BOE gets iPhone 14 OLED screen orders after all

06 July 2022
A new report says Apple certified the panels last week, and mass production will start this month.

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  • 19 Jul 2022

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2022oled 120hz pls!!!Yes

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    • xWs
    • 15 Jul 2022

    oled 120hz pls!!!

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      • xWs
      • 15 Jul 2022

      hope the rumors are true!

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        • 15 Jul 2022

        Anonymous, 07 Jul 2022Why people using vanilla term so much, can't they just... more.. umm. I bet if u go and asked the 1st person who coined that word, he himself wouldt understand what it means if u say "vanilla iphone 14"
        Especially evidents if the articles or the authors are from this certain country, whom already known for their uses of bombastic words and fancy sentences.
        Forgive my comment but it just something I notice reading countless writes up. Not entirely bad , it can be exciting reads sometimes but cringy and sounds 'trying hard' if not.
        Just like this particular comment u a reading now, it can be address in way lesser words instead I chose to make it purposely lengthy , at the expense of the readers time and, irks I supposed.
        Do I make myself sounds smarts and intelligent at the end of the day, "NOT at ALL.."!!

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          • 14 Jul 2022

          CptPower, 07 Jul 2022Congratulations, you literally described every single compa... moreOh look, the "Apple never invented a thing" guy is here that defends Samsung like it's their lord and savior. Do tell where LTPO screens that you Android boys are enjoying right now came from? Oh, wait, it's from Apple that they made to use on their Apple Watch! OMG WHAT RLY?!?!?111/1?! How about Google Chrome? Oh look where it came from - WebKit! MagSafe? Is it not an invention?

          Obviously, not everything was invented by Apple. Hell, even foldable Samsung phones were just tech that was adopted to make it happen. Flexible OLEDs were already a thing in 2004, and it wasn't Samsung who invented it. UDC was the first to reveal it, and Sony was the second one in 2007. Stop with the "aPpLe DiDn'T iNvEnT aNyThInG" bs that you guys spew, because adapting a technology into something that everyone will find amusing and incorporate into their lives is a hard thing to do; and it's what every company does - innovating. And whether you like it or not, Apple is one of the best in doing it (except in recent times).

          So tell me, what did Xiaomeme do? Pick off the shelf parts that has high numbers and call it the best phone? Wow, what innovation! Qualcomm could even barely beat Apple in SoC performance, without it being too hot.


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            • rekha dadlani
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            • 09 Jul 2022

            enjoy the phone.

              Anonymous, 08 Jul 2022BeenBeen???
              Rather like Bees.
              At least they help improve our planet compared to uber rich milionaires who for not tossing money out of window loves to polute our planet and act as guardian angels.
              Alaska in fire with Steven Seagal or Secret agent Jack T. are good examples.

                Kriegsherr, 08 Jul 2022Do you know how copyright works? If Apple has the patent, i... moreBecause people just buy iPhones because of Apple logo lol. Not bunch of other damn good reasons like reliable smooth operation and super long term software support paired with seemingly uninspiring, but reliable and steady progress. Like, why would you want that when you can have a 1500€ "ULTRA" device that throws all the features they could muster up this year into a device that may or may not ever get any updates ever. I mean, how's all those Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra users doin? Did they even get any updates ever?

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                  • 08 Jul 2022

                  CptPower, 07 Jul 2022Congratulations, you literally described every single compa... moreBeen

                    cyber, 07 Jul 2022apple gonna get cheap oleds for expensive devices,displayga... moreAlright this will be a predictable comments

                      Kriegsherr, 08 Jul 2022Yeah, when the older SOC can destroy latest generation snap... moreApple's A bionic chips are 2-3 generations ahead of what qualcomm can release. That's hw far ahead they are.

                        Kriegsherr, 08 Jul 2022Do you know how copyright works? If Apple has the patent, i... moreCause their products are poor imitations of the iphone, period.

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                          • 08 Jul 2022

                          dude111, 07 Jul 2022"Say wha-? Do you want our expensive, premium product... moreYou know nothing about business. Business is all about negotiations and getting the best deals. If you know that you're the only company that another company can buy from, you can keep saying no until another company gives you the best price it can give. That's why companies don't want to rely on only one or two suppliers.

                            Anonymous, 07 Jul 2022i am happy if you are get vanilla version with older soc an... moreYeah, when the older SOC can destroy latest generation snapdragon flagship. Applle provides some midrange specs. True. But their SOC is the best in the market.

                              CptPower, 07 Jul 2022Congratulations, you literally described every single compa... moreDo you know how copyright works? If Apple has the patent, its as simple as daylight that they are the one to get paid. No matter how everyone keeps claiming that they made it first. Pretty simple.

                              I have yet to see someone who buys Xiaomi or realme or fakeme 1000 bucks phone. Heard that they always beat iphone in everything but why aren't their flagship sold like Apple in western Europe or America? Why people mostly go for Apple or Samsung?

                                SShock, 07 Jul 2022Congratulations, you literally described every single compa... more"Say wha-?
                                Do you want our expensive, premium product? And you want 100 million of them?
                                Yeah, how about no."

                                lol at that guy

                                These manufacturers are actually fighting for those orders!!

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                                  • 07 Jul 2022

                                  Why people using vanilla term so much, can't they just call it iPhone 14? Or base model. Why have to add more and more words.

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                                    • 07 Jul 2022

                                    What are you people in the comments sniffing? It looks like a great thing lol

                                      Anonymous, 07 Jul 2022ah sorry i mean for new S series after s22 ultra.i forget t... moreI have no idea for the next generation of Galaxy S series AMOLED displays, but sure enough they won't be using E-series material panels for them because it is exclusively made by Samsung Display for mid-range devices of other brands that would order them (Xiaomi, Realme, Oppo, Vivo, etc.)
                                      As for the rest of your reply, I absolutely have no idea how they are relevant to my point, which is to simply stand correct your misguided information so that it could hopefully help you understand the point of the person you were replying to.

                                        SShock, 07 Jul 2022Congratulations, you literally described every single compa... moreCongratulations, you literally described every single company ever. I'm amazed how almost all of you here are pretending only Apple is the bad guy here while willfully ignoring literally all other companies doing EXACTLY the same s**t. It's beyond hilarious.

                                        Man just for example: The Xiaomi 12S Ultra weighs in at 225g and is IP68 water and dust-resistant. It comes in Classic Black and Verdant Green with a Leather-like rear finish. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has confirmed that it's not going to be available outside China, where the phone is CNY 5,999 for the 8/256GB, CNY 6,499 for the 12/256GB, and CNY 6999 for the 12/512GB.
                                        To be more specific: CNY 5999 is 880 euros. Please educate me which Iphone 13 cost this low??? Only the Mini which aint specs comparable. Xiaomi 12s Ultra is much better over Iphone 13 pro max and it will easily beats Iphone 14 pro max too with its specs and camera.
                                        And Iphone 14 pro max will cost maybe 1500.
                                        Even old Iphone 11 pro max or Xs Max cost way more than 880 euros brand new not used device.

                                        Also, why would any company refuse to make components for a high volume reputable company like Apple lol? That's literally like saying "no, we don't want to reach our financial plans this year".
                                        Man very easy answer. As far as we all know apple they dont hesitate to send to the courts any company which they are not satisfied with. If they dont have reason they will do everything to find one because they needs money. Apple is so money hungry that they do litterary everything to not starve.
                                        Sending other competitors for patent copyrights even we all know Apple never invented a thing is so typical behavior of apple.

                                        So reaching financial plans but not helping the greatest competitor but help them to roin them and then quicky buy they shares for profit is the easy yes in this matter why me as a company representative would skip manufacturing any single ro spare aprt for company like Apple.