Sony Ericsson W902 gets previewed, not loved

16 July, 2008
Only a few days since the first photos of the Sony Ericsson's rumored new Walkman - W902 surfaced online and its first preview popped up. The five megapixel...

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  • SE + Nokia Fan

In the review, does the guy even use the final market retail version of the phone? It is scuffed on the back and looks like a rough beta version...

  • Sarex

Lets just wait of its review here in gsmarena. I bet it will see some differences. Peace

  • blanko

if u have seen one SE mobile u have seen them all . what a boring designs

  • Anonymous

the guy who did the preview is totally a nokia fanatic! LOL! and you can even say that mobile-review is a "nokia site"

  • Shino03

I'm still not losing hope in the upcoming announcement next week.
I think sony ericsson is up to something but if all of this are true( I mean the crappy phones, even I hate to say it.), I might be changing to samsung soon. But I will still love sony ericsson though not that much.

  • Vaan

Sony Ericsson should really work on their phone designs they all look very outdated, this is probably why Lg is beating them in handset sales lately. I'm a SE fan but I'm kind of tired with their old and unsophisticated designs. SE really needs a wake up call.

  • Wahid

From the review it seems that SE was trying to create a cybershot but they end up creating a walkman phone and forgot to install an audio chip. Its design is also ugly.

  • Anonymous

not impressed at all
this is not innovative,it looks identical to the w810 which is a very old outdated look

  • infinity_gx

Sarex, 16 Jul 2008Actually always have grudges in all sony erics... morehaha :D two years ago EVERYONE thought we were biased towards SE and despised Nokia. Doh!

  • Amz

Frankly, I think the main designers at SE went on annual leave and left some incompetent office juniors to design A phone.

Well, its sad. Im steering well clear of this phone. Sorry SE, in this time when half the world's worried about recession and the great competition invloved in the market, you've just come out with an ugly piece of merchandise.

ALTHOUGH, i would be interested to know how much it'll cost. Doesnt deserve more than 99.00 - and im being generous.

  • Sarex

Actually always have grudges in all sony ericsson cellphones thats why im not suprise at all. I dont know whats wrong with these russians. They are so sarcastic and narrow minded.

  • Toto

and 5 Mega PX Camera....

  • Anonymous

here is the review­02-en.shtml

  • Anonymous

Blah..! They're right the phone is uglee..! It looks cheap and doesn't look like SE high end walkman line up phone..!

  • me

am pretty sure itll look shined up and furnished when available in shops

  • Anonymous

Actually it does looks good! Tough looking and masculine.

  • infinity_gx

heya! thanks for the reference :) but could you change the link for the english version of the review, it's up already

  • xell

Where did you read it has a dedicated chip? It certainly has not, and the reviewer was sarcastic at this point.