely not apply to other people. The comments sections of sites like this though are full of examples of those thinking their opinions are undisputable facts, and thus need to be everyone else's opinion as well. Heaven help you should you disagree with these types, it seems to really get on their nerves.

Now onto your opinion that Apple shouldn't have lasted this long, and are nothing more than 'lemons'. Well the answer that opinion is to simply point out that Apple haven't only lasted but thrived, being the first company to attain 1, 2 and 3 trillion dollars market value, this whilst attaining consistently high values in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales performance across a range of products.

In this case there is no subjectivity, you may not like these facts and that is your right, you are welcome to your opinion after all, but the facts do not seem to care much do they. Apple has gone from strength to strength, whilst all those other names you mentioned struggled and fell, clearly Apple were doing something right, the others...not so much.

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    • 17 Jul 2022

    DaFink, 07 Jul 2022‘I hate seeing my friends pay more for less capability’ ... moreThe iphone is a lot more popular and mainstream then it should be it probably shouldn't even work as a business modal

    But teck reviewer are pushing the idea the iphone is the best everyone seems to think a console like phone is OK with unbalanced specs and questionable usability
    it's barely even a viable opinion

    Phones that don't have android normally don't sell ever well

    Especially if there specs are worse then android phones

    Let's look at other phones similar too iphone

    BlackBerry was not able too understand the keyboard is obsolete and if u want a keyboard using a external keyboard with a adopter is the way too go
    Also there os was beaton by android but they refused too change

    Nokia Linux phones with strong hardware
    Had a good short but lacked software support and was a one off
    It rather unfortunate because there might of become a good os idk

    Nokia should have started making android phones too long side your Linux phones as opinions

    Nokia window phones Microsoft is not know for making stuff good look at the mess windows is
    Windows mobile ecosystem and apps was poor Microsoft should of just put windows 7 starter edition on phones or something similar have desktop windows portable PC phone would been so much better

    Nokia before it's too late make android phones it's your last chance

    So window phones down taken down Nokia with them way too go Microsoft

    Yeah android rules
    Apple shouldn't of lasted this long

    hmd global Nokia finally on androidOne with there budget phones on androidGo

    This is the best the Nokia brand ever Nokia of today phone brand is making better phones today even then ever before

    The market let's some real lemons like apple live but the greatest brands like hmd global Nokia is not doing so well 0.o madness

    People buying chooses clearly don't reflect what phones are the best

      dbjungle, 07 Jul 2022I'm not an iPhone user, but... I think if there are m... more‘I hate seeing my friends pay more for less capability’

      Well perhaps you would be better served not getting so emotionally involved in such trivial matters that don’t even concern you personally. Also maybe trust that your ‘friends’ are making the right choice for themselves and will find all the capability in iOS that they require.

      I switched from Android to iOS, I haven’t missed any functionality that I can think of. Now I don’t know if I could be described as a ‘power user’ as such, if that term even has an actual definition. I do use my iPhone considerably through my day though, cannot remember any situation where it failed me and left me thinking if only I’d stuck with Android……

        I do agree with you,what do apple sales its is soft atm cuz lets be honest most phones now have more cores than a regular pc(atleast most of end-user pcs,not all have i9 ,yes I know they are not the same,just stating the obvious before some troll comes and bla bla)...But in my oppinion iphone and even androis got to a point where the upgrade from year to year aint worth the hassle...I mean yeah they are a bit better but...ip11 pro has the same camers more or less as iphone 13 pro...yeah the 13 has more details wider apperture but...is it worth losing 400-500-600 euros over it....neah...same goes for android....s20 vs 22 minor upgrades(not sure if s20 had the 108mpx cam)...But in terms of soft ios is more stable virus free and more enduring over time....yeah android aint bad but aint no ios...And as far as 13 vs 13 pro or 11 vs 11 pro goes you are right they just dump lower models to get the most...I belive they win more from an ip 13 vs a 13 pro cuz of the tech ,mats etc ...IMO ppl who buy the lower tier do it for several reason old phone need a new one and dont wanna spend that much or for the shinny apple cuz atm is a status symbol for some

          SShock, 07 Jul 2022I've been using iOS for almost 4 years and the "l... moreYour experience is one of many. My iPad Mini 6 can't even run any browser engine other than Safari. To make matters worse, Stage Manager is not coming to the 9 month old iPad Mini 6. So much for software support. I ended up buying a Lenovo Legion Y700 so I'm sure that will be a more positive experience for me, PERSONALLY. It seems like there is a bill in the works to force Apple to allow sideloading. Denying sideloading was unable to stop Pegasus anyway.

            dbjungle, 07 Jul 2022I've had work iPhones and I also have an iPad Mini 6. ... moreI've been using iOS for almost 4 years and the "limitations" are so grossly overblown and over-exaggerated it's not even funny. And it's usually the exact same complaining over sideloading, launchers and custom ROM's. Which I've used all for almost a decade and they were ALL rubbish. Always. Most of stuff is entirely irrelevant and a complete non issue. Would I be fine if it was an option? Sure. Do I absolutely demand it with fury? No.

              SShock, 07 Jul 2022And yet you're doing the exact same thing as 99% of pe... moreI've had work iPhones and I also have an iPad Mini 6. My disdain for iOS is not because of a lack of software updates. It's because of the software restrictions that you have alluded to. My phone should work for me as I am the one who has paid money for it. Apple could simply make a process to allow power users to use their devices the way they want, but they have CHOSEN not to do that. It could be a setting on the device itself or something you run from your computer like unlocking an Android bootloader. As far as hardware goes, there is no way you can spin an iPhone 11 with a 800p LCD as worth $700 when it released. If you read through my post I never said there was no merit to iPhone or that people shouldn't use it. I was stating that if something can help lower the prices that would be a win for consumers. The iPhone 12 has a full HD OLED panel, a faster SoC, a considerably better camera than the iPhone 11 and can be had for just $100 more. I don't hate Apple, but some of their products are just a bad value compared to the competition, the iPhone XR, 11 and the recent 2 SE models are great examples. They have other products which are actually great values compared to the competition as well; M1 and M2 Macbook Air, M1 Mac Mini, iPad Air 5. Who cares if Apple will upgrade the bad value ones for 20 years if they already suck sitting on the store shelf.

                dbjungle, 07 Jul 2022I'm not an iPhone user, but... I think if there are m... moreAnd yet you're doing the exact same thing as 99% of people here on GSMArena who are absolutely obsessed with specs on paper and always declaring how iPhones are a "bad deal" and a "rip off" just because they don't have the most ridiculous numbers on paper. Yet somehow outmatch most of competition in real world. And that's just hardware part, everyone ignores how absolutely garbage all the Chinese phone brands (and that's basically entire smartphone industry) are with software. Like, literally ALL of them. People can say or make up whatever they want about iOS and longevity, but 5 years of major OS updates and 2 years of security updates only on top of that is just unmatched. And every time I mention this, people start with lame excuses like "yeah, but you still can't sideload things or install a custom launcher. That's literally irrelevant. It's just weird how lightly people take software support in this age of our entire personal and financial lives being on mobile devices and running several years old operating systems riddled with security issues. Not to mention getting major new iOS update is like christmas every year. Something Android users basically only experience when they buy a new phone. Because that's basically the only way you get a major OS update. Even now, some 12 years after Android was first released.

                People have different priorities and not all trip on big numbers written on spec sheets. And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll understand why people willingly go with Apple and ignore the "bad" specs on paper to price ratio.

                  Grey Wolf, 07 Jul 2022Sadly, once this will start they will never go back. And ye... moreI'm not an iPhone user, but... I think if there are more differences and it pushes the base iPhone down in price tier, that would be an overall good thing for consumers. Personally, I hate iOS, but even more, I hate seeing my friends pay more for less capability. If Apple eventually had something like a Pixel 6a where it's the bulk of what people need without the fluff that'll be a win. ATM I tell all the iOS users I know that buying anything less than an iPhone 12 is a ripoff because you're not even getting 1080p or an OLED for the price you pay. There probably won't be as big of a jump for them for atleast a few more years as the difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 since the typical cycle for Apple is, better camera and faster SoC.

                    Anonymous, 07 Jul 2022Layman term.. Transistors generate heat when they switches ... moreOh I'm sorry, I thought you said M1 was 40% bigger than an A series chip.

                      Grey Wolf, 07 Jul 2022Dude, did you see the iPhone 13 Pro Max? How much bigger do... moreHa, whilst I agree the Max series shouldn’t really be looking to get any bigger, and putting the M2 into a smartphone is an idea worthy of no more of a response than: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

                      That said, the dimensions of the 13 Max, weight aside, are firmly in the average side when compared to many Androids.

                      Take the fold series for instance, now there’s a brick, but one with the durability of a cornflake ironically……

                        Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022ONE example that directly answers your question of what... moreTrue the ability to lock individual apps would be a nice addition, but there is a ‘guided mode’ function built into both iOS and iPadOS that locks to what ever individual app is open.

                        Case in point, when I give our iPad to our son I open the game he was to play (Roblox mostly) the enable guide mode.

                        In terms of feature parity the two platforms have never been closer, this is readily apparent to all but the usual suspects on this site it seems.

                        And maybe it’s not iOS that’s limited, maybe you just don’t know how to get the most out of it 🤷‍♂️

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                          Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022ONE example that directly answers your question of what... moreAll my work apps are face or pin locked. Not very serious apps if they cannot be locked.
                          Also on every Android phone I had using work profiles made it lag no such issue on Apple device with 3 times less ram. So Android is good for games and not work.

                            Grey Wolf, 07 Jul 2022Dude, did you see the iPhone 13 Pro Max? How much bigger do... moreThis guy just always trips on big numbers and always has idea to put unreasonably powerful hardware into a phone... Next time he'll be asking why they don't put Core i9 12900K and RTX 4090Ti into phones... It's same level of stupid asking that as it is asking for M2 inside a phone.

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                              GenZ, 07 Jul 2022Pls make bigger iPhone, To fit Apple M2, To fit 16gb ram... moreDude, did you see the iPhone 13 Pro Max? How much bigger do you want an iPhone to be?
                              That phone is a brick. A friend of mine has that phone. True, is nice display and so on, but I get fatigue after 10 minutes of holding it. And the straight corners makes it even harder.
                              I don't like very small displays either (mainly because of poor batteries), but the iPhone 13 Pro Max is almost like a tablet for me.
                              If you like so much big displays, just get a 4k TV. Lol.

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                                Pls make bigger iPhone,
                                To fit Apple M2,
                                To fit 16gb ram like iPad Pro 5th gen 2021.

                                It's a 2022-2023 phone anyway, already late, don't go low spec.
                                Pls make pencil support screen too.

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                                  • 07 Jul 2022

                                  Tut tut , 06 Jul 2022I agree. Disappointing to see Apple going down this route. ... moreSadly, once this will start they will never go back. And year on year there will be even more differences, to make the gap even wider. In this way they will force people to go for Pro models more.
                                  The only ones that could stop this are the customers. But knowing Apple fanboys, they will accept just about anything Apple is doing. And even worse, they will actually praise it, like is a good thing.

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                                    Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022I know people will buy it anyway but if rumours are true I ... moreI am not sure because every year less and less iphones are being sold. On another note. .even galaxy s series.

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                                      dbjungle, 06 Jul 2022M1 is 118.91 mm sq and A15 is 107.68 mm sq. How is that 40%?Layman term.. Transistors generate heat when they switches state.. like resistors.

                                      More transistors = More heat generated = Need ways to cool down the chip = Fan / Larger size / lower clock speed / arragement etc etc.

                                      So put a M1 into a phone sized device, you may not get the performance you may expect, due to the heat and power requirements.

                                        Anonymous, 06 Jul 2022Why m2? And not M1 Max or M1 ultra??physical size?