Weekly poll: if you could get a Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro or 12S Ultra, would you?

10 July 2022
The Ultra will be exclusive for China - but if you can buy one, do you think this is the best phone for your money? What about the revamped 12S and 12S Pro?

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You know I want it all.

    Xiaomi, for a little while, has been making some great Photography oriented phones. Bur, they're mediocre with most other things. And updates are rather disappointing.

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      • 10 Jul 2022

      Although 12s ultra has so appealing specifications list, I don't have any trust in Xiaomi because of buggy and delayed software updates for most users with no fixes.

        Xiaomi makes 2 to 3 Android updates, and the security patch is only 2 to 3 years old. In addition, if it's not China, the update schedule is slower and takes a long time to fix, but the user can't do anything but wait.
        It's unbearable to wait months for an iPhone, a Pixel, or a Samsung bug to fix in a matter of weeks.

          If this phone have 1TB of storage, than yes I really wish I can have it.

          Remembering this phone is showing off camera which mean people are going to take tons of photos and videos than 512 feel just enough, but not truly enough plus that 8+ Gen 1 chipset can make some peolpe download heavy games like Genshin Impact, so yeah 1TB UFS 3.1 is the way without MicroSD slot.

          Edit: I'm referring to the Ultra.

            I would buy the Ultra definitely. I would take fast charging rather than S Pen, and S22 Ultra and Mi 12 Ultra arr almost simillar in most ways. Hope the camera software keep improving, since most youtube channels says the colours and hdr still have issues.