Weekly poll: if you could get a Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro or 12S Ultra, would you?

10 July 2022
The Ultra will be exclusive for China - but if you can buy one, do you think this is the best phone for your money? What about the revamped 12S and 12S Pro?

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  • 13 Aug 2022

12S for me, if I could order it in EU. I prefer the smaller screen, as I doubt the other 2 bigger models will fit in my cars wireless charger slot. I don't care about photos, so the camera on the 12S is more than enough. The only 2 fault is the lack of sd card and punch-hole camera.

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    • Koffi
    • xjH
    • 12 Aug 2022

    Marco M, 23 Jul 2022They already do optimize the consumption, and few comes wit... moreI agree the. battery on the phone may be small but their is power in it

      Bodygard, 10 Jul 2022Small battery doesn't mean short battery life. They sh... moreThey already do optimize the consumption, and few comes with as strict battery saving features like Xiaomi activated by default.

      They can't magically make a 3500 mAh phone have the same screen on time as a 5000 mAh one, if all other aspects apart from screen size are the same. Unless going down on resolution, or deliberately using a inefficient display on the bigger one and/or, again deliberately, including a power draining bug in the software of the larger phone.

      Running the same game/app on the same on the same chipset at the same resolution will consume a very similar amount of mAh, despite one phone having a slightly bigger display. Going down on resolution will help, a lot. And while first going down in resolution, stepping down to a more efficient chipset will help even further while still keeping the fps/smoothness.

      However, if you want the same phone, only smaller, then you will have to accept a smaller battery capacity and increased likelihood of not making it through the day without and requiring an additional charge sooner, or use fewer apps/features like gps. No matter what, there will be a compromise.

      As per use the smaller capacity battery will run through more charge cycles per year and therefore also degrade faster. And alternative solution would be to make it not only smaller, but also noticeably thicker and therefore keep the battery capacity. Again, it would likely be a sales flop.

        WQLF , 19 Jul 2022do you thing xiaomi 12 s pro will be release globaly and w... moreSorry. Don't know

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          • 19 Jul 2022

          Aierlan, 11 Jul 2022More than likely they decided it's not worth it. In r... moredo you thing xiaomi 12 s pro will be release globaly and when do you thing its gonna hapend (not for the ultra beacuse ultra will never release globaly)

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            • 19 Jul 2022

            impinas, 11 Jul 2022In the presentation it was said that the 12s pro and 12s do... moredo you thing xiaomi 12 s pro will be release globaly and when do you thing its gonna hapend

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              • Lolokoo
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              • 12 Jul 2022

              GSM Arena User, 11 Jul 2022You see ppl? Just as I thought nobody buying this brand "Xiaomi has beaten both Samsung and Apple to emerge as the number one smartphone vendor in the world during June 2021, the latest Counterpoint report confirmed. Xiaomi had a great second quarter of 2021"

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                • 0Rw
                • 11 Jul 2022

                More let downs by this sub standard brand
                Always the case over hype Chinese phones sayware phones
                People forgot so fast this brand was black listed

                  In the presentation it was said that the 12s pro and 12s don't share the same camera setup, apart from the main lens. Here it says the opposite. Which stands? The difference is big, If the 12s had the same setup as the 12s Pro I woyld consider buying it. I don't want the pro because it is huge and I don't want the 12s because of the lower end secondary cameras.

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                    • GSM Arena User
                    • Cx@
                    • 11 Jul 2022

                    You see ppl? Just as I thought nobody buying this brand

                      12S ultra for 700 bucks is like the best phone money can buy right now.
                      I really dont think anything will beat that.
                      Xiaomi rules.

                        Anonymous, 11 Jul 2022Exactly, ironically the camera on 12s ultra is actually it&... morePeople and also reviewers only really complained over Leica modes that just don't make good photos. Regular modes were always highly praised.

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                          • 46c
                          • 11 Jul 2022

                          Aierlan, 11 Jul 2022More than likely they decided it's not worth it. In r... moreExactly, ironically the camera on 12s ultra is actually it's weakest link. Leica ruined camera quality and 1 inch sensor is actually a disadvantage cause you need a much better optimization for it to actually get any benefits. Now that we have non-biased reviews like this one coming in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDJHOv1-HOA
                          This 12S Ultra can't even compete against iPhone 13 pro max. Xiaomi blows out portrait photos, dynamic range is terrible, edge detection socks. And the photos all look so washed out and not sharp like iphone and samsung's. And that's only from the main camera, the ultra wide appears to take great photos and Tele lens are good too. So only the 1 inch sensor is the one that's crap. And before people start saying wait for updates, this is Chinese company we are talking about. So no, updates at best will catch up to Iphone 13 in a few month by then a newer phone will be out. The first software update released July 9th didnt fix much of anything. However, battery like appears to be great. Maybe even better than s22 ultra, although still no proper battery drain tests have been posted yet, people who have gotten the phone all praise it for battery life.

                            I am going to buy a new phone. I found these options 12 pro, 12s. But I'll wait until the release of 12s dimancity version. If I don't find it, I'll probably buy 12s. Guys, what can you recommend to buy for ~700$.

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                              • David
                              • uP1
                              • 11 Jul 2022

                              I already got Xiaomi 12s Ultra yesterday from Xiaomi, They sent a big box, inside have a free 5G sim Card, 1 stainless Mug & 1 Umbrella , and the phone for sure.

                                Bodygard, 10 Jul 2022Small battery doesn't mean short battery life. They sh... moreYes, it does and it always will. On the same device on the running the same software and hardware otherwise - a smaller battery will always lead to shorter battery life.

                                Bloated apps?

                                1 - Apps you feel are bloat can almost always be uninstalled or de-activated.
                                2 - If you don't use/activate the pre-installed apps you feel are bloat, then they will in most cases not run nor affect system performance. Their only affect is on the storage, and it is very little space they take.

                                "We have compact phones with 4000+ mAh"

                                But not with a massive camera setup and 2022 flagship chipset that gets the cooling it needs - presumably. Space constraints will always come at a cost. Just the main sensor alone on the 12s Ultra is almost five times the size of the 1/2.55" sensors that were popular for way too long - especially in the pixels and iphones. And that's just the surface are of the sensor, everything else around to support needs to grow as well.

                                If wanting this main camera and maybe one more sensor for ultrawide or tele (preferably with OIS also for the tele) then the mostly unnecessary flagship chipset, could be sacrificed in the compact device. A lower end chipset would require less cooling and generally are more power efficient during normal use. Would it sell well? Probably not, it would be a niche product like most compact devices are and have been for the past years.

                                While people in your target group can be loud here on sites like these, when it comes to sales we see you are so very few, and the sales of compact devices keep failing and hence the prioritization gets reduced. Some brands follow these comments closely and don't account for the over representation and have made small devices for you guys that have ended up as flops sales wise.

                                The shift has been very clear. Last round when I helped elders in their 50s and 60s here upgrade their ancient devices they all wanted something relatively small and definitely not too big. Many ended on the Moto X4 - a decent all-rounder in it's price group, but with a tiny screen. Guess what all of them had as their main point when upgrading this time around? Much bigger display, to get more things done more efficiently and conveniently. So the Xiaomi 11T and 11 Lite (NE) have been very popular in this round.

                                  1500 on a china phone ??! 👽🤢🤮🤮🤮 I wouldn't use one for free!

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                                    • ibc
                                    • 11 Jul 2022

                                    I will choose Xiaomi 12S just for the sake of compact phone. S22 although have better support, features and design is too expensive and have low battery life. I actually waiting for Xiaomi to adopt USB 3.0 and above but at this rate I have given up on it, so stupid of them to still use USB 2.0.

                                      Dometalican, 10 Jul 2022Appreciate the recommendation (no sarcasm... honest. Hard t... morePixel 7 won't have much upgrades over the Pixel 6. And it won't have 512GB for sure. Only Pixel 7 Pro will have it. And I don't think it's worth 1100USD.

                                        Michy, 10 Jul 2022I want a black Xiaomi 12S Ultra with 12/256 RAM/Storage, Go... moreMore than likely they decided it's not worth it. In reality it boils down to money. Would enough people spend €1,300 on a Xiaomi phone to make it worthwhile for them to launch in Europe? There are costs with launching a phone in each of the different European countries so the sales volume would need to be high enough to make up for the costs. They probably have decided that the costs will outweigh the benefit. Of course they could also decide to launch just to try to build their brand image in the high end segment even though they may make a loss but it looks like they haven't decided to do this. Interestingly they still gave review units to gsmarena and big foreign youtubers. This was a clever move as it's a very cheap form of advertising and can help build their brand image in the high end segment. All reviews from reviewers who have received free phones from companies basically exist for marketing purposes