Sony Ericsson W902 gets previewed, not loved

16 July, 2008
Only a few days since the first photos of the Sony Ericsson's rumored new Walkman - W902 surfaced online and its first preview popped up. The five megapixel...

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  • Rhapsodos

This phone definitely rock. I'm planning of buying it next year.
Why? Simply because, its features are amazing.

- Camera: imagine, a Walkman phone, specialized in music, sports a 5MP cam. 5MP still is the highest resolution among cameraphones except for the C905 which is indeed specialized in that field. Also, it has the BestPic which is kinda exclusive to the Cybershots. If it doesn't not compete too well in resolution, or if it doesn't have a xenon flash, well that's because it is a Walkman phone and not a Cybershot.

- Music: it has great sound quality. 3.5mm jack is a good suggestion, yes, but Sony Ericsson doesn't focus its walkman phones to music alone but also on its capability as phone - to call and text. Obviously, their propriety headsets are superb for their functions.

- Looks: This doesn't really matter. What I want about this phone are the dedicated buttons on the side. Honestly, I kinda like its design. Having it as a candy bar means no hassle, and it will not easily wear off in daily usage (clamshells and sliders are not practical because of their mechanisms)

- Performance: SE phones doesn't lag and that's what I like about them. For me, if they say Nokia phones have better sound or photo quality, I would still go for a SE because Nokia lags a lot. It doesn't matter if SE cannot, at this moment, catch up with Nokia's or other brands' 16M color display as long as it can maintain its performance.

SE believes "Jack of all trades, master of none" that's why they specialize their phones in music, camera, and the like. They don't usually blend stuffs because they want their product to serve its intended functions very well. W902 is a big step for Sony Ericsson. A Walkman phone with good Camera. At first, people familiar with SE might think that this will fail because "WTH? A walkman combined with a cybershot? Will that even be good?" Yet this phone came out very greatly, if not excellent.

  • Anonymous

Y is this fone not on vodafone!!!
im a contract coustomer and my contract is almost up.... tuff luck coz im feeling this fone more than im feeling voda's service atm!!!

  • SE phones are obsole

Those people at SE are totally out of touch with what we want. And they have the guts to sell their phones at incredibly stratospheric prices. For the same price the N85 will give me wi-fi, a 3.5 mm jack, a cheap 8gb SD card. SE guys, listen to this: you are going out of business, and just because you label a phone as Walkman and force people to use long cords because you don't have 3.5 mm jacks and your ridiculously expensive M2 cards doesn't mean we are stupid enough to buy them.

  • Anonymous

most walkman phone can only zoom in vga mode. i hope this one not. its really a shame for manufacturer like SE who introduce cybershot phone but can only produce phone with zoom in vga mode. Music lover deserve for better camera....

  • Anonymous

Revenant, 21 Jul 2008Sales figures are not an accurate measure of quality, merely how... moreNokia has this repution for more than 3 years so this relly means that its the best .Putting a walkman logo and old keypad(saying that u all are used to it ,thats y)and nothing new in a set+cutting 3000 jobs makes SE not worthy enough my friend while on the other side motorola heird those guys which SE fired

  • Abarno

Simply best in sound! But not cybershot,why se cs/w don't mixed in 1 phone? Symbian is the great lacking of this phone.

  • Revenant

Well, the official announcement's supposed to be today, let's wait and see what happens...

  • Revenant

The Dark Knight, 21 Jul 2008Lg release LG Prada , Samsung release Samsung Giorgio Armani , W... moreSo, if you're the Dark Knight, does that make me the CLown Prince of Crime? And is the movie any good? UK release this friday Woo-hoo...

  • The Dark Knight

Lg release LG Prada , Samsung release Samsung Giorgio Armani , Why Sony Ericsson don release A SonyEricsson Louis Vuitton ? ....... well i just saying what in my mind ....
cause i think if they do release a phone like that ....
must be great ........... SE+LV = Cool ........ !!

  • Revenant

Anonymous, 21 Jul 2008noKIA has sold over 122 million handsets from Jan 2008 till now ... moreSales figures are not an accurate measure of quality, merely how many members of the public are responding to a marketing campaign. Cadbury chocolate sells much more than Thornton's, but it's nowhere near as good. The original playstation sold more than the N64, but everyone knows which was the better, more reliable console. Pop-rock band McFly are currently at number 2 in the UK chart, meaning they are currently selling more records than Carlos Santana. But are they better musicians than Santana? Don't think so. Sales don't mean all that much...

  • Anonymous

noKIA has sold over 122 million handsets from Jan 2008 till now while ur sony has only sold 22 million handsets and samsung has 58 million so whos on the top.ITS NOKIA

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2008And from what I heard, eldar termed the "same old a200" that way... morewhy? does nokia's UI have change from N70 'til this day? That Eldar guy is a fanatic and biased! You can never get a fair and square opinion from a fan! He's no dif'rent from other people who finds satisfaction trolling and bashing SE forums! Next!

  • Anonymous

And from what I heard, eldar termed the "same old a200" that way because it simply looked like the U.I. of older S.E. handsets

not much has changed on the way its menu is layed out...

not because a200 is inferior to something like series 40 of nokia

  • Anonymous

to synn

last I checked carl zeiss also use the same plastic on their lenses

  • Anonymous

to sorry

sorry if nobody believes you


  • Anonymous

Sony Ericsson Is with 95.5% Less Profitable Than in Q1 2008
- The company might cut 2,000 jobs.

That's what happens when you stop innovating. Don't feel sorry for them because they fully deserve it.

  • sorry

I'v done some tests, sorry, but nokia 6300 foto qulity is the same as n95 5 mpix CZ. I'ts all lie ..

  • DaMan

What's the problem with the lack of 3.5 mm jack? I like to plug my headphones into the included adapter that allows you to wear a microphone and manage phonecalls at the same time you're listening to music.

  • Revenant

synn, 18 Jul 2008Todays youth should get an education, it seems. Also, thi... moreIt's interesting that the only people who have a problem with the lack of a 3.5 mm jack are the ones who don't like SE's. Everybody who does use SE seems to be of the opinion that while it would be nice, it's not essential. It's like they're desperate to find fault with the phone and this is the best they can do. Well, if a lack of 3.5mm jack is the biggest problem with the phone, that's good enough for me.

  • synn

Amd, 18 Jul 2008Hah...... Its not a walkman atall, todays youth wants 3.55mm out... moreTodays youth should get an education, it seems.

Also, this is to burst the bubble of those bringing in Calr Zeiss to the discussion. There are NO Carl Zeiss Lenses in the Nokia phones. They use a normal piece of plastic with a CZ logo on it. Nothing more than branding.

BTW, Forgot to point out another one of Eldar's folly. "Same old A200, buddy"? How long has it been since the A200 came out for you to term it that way? Can you show us another "non-smart" OS thats faster, more stable, customizable, feature packed and intuitive than the A200? And BTW, some of us like our UIs to be dumb and eye catching than smart and drab. Shallow? Ya bet.